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Thomas: McCullough’s history never boring

I hated college history. The textbooks were mostly about dead white men, Abigail Adams excepted. The lectures were boring. I didn’t see how any of it related to my young life and future plans. Historian David McCullough, who died last week at age 89, helped change my attitude toward...
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Norton: No Wi-Fi, no problem

As the passengers boarded the flight, the scene was typical of any flights I have taken in the past several years. As people stood in line, slowly walking onto the jetway, heads were down as people were focusing their attention on their phones. This caught my attention only because it...
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Eagle Town Council opts out of state-run family and medical leave program

The Eagle Town Council voted 6-0 against participation in Family and Medical Leave Insurance on Aug. 9, in accordance with staff recommendations. The council previously reviewed the state-run program, which aims to expand access to paid leave for Colorado workers, on July 26 after hearing a presentation from Lynette Horan, the town’s manager of human resources.

Some Capitol rioters try to profit from their Jan. 6 crimes

Facing prison time and dire personal consequences for storming the U.S. Capitol, some Jan. 6 defendants are trying to profit from their participation in the deadly riot, using it as a platform to drum up cash, promote business endeavors and boost social media profiles. A Nevada man jailed on riot...

More US lawmakers visit Taiwan 12 days after Pelosi trip

A delegation of American lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, just 12 days after a visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that prompted China to launch days of threatening military drills around the self-governing island that Beijing says must come under its control. The five-member delegation, led by Democratic...

2022 Dynafit Vail trail running series continues with Arrowhead races

The Vail Recreation District’s trail running race season continues on Saturday, Aug. 20 with the Dynafit Arrowhead Half-Marathon & 5K, presented by Howard Head Sports Medicine and the Arrowhead Metro District. It is the second year the event will be held at Arrowhead. The race is the sixth event in the 2022 Dynafit Vail Trail Running Series.

Skieologians: Good luck, coach

A former mentor once told me that coaches, music directors and teachers all occupy the same profession. Each strives to raise up young people in the way they should go, giving them the tools to succeed after they’ve left the locker room, concert hall or class for the last time. A great coach is one who advocates for his athletes and models the character traits they hope to instill. This month, our area gave a farewell to one I believe fits the mold.

Matney: The life we live determines the legacy we leave

I really like this title, but it is not original with me. I found variations of it in several places on the internet. Also, the statistics on the Juke family listed below came from several sources. There were some disagreements on the exact numbers, but there was general agreement between the articles and the original study mentioned.

Lewis: A Team of Rivals

I’m a Colorado Avalanche fan. I especially enjoy going to live games as, to me, hockey is a great sport to watch live. For those of you who are also Avs fans you will understand one thing — we hate the Detroit Red Wings. Rivalries exist across most sports between particular sets of teams. Why? I don’t really know — that’s just the way it is. While these games don’t matter more in terms of a win/loss record, they do matter more to the fans.

Curious Nature: Where the wild and yummy things are

Colorado’s residents and visitors are usually drawn to the Rocky Mountains for its fun outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and more. But there’s a calmer type of fun that involves meandering through the beautiful landscapes of the Rockies looking for tasty treats. Foraging, a...

Letter: West Vail rezoning will hurt property values

The proposed West Vail multifamily zones 1 and 2 would impose deed restrictions on properties redeveloping what they have now: a single-family home, a duplex or a condo/townhome complex. The town says the new zones will bring more properties into conformity with zoning regulations and that this is incentive enough to require new deed restrictions without financial compensation to property owners, which is how the town acquires most deed restrictions now.

Road near Red Cliff will see repair work next week

Repair work to temporarily re-open Wearyman Road above Red Cliff will begin next week thanks to a partnership among the White River National Forest, Eagle River Watershed Council, and the National Forest Foundation. The lower section of this road, officially called the McAllister Gulch Road (NFSR 708), has been closed...