Noodle the Pug Has Died, So It’s Definitely a No Bones Day

Noodle the pug, who went viral on social media for predicting “bones” and “no-bones” days, has died at age 14. Forget horoscopes and fortune cookies. During the pandemic, we had a better way to tell our fortunes: A sweet, elderly, New York City pug named Noodle who went massively viral for his “readings” that predicted whether we would have “bones” or “no-bones” days. But over the weekend, Noodle’s owner took to social media to share some devastating news: The beloved pet died. He was 14 years old.
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35 Menorahs You Can Grab from Amazon

These fun and festive menorahs from Amazon are adding some extra twinkle to your Hanukkah celebrations this year. Hanukkah 2022 starts a little bit later—December 18th to be exact—but it’ll be here before we know it. And no Festival of Lights is complete without a menorah. We’ve found some fantastic menorahs—where else?—on Amazon to light up your celebration.
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Brett Goldstein Once Performed the ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ in 6 Minutes—and There’s Video

This interview—and video—show that Brett Goldstein is a bigger Muppets fan than anyone. It’s no secret that Brett Goldstein loves the Muppets. The Ted Lasso writer and star took his multiple Emmy awards and newfound fame and went straight to a guest appearance on Sesame Street. Now, he’s sitting down with the Muppets to talk about one of his favorite holiday traditions: watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. While he may play the Scrooge-like Roy Kent on TV, Goldstein is actually sweet and kind IRL, and you’re going to want to watch every second of this adorable interview on EW’s “Around the Table.”
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‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 Is Finally on Its Way

Ginny and Georgia season two finally has a release date—plus everything else we know about the next installment of our favorite mother-daughter dramedy. Ginny and Georgia fans rejoice! While we’ve known since last year that a second season is coming to Netflix, we’re slowly finding out more details about what to expect from the next installment—including an exact release date.

Child Crime Investigator Shares What She Won’t Let Her Kids Do

A child crimes investigator is going viral on TikTok for sharing the three things she’ll never let her kids do—and you may want to follow her lead. While social media and the internet have helped make the world a more connected place, they’ve also made it a lot scarier. We’re bombarded all the time with content that shows us all the terrifying things that can happen to our kids—and how is a parent supposed to separate the urban legends and freak accidents from actual danger that you should protect your kids from? Thank goodness for this child crimes investigator, who went viral on TikTok for sharing the three things that, based on what she sees through her work, she won’t allow her kids to do. Since she has the experience and evidence to back these claims up, you can feel comfortable following her lead and knowing that the things she points to are actual, real dangers that you can help your kids avoid.

Those Spotify Wrapped Posts Are Especially Hilarious When They Come from Parents

For parents, Spotify Wrapped is just a record of how many times your kids said, “Alexa, play ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno'” in 2022. For most people, Spotify Wrapped is a cool, end-of-the-year trend. I mean, getting to see your top artists and songs, all sprinkled with some cool data about your music listening habits? That’s a lot of fun, and if you’ve been anywhere near a social media site in the last few days, you’ve probably seen people sharing slides with all their Spotify info neatly rounded up, complete with flashy graphics. Unless your friends are parents, that is. Because while Spotify wrapped is a fun trend for anyone who has control over their own Spotify account, parents know that when a tiny dictator rules the metaphorical Aux cable, things start to look a little different.

Buddy the Elf Spaghetti Is a Thing You Can Buy and Your Kids Will Love It

If your kids want to try the candy-filled, syrup coated spaghetti from Elf, HelloFresh has just the meal kit for you. If you’ve ever watched Elf, you know all about the four main elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. And if you’ve ever wanted to eat a meal that’s perfectly balanced at the North Pole, you’re going to want to order one of these Buddy the Elf spaghetti boxes from HelloFresh, stat.

A Record-Breaking Number of Parents Are Missing Work to Care for Sick Kids

Thanks to COVID, flu, and RSV, sick kids are keeping parents out of work in record numbers. If you feel like sick kids are just everywhere this season, you’re not alone. Between common colds, flu season, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and a huge surge in pediatric cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), many parents feel like they’re living in a sea of runny noses, coughs, fevers, and body aches. And record-breaking numbers of them are missing work to take care of their kids, as this surge in illnesses coincides with staffing shortages at schools and daycares across the nation.

