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This Uber-rare 2003 Petronas FP1 Is a Race Bike for the Street

There’s just something special about rare motorcycles and when there’s a tasteful story behind one, things only get better. The Petronas FP1 is one of the few motorcycles that meet both these criteria, which is why it is the perfect collector’s item. Want to buy one? Well,...

Judge suggests Rudy Giuliani travel by train or 'Uber or whatever' after his lawyers said a medical issue prevents him from flying to Atlanta to testify in a Trump election probe

Rudy Giuliani didn't appear in front of a grand jury in Georgia on Tuesday due to medical issues. A doctor wrote a note saying Giuliani wasn't cleared for air travel after heart surgery. A state judge suggested he make a road trip instead of traveling by plane to testify in...

Judge tells Rudy Giuliani to ‘get an Uber’ after claiming he’s too sick to fly to court

Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to appear in person before a Georgia grand jury after claiming he was too sick to fly. The jury is investigating whether Donald Trump illegally influenced the 2020 election.The former New York mayor and Trump attorney, who had two heart stents implanted in July, was due to appear before the panel on Tuesday and reportedly told prosecutors he couldn’t fly to Georgia because he’s not well enough, according to the New York Times.Judge Robert McBurney of Fulton County Superior Court, who set a tentative date of 17 August for Mr Giuliani to testify,...
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‘Uber for Lawn Care’ Rolls Into Fresno With the GreenPal App

Finding someone to trim your hedges, water your plants, and mow your lawn is easier these days thanks to an application called GreenPal. The GreenPal app first launched in Nashville, Tennessee, about 10 years ago, and now some Fresno area businesses are using it to attract new clientele. Ted Furnish,...

What’s wrong with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is a term coined in 2016 by German economist Klaus Schwab. It’s used to describe the technology revolution that the world is going through. But there is growing criticism, particularly in the global south, of how it’s framed. Many are questioning whether it should be considered a revolution at all.

Crime in WeHo rises by 38 percent

Vehicle burglaries on WeHo’s West Side drove the Part I crime rate up by 38 percent in July over the same month in 2021, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Lt. Fanny Lapkin presented the Pubic Safety Commission with the latest data at their meeting Monday...

Uber Freight’s road map to autonomy

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about Uber Freight’s goals for autonomous trucking. Hot on the heels of its partnerships with Waymo and Aurora, Uber Freight is unveiling a road map for the safe, fast deployment of autonomous trucks, as well as research exploring their impact on trucker jobs, operating costs and the overall movement of goods. Joining the guys is Mazen Danaf, senior economist at Uber Freight, to chart the course for them.