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City Demands Demo of Blighted California Theatre

Mayor Todd Gloria and his team are demanding that the owner of the blighted California Theatre demolish the downtown venue that has been shuttered for more than three decades. The city’s development services director this week sent a letter to developer Caydon Property Group, which recently abandoned its city-approved redevelopment plan for the site, decrying the company’s “alarming lack of action” on imminent safety concerns. The director also highlighted its failure to submit a future plan to demolish the theatre by a Friday deadline set by the city amid escalating frustration over the state of the building. The letter also noted that the developer had not adjusted fencing around the theatre to establish a falling hazard protection zone, hired security or put in place a required fire safety watch.
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The Old World (of Textbooks) Is Dying, and the New World (of Textbooks) Hasn’t Arrived

The New England Primer, first printed in Boston around 1690, is often viewed as the first textbook produced in the United States. It was meant to help kids learn to read the only book Americans of the time really felt was worth reading: the Bible. Among other lessons, it featured helpful (?) rhymes (?) that taught children the alphabet, like “Time cuts down all/Both great and small,” for “T” and “Youth’s forward lips/Death soonest nips,” for “Y”.

Morning Report: Water Nightmare Playing Out 70 Miles Away from San Diego

Ensenada is at the end of the line for water from the Colorado River and now there’s not enough of it for the seaside town in Baja California. MacKenzie Elmer and Vicente Calderón visited the city this summer, where water shortages have provoked protests and demands for change. One Ensenada resident, Lucero Perez Badillo, told them in July it had been nearly three months since her home had water service – and the water she received that day came from a desalination plant, delivered by truck and dumped into a rooftop storage tank.

Morning Report: State Targets More Docs on Vaccine Exemptions

Five more local doctors have been charged by the Medical Board of California for improper vaccine exemptions, following a Voice of San Diego investigation from 2019. The investigation revealed that dozens of doctors were writing exemptions for San Diego Unified school children that did not comply with medical guidelines, our Will Huntsberry reported.

Ex-COO Denies Ordering Purge of 101 Ash Docs

This story has been updated. City Attorney Mara Elliott’s office dropped a bombshell in May when it alleged former Chief Operating Officer Kris Michell ordered a purge of computer and cell phone records about the city’s handling of 101 Ash St. and Civic Center Plaza. Yet the former...

Climate Plan: City Commits to Getting Natural Gas Out of Buildings

The San Diego City Council passed Tuesday a new version of the city’s Climate Action Plan, which commits the city to reaching “net zero” carbon emissions by 2035. What’s net zero? Voice of San Diego reporter MacKenzie Elmer broke that down earlier this year, but basically it means the city will produce the amount of emissions that can be sequestered, either by the natural environment or to-be-developed technological means.