Why Toyota's reversal on Republican financial support matters

More than half the House Republican conference voted against certifying President Biden's election victory in January, prompting many corporate PACs to curtail support for the anti-election lawmakers. There were, however, some notable exceptions. In fact, Toyota's corporate PAC stood out as unique: Relying on data from Citizens for Responsibility and...
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Border agents nab woman smuggling $414,000 in a Toyota Prius

Border Patrol agents busted a woman in California with $414,000 in cash stashed in a Toyota Prius, authorities said. The 46-year-old US citizen, who was not publicly identified, was stopped while driving on Interstate 5 — which runs from Mexico’s border to the Canadian line — near Oceanside on July 13, officials said Friday.
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Toyota halts donations to Republican election objectors

Toyota has said it will halt donations to members of the US Congress who voted against certification of President Biden's election victory. The Japanese company faced criticism over the contributions after the 6 January attack on the US Capitol. Toyota donated more than $50,000 to Republicans who tried to block...

Toyota stands out with contributions to anti-election Republicans

Within a few days of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, a handful of prominent companies said they would pause political contributions to congressional Republicans who voted to reject President Joe Biden's victory. As regular readers may recall, many others soon followed -- including Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, which owns MSNBC (my employer).
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Hyundai Tops Toyota With 2 of the Best Used Cars For 2021 Under $15,000

Although Toyota and Honda are commonly regarded as two carmakers that provide the best value, Hyundai has recently improved its reputation in providing affordable and reliable used cars. Learn more about used Hyundai vehicles, whether Hyundai is becoming better than Toyota, and what other used vehicles provide a great value under $15,000.