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Navy fighter pilot from Lubbock High flies in new “Top Gun”

LUBBOCK, Texas — The Navy fighter pilot (not the actor) who actually flew the plane for the new “Top Gun” movie is Lubbockite Amy Heflin. “It was absolutely incredible,” Heflin said. “I am extremely fortunate to have the job I have, it’s the one dreams are made of.”
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Navy base’s popular bar featured in Top Gun Maverick

SAN DIEGO — If you’ve ever been to the infamous I Bar on Naval Air Station North Island, you’ll notice a few familiar objects in the new movie, Top Gun Maverick. “When you watch the movie, you're in the bar,” Said Capt. Brian Ferguson. “You're in the Navy.” Capt. Ferguson served as the Navy's technical advisor for the film. His job was to make everything as realistic as possible. His nearly 30 years as a Navy pilot made these flying scenes better, but Capt. Ferguson also knew incorporating the camaraderie of the I Bar was an important part of the experience. “We'll all pile in here - we'll all tell stories, be laughing and joking and beer spilling and lies being told and it's great!”

WNY native commands Navy warship

BUFFALO, N.Y. — There is an exciting new role for a Western New York native as he takes formal command of a U.S. Navy warship. Commander Peter Flynn, who is the brother of Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, is now the commanding officer of the USS Arleigh Burke following a change of command ceremony last week.
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Navy officer finds missing veteran, then saves his life by administering CPR

Lt. Jonathan Hilzinger, an instructor at Information Warfare Training Command San Diego, saved the life of a Navy veteran who went missing earlier this year. Hilzinger was out for a run in January when he was asked to help find a missing person in Chula Vista, California. Hilzinger found the veteran, who was convulsing in a locked vehicle. After extricating the vet, he immediately began providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first aid at the scene.

Gap slashes forecast as inflation rips demand, Old Navy stumbles

May 26 (Reuters) - Gap Inc (GPS.N) slashed its annual results forecast on Thursday, sending shares 13% lower after hours as the clothing retailer blamed poor fashion choices at its Old Navy line and weak demand in the face of decades-high inflation. The Banana Republic parent also posted a much...

Navy SEALs are itching for upgrades to their silent underwater rides

TAMPA, Fla. — Navy SEALs have a lot of cool toys, but most of the wet ones either need replacing or need some serious upgrades to haul them into the 21st century. That was the overriding message from a panel of sailors and civilians who oversee all things maritime for Special Operations Command at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference held here by the National Defense Industrial Association.

Navy officer who refused COVID vaccine cleared of wrongdoing

On May 20, a Navy Administrative Board determined in a 3-0 vote that a lieutenant did not commit any misconduct by refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine and is permitted to continue serving. Attorney R. Davis Younts – who represented the lieutenant involved in the case – told The National...

Experience this unique navy aircraft carrier turned interactive museum | To commemorate Memorial Day

A visit to this unique military museum in San Diego will give you a new appreciation for Memorial Day. Included in the museum admission are the flight simulators which offer insight into the experience of air to air combat. Strolling through each compartment, you will notice how small and how valuable space is. An aircraft carrier is like a small town and has all the things you need as a service member. An experience at the USS Midway Museum gives you insight into the battles and war campaigns this ship and its crew endured for the sake of all our freedoms. You will get an up close look at 25 restored aircraft static displays and over 60 exhibits. It is mind boggling when you see the areas where sailors slept, showered, and worked endless hours in the control room and other compartments. Tip: Be sure to visit the Cafe and Gift Shop to pick up some of your "Top Gun" collectibles! Read all about this museum on my blog: Thanks to all of you!

‘Dunked’ and ‘dragged’: Navy cap’t on grueling ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ training

When the original “Top Gun” movie debuted in 1986, the blockbuster led to a major bump in Navy recruiting — reportedly a whopping 500%. “I don’t know if that figure is accurate but I will tell you that it definitely had an effect on recruiting if only one guy, which is me,” Captain Brian Ferguson, 53, told The Post. “I saw the movie, thought it looked like the most exciting job in the world. And it is.” After college, Ferguson, whose favorite characters were Maverick and Iceman, joined the Navy and later attended Top Gun’s Adversary Training Course. So it’s only fitting...