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Iowa man faces charges for hitting protestor with truck

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man faces two criminal charges accusing him of driving his vehicle through a group of abortion rights protestors in Cedar Rapids in June and striking a woman before driving away, court documents posted online Wednesday said. David Alan Huston, 53, of Swisher, is charged with assault with a […]
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Today Is A Day No Eastern Iowa Resident Will Ever Forget

August 10th, 2020. Say that date to anyone in Eastern Iowa and they'll more than likely be able to tell you where they were at, and what they were doing when the storm of all storms hit. That was the year we all learned the term derecho. I grew up in this part of the state and I've been through my share of thunderstorms. I've even lived through a tornado. But what hit this state two years ago today was unlike anything most of us have ever seen.

Waterloo Police searching for missing person ends, found safe

WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG) - Waterloo Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing person from Abilene, Kansas. The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office has learned that Makayla Robertson is possibly in the Waterloo area. Robertson was last seen on July 17th, 2022. She told her mother...

Parents of Wandering Naked Child Arrested

The parents of a 4 year old found wandering naked in a Waterloo neighborhood have been arrested, according to the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. Police were called to the scene Friday morning when the child was spotted about a block and a half away from his home with no clothes and a cut toe. Paramedics were called to treat the toe injury. This follows an incident on June 12th when the child was found wandering around about a block away from his home in nothing but a diaper. On that occasion police found the parents in a state of intoxication and reported the matter to the Iowa Department of Human Services. 30 year old Trisha Likaro and 32 year old Mike Selikar have now both been arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor Child Endangerment. They have both been released pending trial.

LV Recommends: Notable restaurant newbies in Eastern Iowa

Opening a restaurant is no small feat, but opening your doors for the first time in the middle of a global pandemic is next level. These new spots are worthy of a gold star. Named for the brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures you’ll notice dotted throughout this new upscale Mexican restaurant, Alebrije occupies the corner space of the Hyatt Place hotel in Iowa City’s Riverfront Crossings district. This alluring two-level restaurant has an open airy feel with colorful artisan-made hammocks, handcrafted lanterns and string lights hung from the rafters, and even an indoor patio with a “living wall.” Dining in on a cold winter night, I forgot, however briefly, that I was in frigid Iowa. If only for a moment, I envisioned a warm-weather locale and dining al fresco.

Our Town: Marengo wind turbines a great resource for the area

Two years after the storm, a Cedar Rapids man is creating art out of the devastation. Fans break down what makes the 'Field of Dreams' game unique. "Probably gonna be one of those games that the national anthem kicks off and you shed a tear. Just joy and knowing like you're seeing something that may never happen again."

Cedar Rapids man recycles derecho debris into trees

Fans break down what makes the 'Field of Dreams' game unique. "Probably gonna be one of those games that the national anthem kicks off and you shed a tear. Just joy and knowing like you're seeing something that may never happen again." No Field of Dreams game in 2023. Updated:...

Iowa Baseball Player Makes History at Field of Dreams [Video]

Matt "Kirby" Mullenbach did something at yesterday's (August 10, 2022) Field of Dreams baseball game that has never been done before. Matt is a native Iowan who was born in Urbandale, Iowa, who pitches for the Cedar Rapids Kernels, and kind of surprisingly Matt, who grew up here, had never been to Dyersville before the game that was played last night, according to the MLB Network Facebook Page.

Skyrocketing water bills cause controversy in Palo

PALO, Iowa (KCRG) — Palo city council members said Monday night they would officially vote on canceling the ordinances that put higher water rates in place at their next meeting, KCRG reports. They added that people in Palo will likely be able to pay their water bills at the...

Hiawatha City Manager to become Deputy City Manager in Marion

HIAWATHA, Iowa (KCRG) - Kim Downs has submitted her resignation as Hiawatha City Manager and accepted an opportunity to serve in Marion. Downs first worked in Ryan, IA before joining the City in 2005, where she held several roles including Deputy City Clerk, City Clerk, and then City Manager. She was the first female administrator in Hiawatha’s history in 2013 and was named the winner of the Iowa City Manager of the Year award in 2020 in recognition of her work ethic, professionalism, and collaborative spirit.

Vivian's Soul Food is here to stay

Cedar Rapids — Vivian's Soul Food revealed it plans to keep the restaurant open Tuesday afternoon. Faced with hard times, the restaurant announced possible closure in a Facebook post. Vivian's had a huge response from the locals when they heard about the possible closure. At this time, Vivian's is...