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Street Closures In Mandan During The 4th Of July Festivities

Mandan is the place to be over the 4th of July. All the activities from the parade in the morning, art in the park, to the rodeo and finally the incredible fireworks show at dusk, it's good to be on the west side of the river. Not to mention you can blow things up right in the city.
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And Then Come The Ticks, It’s Always Tick Season in North Dakota!

Hey Crew, Tigger Here. I wanted to share a bit about what happened to BEC and me recently. I am sure that all of you have noticed that the ticks have been out in full force. In fact, that reminds me to give the dogs their flea and tick medicine as soon as I get done writing this. It seems no matter where we go and what we do, we get covered in the little parasitic arachnids. But where do they come from? I mean, have y'all ever seen where these little buggers are in the wild until they are actually crawling all over you? I tell ya what, I will get back to that one in a "tick".
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In BisMan – 5 Places NOT A Good Idea To Set Off Fireworks

We all knew since the weather was getting warmer, a couple of 90 + days about a weekend ago, that it's almost here!. However, the true feel of summer is of course the 4th of July weekend. It felt like forever to get here just a couple of months ago, and yet you blink an eye here and there, and now finally it's THIS weekend. So the big day rolls around and off you go spending a boat load of money on fireworks that will go off in seconds, but isn't that what life is all about?

2022 Spring Pheasant Crowing Counts Reveled For North Dakota

Every spring the North Dakota Game & Fish teams up with mail delivery drivers, and they survey the pheasant population with its spring crowing counts. Observers drive different routes over a specific 20-mile area over the state. They break it into the 3 major pheasant areas, the northwest, southwest, and southeast. They also survey the northeast, but that is considered a marginal pheasant habitat in the state.

Live Theatre Performance Coming To The North Dakota State Capitol

You might be wondering why the group centers itself around William Shakespeare's work, specifically. Erin Weichel tells me his plays are still very relevant today. "He talks of love, desire, envy, and countless other emotions with such depth and feeling that you get sucked into the characters lives in a way that doesn’t happen with other playwrights. We also believe that the way he uses the English language and the poetry he creates is beautiful to listen to," said Weichel.

“F**K America” Said Billie Joe – Way To Stay Classy ( VIDEO )

Amazing what some people think is cool when they shout something out of their pie hole. We all know living in this country we call our own, the United States, for the most part, you have freedom of speech - you can pretty much state your mind on anything, for some the more controversial the better. I have no problems with people or organizations upset and sharing their disappointments, complaints, and negative comments, once again they are expressing their rights. But when an irritating little punk uses his fame and stardom on a stage in London and calls out the U.S., only then do I become irritated, big time.

Protest To Be Held At North Dakota State Capitol

Independence Day is going to look a little different this year. No, not because we're finally out of the drought (but yes, that's awesome), but instead, because protesters will be gathering at our state's Capitol. Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade has been overturned, and some people are speaking out...

Summer Outlook For North Dakota From Climate Prediction Center

North Dakota is officially out of the drought that plagued us the last two years. We sure paid the price last summer with the 90s and 100s temperatures for most of the summer. For those of you who love summers like that, this summer has been just a little different so far. Heck, we even had high temps in the 60s this past Saturday. That was unheard of last June.

SHRINKFLATION in North Dakota!? And Not The Clothes In The Dryer!

Buzzwords come and go, so here's another "Shrinkflation"... Heard it, know it, unhappy about it? We're all tired of prices at the pump, the store, and heck just hearing about inflation in general. So now we've got to watch our carts too... not just the price tag but am talking about the physical size of our goods!

Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman Celebrate ‘Sweet 16′ on Their Wedding Anniversary

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their wedding anniversary on Saturday (June 25), and it was a big one: The couple have now been married for 16 years. "HAPPY SWEET 16 BABY," Urban wrote on Instagram to celebrate the milestone, along with a recent snapshot of the happy couple hanging out outdoors in shades and sunhats. In the photo, both are smiling, with Kidman holding up her hand to wave to the camera.

Missouri River Getting Musical This Summer In Bismarck

It's Summer, and we're all looking for reasons and ways to get out to the river. If you're like me, this may be especially hard. Psst- I don't have a boat. The struggle is very real. I'm currently taking "Friend with Boat" applications to anyone interested. Anyway. there's an event...

North Dakota Man Win’s The 2nd Largest Jackpot In States History

It's been said, in order to win big, you have to allow yourself to lose big. Maybe that's why I never win big. To be honest, I'm not much of a gambler. I'm the type of person who puts down $20 bucks at the Blackjack table and when that runs out, I'm done. When I play slots, I'm playing the nickel slots and not the $5 dollar slots. Maybe, that's why I never win the aforementioned "big".

In BisMan – Was Yesterday “Hug A Moose Day”? ( VIDEO )

Today is Friday, June 24th, 2022 - There may be a few people wondering if yesterday was a special day they should have been celebrating. I checked every calendar in Bismarck/Mandan, and contrary to the nasty rumor, there is no such thing as "Hug A Moose Day". SO, I'm hoping someone didn't lure you over to the moose that paid a little visit to downtown Bismarck. No mention of whether the moose stopped by Gideon's Brewing for a quick cold one or not - one thing that was certain, weather conditions were tough on us all, with temps reaching almost 100 degrees.