Inside the Fight To Preserve Heritage Architecture in Manila

Heritage buildings—structures that have historical, architectural, cultural, or aesthetic value—not only display the country’s culture and tell stories of its past, but can also be repurposed to serve present day needs. The Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for example, is a concrete-and-glass icon of 20th century industrial architecture. It was originally a factory for goods like coffee and tea but is now an events location and office space.
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Can Anthony Albanese Fix Australia’s Housing Crisis?

The Australian government is facing renewed pressure from housing advocates and the crossbench to rethink its federal housing policy platform and take “urgent” short-term action, as the nation’s housing crisis continues to leave families without shelter. The calls came on Monday ahead of a speech due to...
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Daily Horoscope: August 8, 2022

The moon in Sagittarius connects with Saturn in Aquarius at 2:11 AM, encouraging us to focus on our responsibilities and to set boundaries. The moon squares off with Neptune in Pisces at 6:30 AM, which could find us in a day-dreamy mood—but don’t let your imagination run away from you! Helping us stay down-to-earth is the moon entering Capricorn at 3:29 PM, inspiring us to take a practical, mature approach to life.

Weekly Horoscope: August 8 - 14

Venus, the planet of values, faces off with power planet Pluto on Tuesday, August 7, at 1:17 AM. Since Pluto is an outer planet representing larger groups of people, this can be a moment of collective reckoning with what we desire, and the subliminal implications of these desires. On a more personal level, this can be the end of certain power dynamics in relationships, too.

Daily Horoscope: August 7, 2022

The moon in Sagittarius connects with Jupiter in Aries at 3:12 AM, creating an expansive atmosphere! The mood is generous and open-hearted. Venus in Cancer connects with Neptune in Pisces at 12:43 PM, inspiring deep, spiritual connection. A whimsical and magical energy is in the air! We may be feeling especially confident as the moon connects with the sun in Leo at 2:21 PM. But Mercury in Taurus squares off with Saturn in Aquarius at 3:57 PM, which could find us dealing with communication blocks, stubborn attitudes, or an issue that requires deep focus.

Alex Jones and Infowars Must Pay Sandy Hook Parents More Than $45 Million In Punitive Damages, Jury Finds

An Austin, Texas jury has found that Alex Jones and Infowars must pay Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of Jesse Lewis, $45.2 million in punitive damages for the comments that Jones and the network made over the years about Sandy Hook being a “hoax.” Jesse Lewis was six years old when he was murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre. The verdict brings to an end the first of three damages trials that Jones will face against Sandy Hook parents; he and Infowars have already lost all the cases brought against them by default.

Daily Horoscope: August 6, 2022

The moon in Scorpio connects with Venus in Cancer at 12:56 AM, creating an affectionate atmosphere, and creativity flows as the moon connects with Neptune in Pisces at 4:08 AM. The moon mingles with Pluto in Capricorn at 7:24 AM, inspiring a transformative energy, and we’re seeking new adventures as the moon enters Sagittarius at 12:39 PM. The moon squares off with Mercury in Virgo at 8:18 PM, kicking up conversations.

Did Lindsey Graham Help Trump Try to Steal Georgia?

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s legal troubles in Georgia may just be getting started. The South Carolina Republican’s actions, including his phone calls to state officials after the 2020 election, “certainly appear interconnected” with former President Trump’s attempts to “find” enough votes to reverse his defeat in Georgia, a local prosecutor wrote in a court filing on Thursday.

Brooklinen’s 'High Summer' Collection Just Landed, and It's Breezy as Hell

Although we praise the gods of endless summer—burning them large bonfire offerings and sending toasty marshmallow prayers up to the heavens in hopes that winter may never come—sadly, we must eventually pack away the beach towels and kiss sweet, sweet summer so long. [Record scratch] Hold up—it’s only August 5th. We’ve got a whole month of extra-ripe, firefly-filled moments to look forward to.

5 Abortion Providers on How Bans Are Putting People's Lives in Danger

A series in which people across the U.S. offer firsthand perspectives about how social issues impact their real lives. Abortion is now banned in 10 states, severely limited in another four, and threatened in about half of the country, in total. In states where exceptions may be made in cases of rape or incest, or for the sake of a patient’s life or well-being, guidelines are vague about what kind of abortion or abortion-adjacent care is still legal. This has left providers to decipher the unclear exception rules—and contend with the potential for prosecution, should they guess wrong. Abortion funds and practical support organizations have mobilized to provide resources to abortion seekers however they can. But, of course, they’re unable to offer many of the crucial in-person abortion services that so many patients continue to seek.

Democrats Pound GOP With Abortion Ads After Big Kansas Victory

In the days since Kansans overwhelmingly voted to preserve abortion access in their state, Democrats have launched a bevy of ads in key statewide elections blasting their Republican opponents for opposing legal abortion. The ads have come in Arizona and Michigan, two major swing states who held their primaries on...

Amazon Buys Roomba Company, Will Now Map Inside of Your House

Megacorporation Amazon has expanded its empire of data capturing devices by spending $1.7 billion purchasing beloved maker of vacuuming robots and former beloved maker of warzone robots iRobot, which makes Roombas. In addition to tidying up, Roombas are also great at mapping the interior of your home and creating marketable data for its parent company.

Billionaire Marc ‘It's Time to Build’ Andreesen Is a NIMBY

On Friday, The Atlantic reported that Silicon Valley billionaire and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen went out of his way to try and derail an effort by Atherton, California to allow just over 100 multifamily housing units in the town over the next decade. Atherton, where Andreessen lives, is the most expensive zip code in the nation.

'Sandman' Is a Thing You Can Watch But Should Certainly Read

The Sandman streaming show premieres on Netflix today. The comic on which it’s based—famously a comic that people who don’t care for comics like every bit as much as those who do—takes a lot more time to read, but the vibes are immaculate. When I first...

This Town Voted To Defund its Public Library After it Included LGBTQ+ Books

One of the fastest growing townships in western Michigan has decided that it would rather not have a local library if it means stocking children’s books about LGBTQ+ people. In a ballot measure that came to a vote this week, residents of Jamestown Township voted to defund the Patmos Library by a 25-point margin, after a local conservative group led a campaign against the inclusion of LGBTQ+ books and accused library staff of “trying to groom our children” by simply putting them on bookshelves.

El Jefe, North America’s Long Lost Jaguar, Is Back

El Jefe, the boss, is back. Conservationists have finally confirmed that North America’s most well-known jaguar, known as El Jefe, appeared for the first time since 2015. He became a national sensation after being discovered in southern Arizona in 2011 and was declared the only wild jaguar in the U.S. Over four years, the black and orange spotted big cat roamed mostly around the Santa Rita mountains, captivating conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts around the world. Then, El Jefe disappeared.