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Horsecorn Fire on Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Forestry and Wildland Fire-Uintah & Ouray Agency announced Sunday the details of a fire on the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. The Horsecorn Fire is approximately 60 miles South/Southwest of Vernal and as of Sunday evening was estimated at 200 to 250 acres. At that time there were 10 smokejumpers on scene and multiple large air tankers and single engine air tankers made drops Sunday to slow the western spread of the fire. On scene were three fire engines, one water tender, and two Wildland Fire Modules with one Type 1 Hot Shot crew and one type 2 hand crew on their way. BIA is the lead Agency with help from the US Forest Service, BLM and Uintah County Fire. This incident is believed to be lightning caused. No containment or control has been reported and there have been no injuries.
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Uintah County Moves to High Transmission Index Level (6/17 - 6/23)

As of June 17th, TriCounty Health Department is reporting 217 active cases of COVID-19 so it is not surprising that there has been a change to the Transmission Index. Uintah County has been shifted from Moderate to High Transmission level while Duchesne County stayed at the Moderate level and Daggett County stayed at the Low level. According to Thursday’s press release, Uintah County’s 7-day average percent positivity was 19 percent and there were 131 cases in the past 14 days, Duchesne County was 10 percent and there were 37 cases, and Daggett County was 28 percent and there were 4 cases. Statewide total ICU utilization was 74 percent and the 7-day COVID-19 utilization was 11 percent. The report shows locally 18 new COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the past seven days and 0 new COVID-19 deaths. Uintah County is currently the only county in the state that is in the High Transmission level.
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Beware of Scammers Calling From Spoofed Local Numbers

Most people are aware that scammers may pose as local law enforcement but many do not realize that they can actually call from what appears to be local phone numbers. The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to be aware and alert. “Scammers are using spoofed numbers from the Uintah County Justice Court and the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office to call folks and tell them they have a warrant,” warns the Sheriff’s Office. “They are also sending out [an official looking letter] to people’s email addresses. THIS IS FAKE, THIS IS A SCAM!!! Do not give out any personal information or account information to these scammer thieves and definitely don’t give them a penny of your money!” Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Uintah County Sheriff”s Office at 435-789-2511 or the Justice Court at 435-781-5338.
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Uintah Basin Sheriffs Join in Pledge to Protect Constitutional Rights

Uintah Basin Sheriffs have joined a larger cause that pledges to protect the Second Amendment and other Constitutional rights. The Utah Sheriffs’ Association issued a press release this month which states that the pledge is prompted by increasing public concern to safeguard constitutional rights. “As members of the human family, we value the sanctity of life,” shares their joint release. “We live in a time when unlawful violence is commonplace, and along with the victims and survivors of violence, we recognize these tragedies to be irrational, callous, and infuriating,” Later in the letter it states “As your elected Sheriffs, we individually and collectively pledge to do everything within our power to steadfastly protect the Second Amendment and all other individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.” Duchesne County Sheriff Travis Tucker, Daggett County Sheriff Erik Baily, and Uintah County Sheriff Steve Labrum are among those that signed the letter. To read the entire letter, visit the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.
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Steinaker and Red Fleet State Parks Continue Upgrades

Steinaker and Red Fleet State Parks continue to work on facility upgrades. Amanda White, Park Manager for both locations, provided an update during the Vernal Chamber Luncheon this week. Steinaker State Park is working with Uintah County as they expand OHV camping facilities and access to established trails. New bathrooms with showers have been added to the park and upcoming improvements include day use facilities on the beach and increased power and sewer hookups for overnight camping. Exciting upgrades are also ahead for Red Fleet State Park as a major expansion and remodel project will soon be underway to utilize $7.5 million dollars from the Utah Legislature. White shared that the project will begin in late 2021 and will go through May or June 2022. The expansion will completely redo the layout of the campground with sites almost doubling, electrical and sewer hookups added for most sites, and additional primitive access sites added near the north and south beaches.
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Vernal Camper Fire Spreads to Home/Surrounding Property

Thursday was a devastating day for a Vernal family who lost their home and additional property to a fire. According to Uintah County Fire Marshal Jeremy Raymond, a structure fire located at 500 West 1410 North in Vernal was called in at 4:41pm. Vernal Fire responded as well as crews from State and Federal wildland units. “It started out as a camper fire [on the] inside then spread to the house and brush,” explained Raymond. “Numerous other outbuildings and vehicles also caught fire.” Witness accounts shared that there was additional concern due to explosions in the outbuildings which Raymond confirmed had occurred due to ammunition and black powder storage. Thankfully no injuries were reported and the fire was considered contained around 7pm. Crews stayed past dark to put out hotspots. Uintah County Fire extended thanks to the neighbors, family, and friends that helped the firefighters with water and Little Caesars Pizza for donating food. The total damage to the home and contents is estimated to be around $600,000 dollars. The cause remains under investigation.
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Smiles Abound at 2nd Annual ‘Badges & Bobbers’ Event at Old Fort Ponds

