Cape Cod homes are falling into the sea. But the celebrity haunt has never been more popular - or expensive

This article was originally published in March 2022Across Cape Cod’s quaint towns and pristine sandy beaches, a taboo subject hangs in the salty air. The sea level is rising, and at an accelerating rate. In the next 30 years - the typical term for an American mortgage - average US sea level rise is expected to be 10 - 12 inches (25-30cm) due to climate change. On Cape Cod, the sea level has risen a foot in the past century, says Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth, Massachusetts, a threat that is being exacerbated by extreme storms pummeling the...
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Showdown at sea? Killer whale spotted off Cape Cod in waters known for great white sharks

Fishermen off the coast of Cape Cod this week spotted an orca, better known as a killer whale, in waters usually associated with great white sharks - setting the stage for a possible showdown between the ocean predators.Jerry Leeman, fishing about 40 miles east of Nantucket, caught video of the orca swimming near his boat and offered a spirited narration.“There’s literally a frickin killer whale beside the boat, and we’re feeding him,” Mr Leeman says in the footage, which he posted to Facebook. “You don’t see this every day, folks – at least not in New England.”Captioning pictures of...

Fried foods and 'revenge travel': Indulgence is back

(CNN) — This week in travel: an upside-down train, the meaning of "revenge travel" and the world's greatest fried foods. "Revenge travel" sounds menacing, but the trendy phrase actually describes people splurging on big vacations now that many Covid restrictions have been dropped. Longer times away, first-class upgrades and bucket list destinations are all excellent cures for FOMO.

Moorways Sports Village: Stars to attend official opening

Sports stars, including a six-time Paralympic medallist, are set to attend the opening of a £42m sports complex in Derby. Moorways Sports Village has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and water park. Among the swimming stars present for the opening will be six-time Paralympic medallist Kadeena Cox and six-time world...

Kyoto, Japan's beautiful old imperial capital, is going broke fast

Tokyo — The glorious ancient monuments, Zen temples and soaring pagodas of Kyoto have made it a major tourist draw for decades. The Japanese city's population is only about 1.5 million, yet it boasts 17 individual UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But the bucolic scenery belies a painful reality: Japan's magnificent imperial capital city is running on empty.

Care home manager struggling to compete with rising wages

A care home manager in Cornwall said rising wages in other sectors was leaving the home without enough staff. Peter Thomas, from Downes Care Home in Hayle, said the home cannot "compete" with tourism and hospitality sectors offering higher pay. Mr Thomas said the lack of staff meant it was...

Steve Rendle Steering VF Through Troubled Waters With Portfolio Power

Click here to read the full article. Steve Rendle has the power of a portfolio of brands on his side at VF Corp. And given the consumer landscape — mixed up by inflation, supply chain troubles, pandemic and war — he might well need them all, from Vans and Supreme to The North Face and Timberland, Dickies and beyond.More from WWDA Complete Look of Burberry x Supreme CollaborationFirst Look at the Supreme/Missoni CollectionFirst Look at Supreme's Collaboration With Tiffany “It’s not just one brand inside the VF story,” Rendle, chairman, president and chief executive officer, told WWD after the company posted fourth-quarter...