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PlayStation Plus: Free PS4 and PS5 Games We May Get for July 2021

It's almost July, and Sony has yet to reveal the free PlayStation Plus games PS4 and PS5 players are getting for the summer month. This could change tomorrow, but there's a possibility it won't change until next week. Whatever the case, in the meantime, we have the PS4 and PS5 games we think PlayStation Plus subscribers are going to get when early July comes around.
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Marvel's Avengers Fans Will Have to Fight Back Tears Over Release of Captain America's Final MCU Suit

Today, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix finally revealed Captain America's Marvel Cinematic Universe suit for Marvel's Avengers, complete with the MCU shield. In addition to revealing the suit, the pair also revealed when players of the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia game will be able to get their hands on the cosmetic item. More specifically, in the same tweet providing our first look at the skin, the official Marvel's Avengers Twitter account has shared that it will release -- via the in-game Marketplace -- on June 24.
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Johnny Depp Replaced as Jack Sparrow in 'Pirate of the Caribbean' 'Sea of Thieves' Expansion

During Microsoft's E3 presentation, it was revealed that there would be a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed expansion for Sea of Thieves. The expansion, which was released on Tuesday as a free update, reportedly features Jack Sparrow, the character that Johnny Depp made famous in the movie franchise. Although, the campaign, subtitled "A Pirate's Life," reportedly does not feature Depp.
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Pokemon Go Announces Major Changes to Raids

Pokemon Go plans to shake up its raid system with a new set of achievements as well as a visual overhaul and other quality of life improvements. Pokemon Go announced that it would be launching a number of updates to its Raid system this summer to celebrate the game's fifth anniversary. The most notable change is the addition of Trainer Achievements, which will showcase key participants in a raid. Players will earn Trainer Achievements by completing certain milestones during the fight, such as delivering the final attack in a raid, dealing the most damage overall, keeping a Pokemon in battle for the longest time during the raid, using a Mega-Evolved Pokemon during the battle, or using the most Charged Attacks. Players who receive a Trainer Achievement during a raid will earn medals, with all Trainer Achievements appearing on a Trainer Achievement Card that can be downloaded and shown off on social media.

Xbox Game Pass Adds Classic Xbox 360 Game

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC can play a classic Xbox 360 game from 2010. More specifically, as of today, subscribers can enjoy Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, a 2020 remaster of 2010's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how long the game will be sticking around, but it's joined by two new PC games, Iron Harvest and Prodeus.

PlayStation Surprises PS4 Players With Special Freebie

PlayStation is celebrating Pride Month, and included in these celebrations are a couple of freebies all PS4 users will be able to take advantage of. What does this mean? Well, it means that for Pride 2021, all PS4 users will be able to download a special PlayStation Pride 2021 wallpaper theme. Unfortunately, there's no alternative freebie for PS5 users, who can't use themes because the console doesn't support the feature, at least not yet.

Do you need an Xbox to use xCloud game streaming?

Microsoft has been making some serious waves with Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. One of the biggest draws for Game Pass Ultimate is the ever-evolving xCloud game streaming service that Microsoft is developing. xCloud lets users play a growing library of Xbox games from Android devices through cloud...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Suspiciously Jumps To $13.4 Million At Auction In China

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon 20th Anniversary Gold Edition card was first announced in 2018, limited to only 500 cards, and priced at 200,000 yen ($1,800). At a recent auction in China, the price suddenly increased to over $13 million. Goodness. That’s a lot!. The numbered cards were originally sold only...

Marvel's Avengers Reveals New Roadmap and Teases Omega-Level Threat Content

Early on fans often requested a roadmap from Marvel's Avengers, and while it took a while to happen, the studio has been updating it consistently over the past few months. Now that the Cosmic Cube content is live we have another updated roadmap that lays out a content swap and a requested new feature ahead of the big expansion. The new roadmap for Marvel's Avengers focuses on a new release for July titled Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion, though there will also be multiplayer Mega Hives released that month as well as the permanent ability to pick the same hero, which was previously only available during the Tachyon Anomaly Event. Some of the new content will take the place of Patrol Mode, which was pushed until after the Black Panther expansion.

