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Two Ethereum Rivals Are Far Outperforming ETH in Pair of Key Metrics, Says Venture Capital Giant Andreessen Horowitz

Two altcoins are crushing Ethereum (ETH) in terms of active addresses and daily transactions, according to a new report from venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). The venture capital firm looked at active addresses measured over a 30-day period as of May 12th, Ethereum had 5.5 million, compared to 9.4 million for Binance Chain’s Binance Coin (BNB) and a whopping 15.4 million for Solana (SOL).
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Biotech stocks are getting crushed — but industry insiders say there’s reason for optimism

Biotech is coming off an epic few years. The sector soared during the pandemic, with venture capital investment and IPO volumes hitting all-time highs. But recently stock valuations have plummeted, part of a larger market downturn. Companies have shed programs and laid off workers — Adaptive Biotechnologies, one of the Seattle region’s largest biotech companies, cut 12% of its staff in March, citing “current market conditions.” And the number of companies going public has slowed dramatically.

How to Unlock Profits in Micromobility

Despite the vast sums of venture capital that has gone into shared micromobility, the industry has yet to reach unit economics favorable enough to turn a profit. But it’s getting close. We’ll sit down with Drover AI’s Alex Nesic, Acton’s Janelle Wang and Veo’s Candice Xie to talk about the new methods, and the new tech, that’s being deployed to help micromobility companies unlock profits.
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The Budget: How to Start a Beauty Business

Entrepreneurship is rooted in sacrifice and requires an immeasurable amount of commitment, but the financial benefits are worth it. According to Federal Reserve Board data, in 2019, the median net worth of a family was $122,000; for self-employed families, it was $380,000. This difference was top of mind for Andrea M. Robinson, a 35-year-old Pittsburgh resident, when she decided to create Forever Drea Marie, a luxury, botanical skincare line. Robinson plans to launch her beauty brand in the second quarter of 2022, but wants to ensure she’s making smart financial decisions. Here, Brittney Castro, certified financial planner for Mint, an online budgeting tool, shares the financial strategy that will catapult Robinson’s business to short- and long-term success.

So long, easy money

Good morning! Well, it was a good run, and now it’s over: Venture capital’s money hose is drying up, and the effects are already reverberating throughout the tech industry. I’m Biz Carson, and I once wrote a senior thesis in college on the politics of Eurovision voting. Congrats to Ukraine!

FNB commits to $2.5M investment in Black Tech Nation Ventures

F.N.B. Corporation (FNB) announced Monday a $2.5 million equity commitment to Pittsburgh-based Black Tech Nation Ventures ( is a majority Black-owned venture capital fund that provides funding and resources for Black-led technology startups and firms with diverse founders and teams. The goal, officials said, was to enable wealth creation for underrepresented entrepreneurs in FNB’s seven-state footprint and across the United States and is part of FNB’s broader commitment to promoting economic equality.

TikTok’s Latest Ad Strategy: Let Brands Crowdsource Creators

TikTok’s newest advertising program will allow brands to crowdsource content from creators. Branded Mission, which the Culver City-based video-sharing app announced Wednesday, is currently being beta-tested. The program lets brands release briefs containing specific creative directions—such as incorporating a specific hashtag, visual effect or audio—with the goal of procuring videos that will become promoted ads. Creators with at least 1,000 followers will be compensated with cash payments if the content performs well.

The Young Venture Capital Partner Blazing A Trail For Women In VC

While women are still underrepresented in leadership roles in venture capital firms, there are signs of progress. Last December, at the age of just 29, Annalise Dragic was made a Partner at Sapphire Ventures, making her possibly the youngest female VC Partner in Europe. Sapphire has more than $8.8 billion...