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7 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage To Be More Awesome

There are plenty of ways you can use digital signage to make your restaurant more awesome. The digital signage software engineers have seen it all. Here are a few things you can do with your digital signs as suggested by the engineers at Try to remember that you are only limited by your imagination. How you make digital signs work for you is what really determines how powerful they are. Digital signs are now. They are the future of modern retail.
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Virtual Breakfast Sessions Discuss Cryptocurrency on June 22nd

Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on June 22nd at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #19: Crypto Made Less Cryptic. The restaurant, catering, bar and hospitality business has always been hard, but with work, a good concept and efficient systems it was a doable, profitable and a good way to make a living. Then came COVID-19. We’ve been dealing with the pandemic for 2+ years now. We’ve dealt with lockdowns, altered our menus to cope with changing dining habits, supply shortages and price hikes.

Trend Forecast for 2022: What’s Ahead for Plant-Based

In 1980, Dr. Thomas Colin Campbell claimed responsibility for coining the term plant-based, creating the phrase to help present his research on diet to skeptical colleagues at the National Institutes of Health that year. The term reached new levels of popularity after the release of the 2016 edition of “The China Study,” Dr. Campbell’s book detailing the link between plant-based eating and the reduction of certain cancers and chronic diseases.

Smoke-Free Air Entices Restaurant Customers to Stay Longer and Order More

Using commercial-grade air purifiers in indoor settings keeps customers comfortable, so they indulge in dessert, cocktails, and other add-ons For restaurants, too much accumulated indoor tobacco and food prep smoke and odor can become a serious problem that drives away customers and creates an unhealthy environment for employees. Even when smoking is designated to certain sections of a restaurant, the smoke can drift to common areas creating an uncomfortable environment for all.

Reintroducing The Eatertainment!

Article contributed by Danielle Fantasia, Sales & Marketing for Motion Technology Inc. To say the last few years have been burdensome for just about every industry would be a massive understatement. Not only has it been incredibly tricky to navigate the fast changes, shortages, and regulations, but foodservice specifically has...

4 Online Marketing Actions To Take 30 Days Before Your Opening

Your restaurant’s opening date is approaching fast, and you’re diligently working your way through the heaping plate of obligations involved in opening a business. You’ve meticulously selected your kitchen equipment, battled through endless license and permit red tape, and assembled a menu that’s a veritable work of culinary art. Still, your to-do list seems neverending; to say you’ve got your hands full is somewhat of an understatement. While it’s tempting to think marketing can wait until after you’re open, certain marketing efforts are time-sensitive and can’t wait until the last minute. Here are four important online marketing actions you should tackle at least 30 days before your restaurant opens its doors.

Long Live the King… of Mediterranean Fish!

June is upon us – the beginning of summer, summer produce, and lighter menu offerings for dining on those hot summer days. As the indulgent braises and warming soups come off the menu, there’s a new fish species arriving in America with the culinary versatility to appear on every section of the menu… Kranios!

Hochman Set To Replace Roberts at Brinker International Helm

Brinker International, Inc. announced last month that Wyman Roberts will retire as Chief Executive Officer and President of the company, President of Chili’s® Grill & Bar and as a member of the Board of Directors effective June 5, 2022. Roberts, 63, will continue to serve the company in an advisory role for 12 months as part of the company’s succession plan.

How Visit-Based Marketing Helped Ruth’s Chris Achieve a 9:1 ROAS

Viral Instagram photos. Thousands of social ad impressions. An email newsletter with promising open rates. How are these actually driving impact for your business?. Restaurants have a digital marketing problem. They’re hungry for results, so they can’t resist the appeal of “trackable data” from their digital marketing efforts, but when the time comes to tie that data back to actual revenue and guest visits — they can’t. They can only make educated guesses about what impact their digital advertising efforts have on guest foot traffic and purchases in-store.