Volkswagen Expects To Make Serious Profits From EVs Very Soon

Volkswagen is pulling no punches when it comes to electromobility and recently teased an affordable, battery-powered city car to bring EVs to the masses. Currently, US buyers only have the ID.4 to choose from but that's set to change with the arrival of the retro-styled ID.Buzz minivan. This attack on the EV segment is set to pay off sooner than expected, with company CEO Herbert Diess noting EVs will be as profitable as ICE-powered cars very shortly.
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Volkswagen Formally Announces the Revival of the Scout

In 1960, the first International Harvester Scouts hit the road in the United States. What was at the time seen as a counterpart to the Jeep now seems somewhat ahead of its time — a bulky vehicle that resembles a proto-SUV, and one which could venture off-road just as easily as it navigated streets and highways. The rights to the Scout name are now owned by Volkswagen, and speculation and rumors have circulated for a while now that VW would revive the name.
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Volkswagen Will Resurrect Scout As A Rugged Off-Road EV Brand

VW acquired the rights to the Scout name in 2020 and plans to launch a pickup and rugged off-roading SUV capitalizing on its image. The new Scout will be all-EV and will operate as an independent sub-brand within the Volkswagen Group. The company is to be formally established this year with the first concept vehicles unveiled in 2023. Initial plans are for a pickup truck and rugged SUV which VW refers to as an R-SUV.

VW Helps Transform Greek Island Into "Electric Eden" Test Bed For EVs

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Volkswagen's Affordable EV Will Hit The Road Very Soon

According to the CEO of the biggest electric vehicle company on the planet (Tesla's Elon Musk), nobody is working harder to close the gap to Tesla than Volkswagen. The German automaker's Volkswagen ID.4 has been a remarkable success so far, to the point that VW has no more EVs to sell this year. That momentum is likely to continue with new offerings like the ID.Buzz electric van that will surely help to further increase the brand's share of the electric car market. But the biggest issues facing EVs are a lack of infrastructure and a high cost of entry, which is why VW is working on an affordable EV. But when can we expect to see it?

Volkswagen Reviving Scout Brand With New Electric Pickup And SUV

Since 2020, fans have been clamoring for the return of the Scout brand, and in September last year, rumors started doing the rounds claiming that Volkswagen would be the one to do it. The German automaker has the ownership rights to the brand, albeit indirectly. See, Volkswagen owns Traton, which is a conglomerate of the MAN, Scania, and Navistar brands. Navistar, as our older readers may remember, was founded in 1986 as a successor to the International Harvester automaker that created the original Scout SUV. Now that you know how Volkswagen has ties to the Scout name, the rumors that started recirculating this week make sense, and now we can confirm that they were accurate.

Volkswagen Revives an Iconic Brand Against Tesla, Ford and GM

Nearly 65 years ago, International Harvester's manager of engineering told his staff to "design something that would replace the horse." The company had been building trucks and pickups since 1907 and introduced the Travelall, a truck-based station wagon in 1953. But now International Harvester had set its sights on a...

VW To Decide On Resurrecting Iconic Scout Brand Today

Volkswagen's first product was the Beetle, followed shortly after by the microbus. Since it was first established in 1937, it has produced a car to compete in just about every segment in existence, apart from the supercar club. That project never made it past the concept phase. All of the...

Volkswagen to build 800,000 fully-electric cars this year

BERLIN, May 12 (Reuters) - Volkswagen is planning to build 800,000 fully electric cars worldwide this year and 1.3 million in 2023, the carmaker said on Thursday, as it works towards making half its global output all-electric by 2030. It is optimistic that it will reach European emissions targets this...