Victoria, TX

Shamrocks Continue To Dominate WLA In 2022

All Lacrosse All The Time – A Division of Edge of Philly Sports Network. The Victoria Shamrocks hosted an Indigenous Celebration Night held on the traditional territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən Nations on Friday evening. This evening was to pay tribute to the “Creators Game” and its founders through sharing the Indigenous origins of the game and how it was used as medicine and to bring healing.

Local rescue helps Florida Lizards

Since founding Lumpy Lizard Rescue, I have been working hard to build something that is bigger than me. My goal is for this organization to grow, to do good in the world, and to outlive me. These last couple of weeks have been incredibly exciting for us. Not long ago,...

What is “tamarind”?

Another Friday, and I sort of think it’s one of those “TGIF” Fridays! The week has been fairly busy as Tuesday; I started my day with our monthly Auxiliary meeting and then went to work in the gift shop, as the lady who usually has morning shift is not able to do so at this time. The morning was busy, but the afternoon was pretty slow, so I was glad when 5:00 p.m. came around and I could go home. Wednesday was a Doctor’s appointment and everything was fine, Thursday the blood bank was there and I was able to donate. On Friday, I spent a good part of the day at the Toyota place in Victoria as it was time to have maintenance done on my car. Everything went well until the lady told me that the bulb I needed in my tail-light wouldn’t be available for five days. I made a quick phone call to my neighbor who works on cars and he had a bulb! I still can’t understand why it would take them five days to get a new one! Now, my car is ready for the road trip my daughter, my sister and I are taking this weekend. My sister-in-law recently celebrated a milestone birthday and my brother is having a family party for all of us. They live in north Texas so it is a fairly long drive, not anything like the ten-hour trip of a few weeks ago. I am excited as I will get to see my nieces and nephews and their families.

Cheeto Puff the Cat is Very Tolerant

Occurred on May 23, 2022 / Victoria, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: This video is of my 7-year-old daughter, Sadie. I’m a teacher and when I got home from work I did a double-take because I couldn’t tell what she was swinging at first. Once I realized it was Cheeto Puff I got my phone to show my family. I FaceTimed my husband right after the video and he busted out laughing. I was also able to FaceTime my sister. She then, put our white cat Stellaluna on it. I also have a video of that on my Tiktok account. She puts him on the swing regularly now. Even swings with him.

Seniors enjoy ‘cool’ fellowship

Getting out and enjoying a taste of ice cream is what draws residents to the monthly Ice Cream Socials at Dairy Queen. “We’re seniors, and we were invited,” said Vera Hahn, who was at the event Friday. “It’s a good outing and gets me out of the house.”