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People Are Using Spoons To Apply Eyeshadow And It's Actually Genius

Just when you think you've seen every possible make-up hack, TikTok surprises us all once again by unveiling a brand new trick. Beauty account @kaylambeauty tried the viral hack originally posted by @dhullyzanela in which a simple, everyday kitchen spoon is used to apply eyeshadow on top of the upper eyelid crease.
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Love Island Fans Divided After Mary's Comment Before 'Rude' Speech

Things got pretty awkward during Tuesday night's Love Island recoupling. It was the girls' turn to hold the power as they had to pick which boy they wanted to couple up with. Whilst we were all hooked on whether Millie Court would take back Liam Readdon, it was Casa Amor's Mary Bedford that brought all the drama.
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Woman Gives Birth To Four Babies In Less Than A Year

Jessica Pritchard, 31, gave birth to four babies in less than a year after getting pregnant twice during lockdown. The primary school teacher gave birth to her second daughter Mia in May 2020 and then welcomed triplets in April - just 11 months later. Jessica, who also has an eight-year-old...
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Sorry Love Island Fans, Millie Court and Liam Reardon Are Back On

Love Island fans have been urging Millie Court not to take back Liam Reardon, but it seems she isn't listening (or, the Love Island producers just aren't showing her our tweets), because in a chat alone tonight, Millie agreed to give things another go with her ex-beau, saying that it would have to be "baby steps".