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Netflix boss claims violent videogames prove Dave Chappelle's latest standup special is harmless

In an email obtained by Variety, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos offered an unexpected justification for his continued support of Dave Chappelle's controversial comedy special The Closer. The fact that violent videogames over the last several decades have coexisted with decreasing crime rates, the executive told employees, proves no real harm will come from Netflix's show.
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Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Players Surprised With Stealth-Release of Popular Horror Game

A new stealth release has provided Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One players with an unexpected horror game, and a beloved one at that. More specifically, and as of yesterday, console users can buy, download, and play Murder House from Puppet Combo, which debuted on PC back in October 2020. And to accompany this stealth release, Puppet Combo also released a brand new trailer for the game.
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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Surprised With Bonus Freebies

PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4 and PS5 have bonus freebies for the month of October. Right now, all PS Plus subscribers can download three free games: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, and Mortal Kombat X. None of these three games are a very compelling offer, but thankfully for subscribers the free stuff doesn't end here though. In addition to these free games, subscribers also have a wide range of free add-ons that can be downloaded for Mortal Kombat X through the PlayStation Store.

Xbox Makes Popular PS2 Game Free for Limited Time

Xbox -- via Xbox Live Gold, and courtesy of Games With Gold -- has made a popular PS2 game free for a limited time on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series S. In other words, if you own any modern or somewhat modern or even a not-so-modern Xbox console and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can now download and play one of the best PS2 games for "free." More specifically, and for a limited time, all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, via Games With Gold, can download the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, which is playable on all Xbox consoles after the Xbox 360 via backward compatibility.
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13-Year-Old Dies By Suicide After Parents Stop Him From Playing Games On His Phone

A 13-year-old boy in India killed himself after his parents stopped him from playing games on his mobile phone. The police in the eastern state of Odisha said the boy, a grade 8 student at a private school in the Koraput district, had got the mobile phone to attend online classes. All schools in the country moved to online classes after the institutions closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PS5 restock: GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, and PS Direct October 2021 inventory

The PS5 has been “out” for nearly a year, but finding one remains tremendously difficult. This is due to a number of factors including chip shortages that make it difficult to keep up with demand. The system has gone in and out of stock across many retailers throughout the past year but typically sells out almost instantly. Fortunately, there are several retailers we recommend keeping an eye on, and there are some digital tools you can use to help you on your quest for a PS5. As we hurtle towards the holiday season, here’s what you need to know about getting a PS5 in October 2021.
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Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 and Sega Genesis ‘expansion pack’ launches October 25th for $49.99 per year

Nintendo has announced the price and release for its upcoming Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription tier, which adds Nintendo 64 games, Sega Genesis games, and bundled access to the new paid Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Happy Home Paradise DLC. It’ll cost $49.99 per year for an individual subscription or $79.99 for a shared family membership. The service will officially launch on October 25th.

Back 4 Blood review

What is it? A co-op FPS from the makers of Left 4 Dead. Reviewed on RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM. Multiplayer? Co-op up to 4 players, competitive up to 8. Remember when Left 4 Dead established the run-and-gun co-op genre as we know it, and then Valve stopped making them after hitting the number 2? I love Left 4 Dead 2 and still go back to it because no other co-op game has managed to scratch the same itch. World War Z wasn't my thing. Payday 2 was meh. Deep Rock Galactic is great, but different. Killing Floor 2 and Vermintide are fine. Back 4 Blood, which was made by the original Left 4 Dead studio that Valve gobbled up and then spit back out years ago, is a remarkably fun shooter that manages to out-zombie Left 4 Dead, which I was starting to believe was impossible.

Big GTA 6 Rumor Finally Confirmed as False

A big GTA 6 rumor from earlier this year has been deconfirmed. As you may remember, there was speculation that Rockstar Games had recruited Dr. Dre to be a character in GTA 6. And maybe this will end up being true, but the "leak" the rumor based all of its speculation on has been proven false, or at least it's been seemingly proven false. The speculation began back in July when it was discovered that Take-Two Interactive, which is the parent company of Rockstar Games, registered "" as a domain. Seeing this, Grand Theft Auto fans speculated that Dr. Dre and Rockstar Games were once again working together, and it looks like they are, but not on GTA 6 like many theorized.
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Dbrand pulls its PS5 Darkplates from sale after Sony threatens legal action

Earlier this year, Dbrand started selling matte black PS5 side plates that it called Darkplates, and when it did, it baited Sony right on the product’s info page to “Go ahead, sue us.” We got our hands on some, and they look exactly like you expect, making the sides of your PS5 black instead of white. They even have their own tongue-in-cheek take on the PlayStation icon microtexture.

Marine officer court-martialed for Afghanistan comments

The Best Face Mask for Air Travel in 2021. This Pillowcase Is Quickly Becoming The Must-Have Gift Of 2021People usually want TVs, video games, the latest phones, and must-have electronics. But when waves of consumers started clamoring for our pillowcase, analysts everywhere were scratching their heads.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription launches Oct. 25, costs $49.99

Nintendo revealed pricing details and launch date for its premium-tier subscription for Nintendo Switch Online, the service that lets Switch owners play multiplayer games online and offers access to a library of classic NES and Super NES games. The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which Nintendo announced in September, will cost $49.99 for an individual membership and $79.99 for a family membership (which includes up to eight accounts) for 12 months. Nintendo will launch the service Oct. 25.

Order of Meta raises $1.5M for mobile shooter game

Helsinki-based Order of Meta has raised $1.5 million from Play Ventures and others for a mobile shooter game. The company was started in the past year by former Panzerdog founders and Wargaming alumni. Play Ventures led the round, with participation from investors Initial Capital and Unity cofounder David Helgason. The...

British lawmaker stabbed to death while meeting with public

The Actual Cost of Tub to Shower Conversion May Surprise You. This Pillowcase Is Quickly Becoming The Must-Have Gift Of 2021People usually want TVs, video games, the latest phones, and must-have electronics. But when waves of consumers started clamoring for our pillowcase, analysts everywhere were scratching their heads.

Nintendo Switch N64, Genesis controllers up for pre-order: Here’s how much they cost

Going along with today’s announcement of the pricing for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, Nintendo has opened up pre-orders for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis gamepads. The Expansion Pack, of course, allows players to play classic N64 and Sega Genesis games, so like it did when it introduced NES and SNES games, Nintendo is releasing Switch-compatible controllers so players can get more of an authentic experience playing those titles.

The Witcher Season 2 Ciri Poster Revealed

Netflix released another poster for The Witcher Season 2 this week with this latest one focusing on Ciri, the character who served as one of the protagonists from the first season. This latest poster followed the same formula as the other two that started with Geralt and then featured Yennefer by saying Ciri is "Destined to Fight." All of these posters have been released as Netflix continues to build up to the release of Season 2 on December 17th.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Comic Reveals New Details, Including Batman Who Laughs Skin

The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic miniseries became a bonafide phenomenon when it debuted earlier this year, bridging the characters of the DC universe with the popular Epic Games battle royale. It was already confirmed that a sequel one-shot comic would be continuing the story later this month, and now we have our first indication of exactly what that will entail. On Friday, ahead of this weekend's DC FanDome virtual convention, DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee revealed full details surrounding the one-shot, which is officially titled Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1. The 48-page one-shot comic will be released on Tuesday, October 26th in participating comic shops, and will also be available day and date in Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and Spain.