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Pro-Trump senator blasted on Twitter for suggesting Biden is ‘compromised’ by Russia

A Republican senator is facing cries of hypocrisy after he implied President Biden may be “compromised” by Russia. Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson, who has built up a reputation as a purveyor of misinformation, made the provocative suggestion on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.“Vladimir gets the waiver to build his pipeline, our workers get pink slips,” Mr Hannity complained, referring to Mr Biden’s decision not to sanction a Russian company building a new oil and gas pipeline. “Would I be wrong to interpret that, that maybe Joe thinks that Russia has him compromised?”“Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to be suspicious that...
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Journalist drops bombshell question to Vladimir Putin’s face and becomes Twitter hero

A US news correspondent went viral after an ice-cold takedown of Russian president Vladimir Putin - which appeared to temporarily put the leader onto the back foot.His press conference followed his first face-to-face meeting with Joe Biden since he was elected US president.ABC News’ Rachel Scott pressed Putin on his treatment of political opponents, and began by asking: “President Biden has said he will respond if cyber attacks from Russia do not stop. I’m curious, what did he tell you? Did he make any threats?“And a quick followup if I may, sir. The list of your political opponents who are...
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This guy spent 24 hours in a Waffle House as punishment for finishing last in his fantasy football league and the Twitter thread is a white-knuckle thrill ride

Chances are if you’ve ever played fantasy football, you’ve found yourself wondering why you ever played fantasy football. Usually around Week 4. You’re 1-3 and starting Derek Carr, a tight end whose best-case scenario is catching one of two targets for a garbage-time touchdown, and a running back who was washed during the Obama Administration (admit it, you started Adrian Peterson at least once last year). In these moments you’ll swear up and down that you’ll never do it again, but something always keeps you coming back. What is it? The camaraderie? Invested interest in Lions-Texans on Thanksgiving? Something to do, pure and simple?
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U.S Open 2021: Twitter's "Dick Bland" jokes are the highlight of the U.S. Open so far

Richard Bland. 48 years old. One career European Tour win. Two career U.S. Open appearances. Top of the leaderboard at Torrey Pines on Friday evening. Nickname: Dick. There you go. You’re officially caught up on the man—NAY, the sensation—known as Dick Bland. Bland has come out of virtually nowhere (yes, we know he won the British Masters in May) to take Golf’s Greatest Test by storm, and while golf fans would usually bemoan his lack of star power on the major stage, Bland has defied the definition of his last name with American shorthand of his first. That fortuitous twist of fate sent golf’s punchline makers running for the keyboards on Friday and the results, no matter where Bland finishes this weekend, will be etched on the U.S. Open Trophy in our hearts for years to come.

Judge rejects Clemons' plea for court fees award in Twitter case

The long-running legal fight over whether state Rep. Chuck Clemons had the right to block a constituent from his Twitter account can end, a federal judge has ruled. In a June 7 order, Chief U.S. Dist. Judge Mark Walker dismissed plaintiff Peter Morgan Attwood's claims with prejudice, meaning the case can't be filed again.
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Barstool honcho Dave Portnoy briefly suspended from Twitter

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy was briefly suspended from Twitter Friday evening. Portnoy’s account, which is followed by more than 2.5 million users, was inaccessible as the hashtag FreeDavePortnoy trended around 8:30 p.m. Visitors to his profile were greeted by the message, “Account suspended,” followed by the words, “Twitter suspends...

Police summon Twitter's India head over assault video

Indian police have summoned Twitter's top local executive over a viral video on the site of a Muslim man being assaulted, with authorities accusing the US social media giant of stoking sectarian tensions. The order comes as a battle rages between foreign tech giants and the Indian government over new...

Twitter's India woes deepen as police summon boss

Twitter faces deeper trouble in India after its boss in the country was summoned by police over allegations the firm failed to stop the spread of a video said to incite 'hate and enmity' between Hindu and Muslim communities. Julian Satterthwaite reports.