VALORANT player shows useful Phoenix flash and Hot Hands lineup

A VALORANT player showed how to defend Hookah on Bind with Phoenix by effectively using his abilities to stop the enemy team. The player started by throwing Phoenix’s fireball through the ceiling in Hookah, which covered the area connecting B Long and Mid in flames. Immediately after throwing the fireball, they flashed into Mid to blind the enemies and push them into cover.
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Riot teases new VALORANT Agent: ‘Grenadier’, All You Need To Know

Riot recently released a teaser video during the Summer Game Fest of what could be the 16th agent for VALORANT. Ever since the roster started expanding, players just can’t get enough of these new agents and are now asking for more. Recently, compared to the previous releases of the other agents such as Yoru and Astra, Riot has been keeping the 16th agent heavily under wraps. But that won’t stop the player base’s eagerness to unravel this mystery agent.
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Renegades signs Jerk to complete VALORANT roster

Justin “Jerk” Milani has been named the fifth player on Renegades’ VALORANT roster, the organization announced today. Jerk will make his competitive debut with the team during the Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gautlet tomorrow. Jerk has played with several smaller VALORANT teams since June 2020 and most recently competed with Reformed....

How to change your name in VALORANT

Are you sick and tired of your VALORANT display name? Then what’s stopping you from changing it?. In 2020, Riot shifted from being the League of Legends company to the “bunch of games” publisher, introducing VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift to the world. This lead to...

Daps retires from professional VALORANT, steps away from NRG roster

Damian “Daps” Steele has retired from professional VALORANT and is stepping down from the NRG lineup, the organization announced today. Daps explained that he hasn’t enjoyed playing recently and will announce his future plans soon. Daps is a former CS:GO pro known for his time with Gen.G before switching to...

Here are the best Classic pistol skins in VALORANT

VALORANT‘s skins hold wide acclaim in esports circles for their creativity and design. Players across the world deck themselves out in their skin of choice, from simple reflective recolors to full reskins. At some point in time, either on a pistol round or a save round, you’ll have to play...
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Riot Games teases potential new robotic ‘Valorant’ agent

Riot Games has released a new teaser for a potential new agent for its tactical shooter game Valorant. The short clip features a droid being activated by an unseen force, before tilting down to a robotic head lighting up. The video was released during yesterday’s (June 10) Summer Game Fest kickoff show and was later uploaded onto social media.

It looks like the new Valorant agent has something to do with Killjoy

Valorant fans got a very brief sneak peek at what could well be the popular tactical FPS game’s newest agent at Summer Games Fest last night. Shortly after the clip aired, the official Valorant Twitter pages were ‘hacked’ by Killjoy, leaving a number of possible clues to its abilities in her wake.

This player spent $4400 to buy every single Valorant skin ever

Valorant is free to play but the in-game cosmetics can put a strain on your wallet. While many players think 10 times before spending a penny on hefty Valorant skins, ArcticSoldier went ahead and invested $4,400 to buy every single gun in Valorant. Riot Games is known for rolling out...

Derke’s VALORANT settings: Keybinds, crosshair, and mouse sensitivity

Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev is a professional VALORANT player on Fnatic’s roster who primarily plays Jett and Sova. Despite being just 18 years old, the Finnish-Russian player has been a pro gamer since 2018. Prior to switching to VALORANT in February, Derke played professional CS:GO for SkitLite and KOVA Esports under the name “Derkeps.”
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Top Indian Valorant Teams Vie For A ₹3,000,000 Prize Pool

Following Valorant’s meteoric rise in the Indian community, a slew of professional players has surfaced as the game’s leading figures. Thus, Penta Esports and Loco have partnered to put the best Indian Valorant squads to the test this June!. Penta Esports Valorant Invitational. The tournament puts together eight of the...

VALORANT fan recreates ‘Duality’ cinematic using only in-game footage—and it’s amazing

A VALORANT fan painstakingly recreated the “Duality” cinematic shot for shot using only in-game footage and assets. VALORANT player darken uploaded a video showing the original “Duality” cinematic side-by-side with their in-game version. They recreated Killjoy running through B long on Bind as she attempts to defuse the Spike. Killjoy’s turret doesn’t follow her around in-game, but they placed the turret in a new spot to mimic the movement. They also recreated the ship that dropped off Viper and Phoenix by using Sova’s drone, which was more than effective.