How Twitch Streamer Kaelena Uses Gaming for Good

Need a reprieve from the noise of the world? Tap into Kaelena and watch this self-prescribed "comfy, cozy" streamer guide you toward enlightenment and a life of purpose. Fundraising is the name of this game, and charity streaming has become the lifeblood for this social worker turned streamer who's hoping her unique brand of compassionate relaxation can transform the gaming world one stream at a time. Kaelena, who has asked to keep her identity anonymous, is blending her passion for gaming with a deeper desire to help the world.
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Twitch And Discord Are Officially Under Investigation

After the tragic Buffalo supermarket shooting on May 14, a spotlight was placed on the 18-year-old suspect's internet presence. Shockingly, the shooter allegedly used multiple social media platforms to plan and display the attack. Specifically, the suspect reportedly detailed his plans numerous times through a Discord server, on which the suspect used the words "gun," "attack," and "shoot" hundreds of times between November and May 14 (per Bloomberg). This unsurprisingly raised criticism against Discord, with many believing the social media platform has a duty to identify these types of messages and take preemptive action.

Twitch and Discord to be investigated by New York’s attorney general

The New York attorney general, Letitia James, has announced Twitch and Discord will be investigated for the role they played in the recent racially-motivated mass shooting in Buffalo. Last night (May 19) James announced the investigation saying that both social media platforms will be individually evaluated, as well as the...
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NY attorney general is investigating Twitch, Discord, and 4chan over Buffalo shooting

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday that her office has launched an investigation into Twitch, Discord, 4chan, 8kun (previously 8chan), and other web and social media platforms in response to the racist attack in Buffalo, New York. The investigation will focus on “platforms that may have been used to stream, promote, or plan the event.”

Twitch Under Fire For Buffalo Hate Massacre Livestream

The gamer streaming platform has stated that it has a "zero tolerance policy against violence of any kind" after the mass shooting at Tops grocery in Buffalo was livestreamed to its users. Saturday’s racially motivated mass shooting inside a Buffalo, NY grocery store, resulting in the tragic deaths of 10...