There was no shortage of smiles at the 2nd annual ‘Badges & Bobbers’ event hosted by the Division of Wildlife Resources at the Old Fort Ponds in Maeser on Thursday. The event was first held in 2019 during which local officers helped special needs adults and children try their hand at fishing and many of those that tried, experienced the thrill of catching a fish or two. There were 20 officers between 9 law enforcement units on hand yesterday that engaged with 39 participants made of 22 youth and 17 special needs adults. Many fish were caught and many more smiles were shared!
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Percent of COVID Vaccines Administered and Transmission Index (6/10 - 6/16)

TriCounty Health provided a breakdown on Thursday of the percentage of individuals by age group in the tri-county area that have been vaccinated for COVID-19. The percentage of vaccination for those 80 and older is 77.5%, those 70 to 79 is 74%, those 60 to 69 is 59%, those 50 to 59 is 45%, those 40 to 49 is 34%, those 30 to 39 is 22%, those 19 to 29 is 23%, and those 12 to 18 is 13%. TriCounty Health also updated the weekly COVID-19 Transmission Index on Thursday reporting that Uintah and Duchesne County remain at the Moderate level while Daggett County remains at the Low level. According to Thursday’s press release, Uintah County’s 7-day average percent positivity was 5 percent and there were 63 cases in the past 14 days, Duchesne County was 6 percent and there were 40 cases, and Daggett County was 27 percent and there were 4 cases. Statewide total ICU utilization was 70 percent and the 7-day COVID-19 utilization was 10 percent. The report shows locally 3 new COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the past seven days and 2 new COVID-19 deaths.
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Locals Remember Fallen Officer 11 Years Later

Monday, June 7th, marked 11 years since a Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer’s life was lost in a car accident and local agencies and individuals took the opportunity to remember him on social media. Officer Joshua Yazzie was just 33 years old when the accident occured as he was responding to a call. The tribute to Officer Yazzie on the Officer Down Memorial Page shares that Officer Yazzie was driving near the Bottle Hollow Reservoir when he responded to a call to assist an ambulance crew. While en route, Officer Yazzie lost control of his patrol car. Tragically, he died at the scene. Officer Yazzie is survived by his wife and two children. He is remembered each year by countless friends, family, and fellow officers.
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New Mural in Vernal the Biggest One Yet

The artists of Ninty1 Designs, TM Art, and their recruits have done it again. There is another colorful and fun mural for the Vernal community to enjoy and this is the biggest one yet at 155 feet long. The mural is located on the Western Living furniture store building and is best viewed while in the Wendy’s parking lot. It features a multitude of cartoon dinosaurs enjoying all the adventure that Uintah County has to offer. Ninty1 Designs shared photos of the mural on Facebook and thanked Wendy’s and Uintah County Travel and Tourism for making this new mural a reality. This is just one of the many murals created over the last year that are featured on local businesses adding life and art to the community.
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Outlaw Trail Theater Focused on ‘Hello, Dolly!’ and Maintaining Traditions

Outlaw Trail Theater’s production of ‘Hello, Dolly!’ will dazzle audiences in a few short weeks and while there may be a learning curve for the new folks behind the scenes, the focus isn’t to overhaul the system. “The theme of this year is ‘Traditions’,” shares Outlaw Trail Theater Board President Jay Haslem. “While there is a new Outlaw Trail Theater Board running the amphitheater at Western Park, we wanted to make sure that all who participate know that we are going to continue with the traditions and the legacy of those who have gone before us. When the Arts Council started performing shows at the amphitheater, they started with the idea of doing a great western/locally written show that people would connect with and enjoy a night in the summer breeze. As the years went by and the Arts Council dissolved, the family of Ron and JoEllen Litton took over the task of producing a show every summer for over 20 years. The Littons would involve their kids and friends in the building of sets, making costumes, building props and running lights and sound down to the task of running the ticket booth. They were the lifeblood of this little theater and this is the tradition we want to continue.” Haslem explains that the Outlaw Trail Theater company is now set up as a non-profit organization run by a 7 person board. Their focus is to “continue to protect the legacy and continue to improve the facility, hand in hand with Uintah County and provide a venue that families can continue to come and be entertained on our beautiful summer nights that Vernal is so famous for.” Tickets to ‘Hello, Dolly!’ are selling fast. Get yours now at www.outlawtrailtheater.org.
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PhenomeCon Coming to Uintah County This Fall

The world where weird and mysterious meet is coming to the Uintah Basin with the first annual PhenomeCon Conference coming this fall. According to the press release announcing the event, the Uintah Basin has found itself on the world stage with two hit TV series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History Channel and The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch on the Discovery Channel. As home to some of the most paranormal hotspots in the world, Uintah County is excited to host PhenomeCon that will bring together experts, experiencers and enthusiasts for a multi-day event. Registration will open July 1st at 9am. Please visit phenomenon.net for the latest updates, registration link, speaker announcements and travel information.
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Outlaw ATV Jamboree Enjoys Successful Event

