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Uber and Lyft: woo drivers with stable pay, not short-term honeypots

What are the real choices confronting gig workers as they consider their employment options in the post-pandemic world?. As the push to get America back to work begins, employers are lamenting that no one wants to work any more. Low-wage industries in particular are struggling to fill positions amid a record high number of job openings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Four seriously injured after bus and car crash near Inverness

Two children and two adults have been taken to hospital with serious injuries following a crash involving a school bus and a car which burst into flames. The crash, which happened on the A9 south of Inverness at about 16:45 on Saturday, involved a silver Skoda and a bus carrying 36 schoolchildren.
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What happens to gas stations in the future?

Here's a long story in short-form: the future of gas stations will require a shift back to the old days. No, not time travel, but embracing the concept of "service stations" to reimagine the 150,000 pieces of real estate in the US today. The National Association of Convenience Stores says...
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Car travel jumped by 55% in April over 2020 levels

WASHINGTON — U.S. motorists drove 55% more miles in April over pandemic levels in 2020 as more Americans return to offices and resume trips. The Federal Highway Administration said motorists drove 256.5 billion miles in April, up 90.6 billion miles over April 2020. In seasonally adjusted figures, travel in April was down 4.7%, or 12.3 billion miles, versus March 2021, the agency said.

Ashton crash: Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run

A man has died in a hit-and-run crash involving a van. The 56-year-old pedestrian was hit by a white Mercedes in Hurst Cross, Ashton-under-Lyne, shortly before 11:45 BST on Saturday, Greater Manchester Police said. He died at the scene. The van was later found abandoned in Park Road, Stalybridge. A...
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Traffic Deaths Are Tied To Economic Booms: Report

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a massive push toward remote work for industries that could accommodate at-home workers. While there are countless arguments in favor of continuing that strategy even after vaccinations allow for more remote work, a new study reveals that there’s a new argument in play: traffic deaths. This...
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NSW on a slow track to fast trains: promised regional rail upgrades are long overdue

We have seen a succession of reviews, plans and election promises of faster and better train services for regional New South Wales, home to one third of the state’s population, in recent years. Yet little had been heard from the state government on track works to allow new trains to travel faster until April 29 this year. This was when Premier Gladys Berejiklian told a Sydney conference that serious regional development will need faster rail (trains moving at 150-200km/h on upgraded track with some straightening of track) and fast rail (speeds of 200-250km/h on new dedicated track).
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M27 crash: Police car and HGV in motorway collision

A stretch of motorway was closed for seven hours following a collision between a police car and an HGV. The crash happened at about 21:17 BST on Saturday on the M27 between junctions 5 and 4 in Hampshire. The passenger of the police vehicle was taken to hospital, but Hampshire...

Man dies after motorbike crashes off Fenwick road

A 60-year-old man has died in Ayrshire after losing control of his motorbike and crashing off the road. The accident happened on the A77, near Harelaw Farm, Fenwick, at about 18:15 on Saturday, as the bike was travelling north. Emergency services attended but the man was pronounced dead at the...
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Flexible train season tickets go on sale

Train passengers in England can buy flexible season tickets from Monday as part of an overhaul of rail travel. The scheme offers savings on certain routes for people who travel two or three days a week. They are the first step in major reforms of the railways announced last month...
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Life in 2050: A Glimpse at Transportation in the Future

Welcome back to our "Life in 2050" series! In previous installments, we looked at how accelerating change and environmental issues will affect the future of warfare, economy, education, everyday living, and space exploration (in two installments). Today, we look at how people will get from A to B by mid-century, whether it's across town, from one city to the next, or one continent to the next.
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The natural-gas glut has evaporated, driving prices higher

Natural-gas prices are starting the summer air-conditioning season nearly twice as high as they were a year ago. Demand for the fuel is picking up as the world’s economies reopen and as Americans dial down their thermostats for what is expected to be a hot summer. Meanwhile, U.S. producers have stuck to the skimpy drilling plans they sketched out when prices were lower, eliminating the glut that was keeping them depressed.
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Suspected drink-driver smashes full speed into tattoo parlour

Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment a suspected drunk driver crashed his car into a tattoo parlour in Leeds in the early hours of Thursday morning. A black Audi A4 is seen hurtling at full speed towards the Creating Utopia Tattoo Studio and smashing through its window front. A police car arrives soon after and two officers run towards the destroyed shop front.
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New season tickets go on sale for part-time commuters

New flexible season tickets go on sale from Monday aimed at commuters who only travel to work two or three days a week. The new tickets can be used for eight days in any month-long period. The National Rail website will allow passengers to calculate savings and book the new...