The Rise of Veterinary Telehealth

Is your cat terrified of the three Cs — the carrier, the car and the clinic? Or do you prefer not to load your handful of wiggling felines into carriers, navigate through thick traffic and then corral them into an exam room for their annual wellness exams?. A generation...
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Chihuahua puppy found with arrow through neck expected to survive

A chihuahua puppy found shot through the neck with an arrow is expected to survive after veterinarians removed the projectile, authorities in the US said. A woman reported to emergency services that she found the wounded dog on Monday in a neighbourhood near the city of Desert Hot Springs in southern California after hearing it “screaming”, Riverside County Animal Services said in a statement.

Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat Nutella? The short answer is no. Nutella is a hazelnut spread that contains cocoa powder, which is toxic to dogs. The post Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Is Nutella Safe For Dogs? appeared first on DogTime.

Signs that dog is about to give birth

*This article is compiled from several sources such as, & images are taken and licensed by When raising a dog, we also need to consider its care, including when the dog wants to give birth. Recognizing the signs of a dog wanting to give birth can be a solution so that you can prepare for the necessary needs.

Pugs Can "No Longer Be Considered A Typical Dog" Due To Health Issues, Says Study

Pugs should no longer be considered a "typical dog" due to the overwhelming health issues the breed faces, suggests a new study. The researchers argue that the massively increased risks associated with "designer dog" breeding have pushed respiratory and brain difficulties in pugs to such an extent that the breed has now diverged from other mainstream dogs, and that there are a variety of healthcare challenges that must be overcome for both pugs and other brachycephalic dogs.