United Airlines Pilots Up For Big Raises Amongst Worldwide Travel Disruptions

Pilots will be expecting some upcoming financial love amongst worldwide travel disruptions. United Airlines pilots will be receiving large raises over the next 18 months. The Air Line Pilots Association, the pilot’s union reached a preliminary agreement on Friday, June 24. Set to collect over $1.3 billion in raises, pilots will see an increase in pay over three pay raises. Amongst the current global travel disruptions, travelers may immediately see a rise in the cost of their airline seats this summer. The upside? More flight options and less in the way of canceled flights.
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'You Get Tired Of Fighting': Taraji P. Henson Says She Seriously Considering A Move Abroad

Taraji P. Henson is the latest Black celebrity who is considering a move abroad. The 50-year-old actor opened up to People Magazine, saying she’s tired of fighting. “I’m really considering getting up out of here, leaving and living in another country,” she stated on the People Every Day podcast when questioned about how she’s been coping with the difficult political and social climate in America.
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Black Girl Explores Belize on First International Trip

Before going to Belize in June 2022, I had put off getting my passport for years. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d fantasized about traveling abroad. When I went to college, I had plans to study internationally and had all of these expansive ideas about being a political analyst and covering international stories around the world.

Indonesia Now Offers A Five-Year Digital Nomad Visa With Tax Exemption

For people who love sunny destinations, with stunning beaches and exquisite landscapes, Indonesia is known as a good place to visit. Now, this Southeast Asian country will also be a dreamland for remote workers. Indonesia has recently announced a five-year digital nomad visa with tax exemption. This visa would allow its holders to stay for as long as five years without paying taxes if they don’t earn their income within Indonesia. it will soon start offering a visa that will allow remote workers to live there tax-free as long as their earnings come from outside the country. Also, the country is planning to launch a five-year “digital nomad visa”, said Indonesia’s tourism minister Sandiago Uno.

Che Peccato! E Scooters Are A Nuisance For Locals And Tourists In Rome

The Eternal City of Rome has been a popular tourist destination for years. It has experienced its fair share of wear and tear over the centuries, brought on by invasions and conflict. But it’s facing a new adversary in the modern age; the e-scooter, which is an ongoing source of frustration for locals and tourists.

This Traveler Found Peace & Serenity in St. Martin

After a high-energy, highly extroverted birthday party experience in 2021, Kristen Crawford decided this year she wanted to just chill. For years, her birthday had been an over-the-top extravaganza fueled by excursion-filled trips, lavish events, and raw adventure. But this year something was different. “I made it very clear that...

Delta Pilots Blame Flight Delays And Cancelations On Staff Shortage And Empathize With Passengers

As Travel Noire reported earlier this month, the entire aviation industry has been feeling the effects of the pilot shortage. This situation is caused mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent slowing of hiring and training, as well as the early retirement of thousands of pilots. The current understaffed crisis is troubling all major US airline companies, resulting in a heavy volume of flight delays and cancelations this year.

Meet Maurice Foley: Founder Of The Black Travel Expo

Maurice Foley is the founder of The Black Travel Expo. The event took place in Atlanta at the Marquis Marriot Hotel on June 3-4, 2022. It had over 2000 guests in attendance for its premiere. It included over 20+ panelists and speakers, 25 workshops and events, and 75 sponsors and vendors. This historic expo will be the spark for many more events to come.

AirBnb Teams Up With Black Farmers In Georgia To Book Agri-Tourism Trail Experiences

Over the past few years, Agri-tourism has become an important offshoot of the tourism sector, showing a potential business in its own space. Aiming to explore and uncover rural life, culture, art and heritage at rural locations, Agri-tourism works to support the local communities socially and economically. In order to take advantage of this current trend, the New Communities Land Trust, an organization founded in 1969 to provide a safe haven for Black farmers, has recently launched the Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail. The project consists of a collection of stays and Experiences on Airbnb throughout southwest Georgia.

Michelin Stars Awarded In Miami For The First Time In History

Eleven Michelin Stars were awarded to Miami restaurants for the first time in history. Given to the best restaurants each year, a Michelin Star’s a highly coveted award in the restaurant industry. According to the Michelin Guide, “We take into account the quality of the ingredients, the harmony of flavors, the mastery of techniques, the personality of the chef as expressed in their cuisine and, just as importantly, consistency both over time and across the entire menu.”

Colombia Elects First Afro-Colombian Woman VP Francia Marquez. Meet Her Journey From Maid To Political Power

Francia Márquez is the name of the Black Colombian woman who drastically changed the history and political face of Colombia. On June 19, 2022, Márquez became the first Afro-Colombian woman to be elected vice-President of the country, sparking many celebrations in South America. The 40-year-old political leader and her presidential running mate Gustavo Petro garnered nearly 50 percent of the popular vote. They were the first leftist political leaders to win a presidential election in Colombia’s history.

Colombia's Digital Nomad Visa May Soon Become A Reality

As many countries in Latin America continue to work to become destinations for remote workers, local governments are implementing digital nomad visas in their countries. Their strategy is to attract those workers by offering benefits and, at the same time, benefit from their contributions to their local economies. Now, Colombia’s...

United Now Offers Impossible Plant-Based Menu Items

United Airlines has teamed up with Impossible Foods to offer a variety of new plant-based meals. According to VegNews, Impossible Meatball bowls are now being offered on its first-class menu for domestic flights traveling over 800 miles in the US. But the new meals aren’t limited to in-flight menus. Select...

Black Restaurant Week NYC Starts This Week, Promoting The City's Best African Diaspora Cuisine

New Yorkers and those who will be visiting the city next week will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in some amazing African American, African, and Caribbean food. From June 17 to July 3, New York City joins the nationwide Black Restaurant Week, a promotional event that celebrates the flavors of the African diaspora with a series of regional cultural activities.