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Grand Theft Auto made over $6.4 billion since GTA V's launch

Rockstar's juggernaut Grand Theft Auto franchise has made over $6.4 billion since Grand Theft Auto V's release in September 2013. — Grand Theft Auto V is a sales juggernaut that has not only amassed 145 million shipments to date, accounting for 1/3rd of total GTA franchise sales, but the game has helped generate over $6.4 billion since its release.
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Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB SSD Review (tested with Windows 11)

It's here. Seagate's FireCuda 530 can reach speeds in excess of 7,300 MB/s and is the first SSD upgrade certified for PS5 use. Seagate's newest is one of the most highly anticipated SSDs of 2021. And it's no wonder with Seagate teasing some of the highest sequential speeds ever seen. Then to top it off, Seagate announced that its forthcoming FireCuda 530 is the first SSD to be certified compatible for the PS5's newly enabled M.2 storage expansion slot. That announcement has millions of PS5 console peasants salivating at the prospect of finally getting some decent storage capacity for their favorite console.
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McCancelled: Sony fries custom McDonalds PS5 controller giveaway

Macca's (what Aussies call McDonald's) planned to give away 50 McDualsense PS5 controllers, but Sony stepped in to cancel it. — Sony has fried a unique Dualsense controller giveaway from Down Under. To celebrate 50 years of burgers and fries, Macca's--what Australians call McDonald's--planned to give away 50 McDualsense controllers...
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PSA: Halo Infinite campaign spoilers are out in the wild

Halo Infinite's technical preview has campaign details in the source code and data miners are posting story spoilers on forums. — PSA: Dataminers are posting up Halo Infinite story spoilers on public forums like 4Chan and even Reddit. Halo Infinite's technical preview is an absolutely fantastic slice of FPS chaos....
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Red Dead Redemption 2 sales figures: RDR2 makes up 62% of IP sales

Take-Two reveals Red Dead Redemption 2 and total franchise sales figures, showing consistent quarter-over-quarter growth. A new Take-Two InteractiveSEC filing highlights game sales of its most popular franchises, confirming big numbers for IPs like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2K. Note: Figures are in cumulative game sales.
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Horizon Forbidden West won't release in 2021 after all

Horizon Forbidden West has reportedly been delayed to 2022 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles due to COVID-19. Horizon Forbidden West has been delayed to early 2022, sources tell Bloomberg's Jason Schreier. Sony and developer Guerrilla Games has apparently decided to push back one of the year's biggest...
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Capcom's best-selling franchises: A look at three-year sales growth

Consistent strong franchise sales punctuate Capcom's meteoric quarter-by-quarter earnings, and here's how each has grown. We take a look at the growth of Capcom's top five best-selling franchise to get a better perspective of the games company. Capcom just reported record Q1 earnings with an all-time high of 48 billion...