New Battlefield 2042 Rumor Has OG Battlefield Fans Excited

A new Battlefield 2042 rumor has OG Battlefield fans very excited. The rumor comes the way of Tom Henderson, a prominent Battlefield insider and leaker. According to Henderson, there will be a Battlehub mode in the game that will be the "ultimate sandbox experience." To this end, it will include remasters of old maps from old Battlefield titles, which as you would expect, is a detail that has OG Battlefield fans excited.

Amazon PS5 Restock Comes With a Few Surprises

A new Amazon PS5 restock dropped this morning, and it came with a few surprises for Amazon Prime users and PlayStation fans. The first surprise was the drop itself, as it came out of nowhere and overnight while many were still sleeping, particularly on the east coast. Of course, this was great news for those awake, as it meant less competition, but it also means many missed out on the restock because they were sleeping.
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PS5 stock – live: Today’s latest Playstation 5 restock updates from Currys, Tesco, Amazon and more

Update: Smyths Toys available to pre-order in stores, PS5 bundle now sold out at Box and Amazon stock drop rumoured for today. Read on for more information on the next PS5 drop. The PS5 console was released more than six months ago, but no one could have predicted how hard it would be to get your hands on the device. Restock issues have been plaguing Sony since the initial reveal, and despite stores reopening in the UK as lockdown measures lift, it’s still very difficult to secure a console in-store (and not easy online either).In fact, it’s become so difficult...
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Folding Arduboy FX SP handheld games console

Makers, gamers and Arduino enthusiasts looking for a new project to keep them busy this weekend may be interested in a new folding Arduboy pocket handheld games console equipped with a 2.42 inch OLED screen. Powered by an Arduino Pro Micro board inside a Gameboy Advance SP shell. Check out the video below to learn more about the Arduboy project and how it differs from the first created by the FacelessTech blog.

Pokemon Go Will Bring Back Every Legendary Pokemon as Pokemon Go Fest Raid Bosses

Every Legendary Pokemon that has appeared in Pokemon Go will return as Raid Bosses for Pokemon Go Fest. Pokemon Go announced new details about the second part of its Pokemon Go Fest event, which will take place next month. The second day of Pokemon Go Fest is Raid Day and will feature the return of every Legendary Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go. The Legendary Pokemon will cycle through raids during one of four themed hours and all raids will be available to all players, regardless as to whether they have a Pokemon Go Fest ticket. Players who do have a Go Fest Ticket will receive 10,000 XP for winning a raid battle, 10 Raid Passes by spinning gym photo discs, and can complete timed research to earn eight additional Remote Raid Passes.

Ghost of Ikishima Reportedly in Development for PS5 and PS4

Ghost of Ikishima, a standalone expansion for last year's highly popular action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, is rumored to be releasing later on in 2021. News of this new expansion's existence began coming about earlier today when a handful of known industry insiders and leakers started to talk about how the project was in the works at PlayStation right now. One insider in particular, however, revealed the name of the game and some other details about its scope.

New Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Details Revealed

Likely one of the biggest reveals that happened earlier this month at E3 2021 came with Ubisoft finally showing off its long-awaited Avatar project. The game, which is formally titled Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, was unveiled in a new trailer at Ubisoft's Forward presentation, but outside of a 2022 release window, not much else was said about the title. Luckily, that has now changed as those at Ubisoft have now shared some additional details about the forthcoming next-gen project.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Switch release date: Is it coming to Switch?

Is there an Aliens Fireteam Elite Switch release date? The game previously known as Aliens: Fireteam has a release date of August for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, but is Aliens: Fireteam Elite coming to Switch? Other co-op games such as Zombie Army Trilogy have come to Switch, but what about the new Aliens game on Nintendo Switch? Let’s have a look.

New Monster Hunter Rise Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

Monster Hunter Rise has released a new update, Ver.3.1.0, that fixes a number of bugs -- like, a whole bunch of them -- as well as introducing some game adjustments and generally preparing the Capcom title for upcoming quests. Taken on its own, it's not exactly the beefiest patch ever considering that no significant content of any kind was added immediately, but as a taste of things to come, well, that's exciting in its own way. It is worth noting that the new update will require 0.65GB if players are downloading it along, but if it's the first update players make after purchasing the game, the total will be closer to 3.6GB.