Vernal was the place to be for ATV enthusiasts over the weekend at the Outlaw ATV Jamboree in Uintah County. The three day event hosted around 600 participants, a number that grows each year. Uintah County Commissioner Brad Horrocks was thrilled by the response and how the event turned out, emphasizing that the Uintah Basin has more to offer ATV enthusiasts than anywhere else in Utah. A unique addition this year that Horrocks said was a highlight for many was an ATV food tour where participants went to five different restaurants and sampled their food. “When I first heard about it I wasn’t sure about that idea but we sure heard a lot about it from the people that enjoyed it,” shared Horrocks, who says the highlight for him was seeing everyone come together to put on another amazing event. “I don’t think there’s any place in the state that does it better than we do.” It was a very busy weekend in the Vernal area with many events going on that filled restaurants and hotel rooms to start off the summer season.
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Popularity Continues for Season 2 of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’

‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ continues its rise in popularity as a documentary style show on the History Channel. Located in Uintah County, Skinwalker Ranch is a 512 acre property rumored for years to have UFO sightings and paranormal activity. Season 1 made its debut in 2020 and Season 2 of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ launched last month in May with adventures capturing audiences. For example, the newest episode will air tomorrow night and the episode description is ripe with mystery. It states that “following a thermal experiment at Homestead Two that reveals more evidence of a strange presence, the team is suddenly affected in dangerous and disturbing ways.” The show’s popularity has been boosted by celebrity interest including Post Malone who made a personal visit to Skinwalker Ranch in February.
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Don’t Forget: Cemetery Cleanup Begins Monday

Memorial Weekend is a beautiful time when the local cemeteries fill up with flowers and gifts from those remembering and honoring those who have passed on. In case you didn’t know or in case you had forgotten, Memorial decoration cleanup starts on Monday. Roosevelt City shared the following: “Our staff will begin cleanup of all decorative items left from Memorial Day early in the morning of Monday, June 7th. If you wish to keep any items left on a grave, they must be removed by the night of Sunday, June 6th...don't take any items from the cemetery that you didn't put there. We hate getting phone calls from families who have had something stolen from the grave of a loved one. If it isn't yours, please don't take it.” Uintah County has a similar policy on cemetery cleanup following Memorial Weekend. According to the Uintah County website, cleanup starts the Monday following Memorial Day.
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Jr. Rodeo Camp Providing Summer Camp Option for Those with a Wild Streak

There’s a new summer camp in town for those with a wild streak! For those brand new bronco busters or those that have done a rodeo but want to learn fundamentals from PRCA Champions there will be a Jr. Rodeo Camp on Friday. Camp curriculum includes an introduction to rodeo events with an emphasis on safety, fundamentals, chute procedures, livestock safety, overview of riding equipment, injury prevention and management, fitness and nutrition, introduction to PRCA business and goal setting. Instructors are there to deliver encouragement to participants as they pursue both their rodeo careers and scholastic endeavors. There is no need for nerves as there will be no live buckouts, shares the announcement. For those that wish to attend: pre-register and then follow the instructions sent to your email. The camp is free and features instructors with first hand knowledge, including Joe Frost, Galen Wilson, James Sura, Jesse Nash, and Josh Hunter. Go to https://jrrodeo.org/event-4288849 to register. There’s no equipment necessary but please wear closed toe shoes and long pants. The Camp will be this Friday, June 4th at the Uintah County Western Park with check in at 9:30am and the camp running from 10am to 3pm.
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New Rides and Thrills for 2021 Outlaw Trail ATV Jamboree This Week

What has quickly become a major event for ATV enthusiasts, the Outlaw ATV Jamboree is kicking off today in Vernal with plenty of excitement in store through Saturday. There is a new ride added this year called the Ride to Paradise. This ride is about 30 miles round trip and has a 2500 foot elevation climb with overlooks and beautiful scenery of the Uinta Mountains. Another awesome option this year is to ride the John Jarvie Trail and then actually experience the Jarvie Fest at the John Jarvie Historic Ranch happening Saturday only. Still young for an event, the annual Outlaw ATV Jamboree is expecting quite a crowd that will fill hotel rooms and restaurants, offering Uintah County an economic boost. Learn more at www.OutlawATVJam.com.
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Update: Teen missing for nearly 2 weeks found deceased in Uintah County

UINTAH COUNTY, Utah, June, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A teen missing for nearly two weeks has been found deceased, the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday. “At approximately 2:30 p.m. today, a Uintah County Search and Rescue team located the body of Max Stubbs near his parked vehicle in a remote area south of Jensen. The investigation into the death is ongoing, however there is nothing suspicious at this time.” the UCSO statement said.