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As it adds new regions, Genshin Impact’s politics only get messier

Tantalizing food stalls selling bubbling, spicy hot pot adorn the streets of Genshin Impact’s Liyue Harbor. Colorful koi swim in tranquil lotus ponds on a terrace above the meticulously constructed city. Should the player wish, they may partake in Sichuanese-inspired water-boiled fish at a restaurant where player-character Xiangling cooks. As the sun sets over the mountain ranges that overlook the city, the slow duet of erhu and harp music enlivens the landscape. Through design and musical compositions, the developers at Hoyoverse paint a fantasized facsimile of Guangdong, Xiamen, or port cities of China’s southern provinces.
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Overwatch 2 Players Get Free Twitch Loot After Launch

The release of Overwatch 2 is just a few days away now, and if you're planning on playing and watching others play when it launches, you'll have some free loot waiting for you. Blizzard and Twitch announced this week yet another series of Twitch Drops for players to obtain that include a legendary skin as well as some other accessories. These rewards will start dropping on October 7th, and while players will have plenty of time to obtain them before the offer ends, people will also have to put in quite a bit of viewing time to obtain everything.
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Another Big Board Game Crowdfunding Campaign Cancelled Despite Reaching Funding Goal

The crowdfunding campaign for a planned tabletop adaptation of Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been cancelled despite reaching its initial funding goal. Boardcubator Studio announced they were cancelling its crowdfunding campaign for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, despite the game raising over €318,000 (or about $313,000), which was more than three times its initial €100,000 goal. All 2,300 backers of the campaign won't be charged for their pledges and Boardcubator announced they were planning to shut down their studio.
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FIFA 23 is a surprising change of pace for the franchise

Pace is pretty much everything in FIFA 23. In fact, it was the first thing I noticed, even in — maybe especially in — my first match. Though FIFA 23’s HyperMotion 2 system of motion capture and machine-learning is by definition an iterative work, complete with a buzzy marketing term applied to it, it’s not an incremental one. By capturing, analyzing, and processing more 11-on-11, 90-minute real-world soccer matches, EA Sports is selling FIFA 23 as a game where players have, if not greater control over the ball, then at least a greater understanding of how their on-screen footballer can manage it. Average or lesser players might have a lot of speed, but with poorer dribbling ratings, they will waste a lot of energy keeping control of the ball, slowing their pace noticeably. Forwards, however, especially the superstars, can turn on the afterburners and burst into the clear like never before. It’s exhilarating, but also a little embarrassing, to realize, Jeez, I could have done that all along.

Roblox Super Anime Run Codes 2022.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Re-Review: Two Years Later, What’s Changed?

I’ve spent the last few weeks playing what is essentially another full playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077. A long time ago, I left one of my PC Vs, an experimental build that was going to be focused on going in guns blazing, stuck at level 15 or so. My goal was to come back to her later once the game had been more fixed and patched with QoL changes added. Now with the game’s recent resurgence, I figured this was as good a time as any to return to her, and 30 hours and 35 more levels later, I have a maxed V who needs to go meet Hanako at Embers.
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Google Reportedly Passed Up a Stadia-Exclusive Death Stranding Title

Google's Stadia Games and Entertainment division reportedly once scrapped plans for a platform-exclusive follow-up to Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. According to a report by 9to5Google's Kyle Bradshaw, the proposed game was planned to be a single-player experience - a factor that seemingly motivated Stadia general manager Phil Harrison to cancel it as the company believed there was "no longer a market for solo experiences."

The Esports Iron Curtain: From Workers to Pariahs

In his latest opinion piece, Dexerto’s Editor-at-Large Richard Lewis highlights how some in the esports industry and the CIS region are struggling to return to normal with insight from some industry members who are affected. Despite the continued war in Ukraine, you could be fooled into thinking that the...