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‘Breadwinner’ stress links men’s job loss and breakups

In cultures that value men as breadwinners, their unemployment can affect the long-term success of a romantic relationship, research finds. “This study is really about how the association between men’s unemployment and divorce or separation varies across countries,” says Pilar Gonalons-Pons, an assistant professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s sociology department. “It also points to how much views about gender really shape the length of romantic relationships.”

Ukraine's inseparable couple ditches the handcuffs and parts ways

KYIV (Reuters) - After 123 days handcuffed together to save their on-again off-again relationship, Ukrainians Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova have split up, shedding their bonds on national TV and saying the experiment had brought home uncomfortable truths. The young couple from the eastern city of Kharkiv decided to handcuff...
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Savage Break Up Texts That Are More Heartbreaking Than Being Dumped

Breakups are painful; we all know that. Whether you've been dating your partner for a long time, or you've only been on a few dates, it always stings when someone ends things with you. But when you get dumped over an insensitive text, that's next-level pain, and anyone who does that deserves a special place in hell. It wouldn't kill people to have a little sensitivity when they're ending a relationship, but these people seemed to miss that memo. Check out how savage these breakup texts are, and let us know if you've ever been dumped over text in the comments.

The Truth About Drew And Stacy Peterson's Marriage

Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Illinois police sergeant, is currently behind bars for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. But if he hadn't married his fourth wife, Stacy Ann Peterson (née Cales), he might have gone free. When Savio's battered body was found with a deep head wound in a dry bathtub in March 2004, just five months after their vicious divorce was finalized, her husband eluded authorities, who ruled her death an accidental drowning, per the Chicago Tribune.
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Craziest Things People Did During Divorces

Love already inspires people to do some truly crazy stuff, but when you factor in what can happen when a once loving relationship runs its course, and divorce ends up being the outcome....oh boy, can things get hairy very quickly. Some folks that have weathered the profound emotional toll that can be muddling through a divorce, just end up completely losing their minds. You can only hope that people don't ultimately take things too far, but that can't necessarily be said for some of the people in this thread.

Domestic Violence Can Happen to Men Too

Did you know that more than 1 in 4 men in the US will experience rape, violence, and/or stalking by a partner?. It is time that we break the stigma surrounding men and domestic violence. Millions of men experience abuse at the hands of an intimate partner. However, very few...
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How People Caught Their Partners Cheating

Being cheated on is the worst thing in the world and there is no justification for cheating on your partner. It goes without saying that no matter how bad the relationship is, disloyalty says more about the cheater than the person they cheated on. It creates trust issues for future relationships, erodes a person's self-esteem, and it can take a very long time to get over. Some Redditors have worn their hearts on their sleeves and shared their stories of how they caught their significant other cheating on them, and how they reacted. Some of these were painful to read, but they truly give insight into how cruel some people can be.

Staying Close to Your Partner With Physical Distance Between You

Thanks to the wildy unusual last year or so of our collective lives, we have all felt the disconnect that happens when we cannot physically connect to our loved ones on a regular basis. Totally sucks, right? For some of us, physical separation is normal operating procedure, pre and post-pandemic. And yes, it presents a ton of challenges.

Illan (ORDM) single again, he formalizes and reveals the reasons for his breakup with Avital

Illan is single again! He has just formalized his break with Avital while revealing the reasons. Is Adixia in a relationship with a woman after Illan? While she responded to Internet users who wonder about her sexuality, her ex has just announced that she is single again. Remember a few days ago the candidate forObjective Rest of the World was seen in full date with Avital, a fitness model and influencer followed by more than two million people. If they seemed closer than ever, unfortunately they had to put an end to the beginning of their romance. As a story on his Instagram account, Illan confided in and revealed the reasons for his breakup with the one he already saw as his “future wife”. He stated : “I’m going to bring up a subject that’s a little suck. You know, I had met a girl called Avital, we went to a restaurant, we saw each other three times and all. And in fact, she and me, we decided to remain friends because she received so many messages from people who went to tell her crazy things. I did not understand! “.
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Woman asks if she's wrong for keeping ex-husband's last name after divorce.

There are so many things to worry about when getting a divorce. Names might be the last thing you worry about. But a few years down the line, having the same last name as your ex might become a social issue. A woman recently took to Reddit to ask if she's in the wrong for keeping her ex-husband's last name, after he accused her of using it to profit in business. Turns out his new younger girlfriend isn't a fan, either.

Kim Kardashian Explains Her Decision To Divorce Kanye West

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is officially off the air. After fourteen years and twenty seasons, the Kardashian family has decided to end the series with the final episode airing last week. On Thursday night, the sisters met up with Andy Cohen for a reunion show, discussing all of the intricacies that made up the longtime reality production. One of the biggest storylines during the final season was Kim's divorce from Kanye West, which the world learned about earlier this year.