Netflix Drops Trailer for ‘That 90s Show’

Hello Wisconsin! The first trailer for Netflix’s That 90s Show is here and it includes the first look at a familiar, smoke-filled basement. It’s time to head back to Point Place! Netflix just dropped the first teaser trailer for its revival of That 70s Show, That 90s Show, and fans of the original series will be delighted to see some familiar scenes, including Red, Kitty, and a yellow couch in a smoke-filled basement.

13 Holiday Hairstyles You Can Pull Off at Home

Don’t be afraid of holiday hairstyles that include braids. These tutorials make it easy. Between the hustle and bustle of wrangling your little elves, baking cookies for the exchange, and figuring out what appetizers to bring to the neighborhood gathering, you might not have a lot of time to get gussied up. But the good news is, producing all that holiday magic doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun of getting glammed up for the holiday season. There are plenty of quick and simple ways to dress up your tresses. Here are a few of our favorite easy holiday hairstyles that glam you up for the season.

36 Delightful Christmas Cookie Recipes To Try This Holiday Season

From dark fudge to bright and cheery pinwheel sugar cookies, we’ve got a whole lot of easy Christmas cookie recipes for you to try this winter. The holiday season is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: cookies! We’ve created the ultimate list of Christmas cookie recipes to include in your celebrations, many of which are tried-and-true favorites (like these cream cheese Christmas Tree cookies) from our own editors and staff. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cookie exchange recipe or a new twist on a classic cookie, our list has it all.

It’s 2022 and Emily Blunt Still Gets Asked Where Her Kids Are When She’s Working

Emily Blunt opened up about some of the gender disparities she faces as a working mom in Hollywood, and it’ll make you think we’re not actually living in the year 2022. It’s currently 2022, but you wouldn’t know it by some of the discrimination and gender disparities women still face at work. That’s doubly true for moms, as evidenced by a new interview Emily Blunt did with Porter.

3 Totally Unique Menorahs You Can Make at Home

The Menorasaurus is our favorite DIY menorah idea!. Want to jazz up your Hanukkah with a homemade menorah that your kids will love? It’s easy! The secret ingredient to your hip homemade Chanukkiah is the 3/8″ hex nut—these little metal bolts are perfect for holding Hanukkah candles. Basically, if you’ve got something that can hold nine hex nuts, you’ve got yourself a menorah. Want to get started? We’ve got three easy tutorials for DIY menorahs, and when you’re done, be sure to check out our other favorite Hannukah crafts for kids.

The Cast of ‘Love Actually’ Is Reuniting to Celebrate Its 20 Year Anniversary

Somehow it’s been 20 years since Love Actually debuted on the big screen, and the cast is celebrating with the reunion we need this holiday season. For two decades, Love Actually has been one of those enduring holiday films that’s an absolute must-watch for many people each Christmas season. This year, the iconic film is marking 20 years since it was first released in theaters, and to celebrate, the cast is having a reunion TV special that will give fans even more to celebrate.

Turns Out Flight Attendants Also Can’t Stand Passengers Who Complain About Babies

Don’t worry, parents—this former flight attendant just revealed what kind of passenger is most “irritating,” and it’s not your crying baby. If you’ve ever flown with a young baby—or even just been on a flight where you were seated near one—you know a universal truth: Babies cry on planes. And while that may cause some passengers to roll their eyes (or worse), there are some people on your flight who couldn’t be less bothered: Your flight attendants.

11 Holiday Paper Crafts You Can Do This Afternoon

Try these holiday paper crafts to keep your kiddo busy. Are you looking for some holiday paper crafts to carry your crew through the pre-holiday season? These easy ideas will keep the kids active and busy when it’s too cold to play outside, and as a bonus, you can use your little artist’s paper craft to decorate the house or as handmade holiday cards.

SNL’s ‘I Got a Robe’ Sketch Will Forever Be a Mom Holiday Anthem

Kristen Wiig’s 2020 sketch will live on, forever. Don’t forget about mom this holiday season. Saturday Night Live host Kristen Wiig highlighted what Christmas morning really looks like for some moms, in a sketch that went almost instantly viral when it aired in 2020, because it was so on point. In the sketch, Wiig gets woken up early by her kids, played by Kyle Mooney and Chloe Fineman.

Luna & Miles Joined John Legend on ‘the Voice’ and It Was Adorable

John Legend shared a sweet dad moment on set of The Voice with his “biggest fans,” his kids, Miles and Luna. John Legend has no shortage of fans. But while he was at work on the set of The Voice, a couple of his fans stopped by, and we have a feeling these ones might be his favorites: His adorable kids, Miles and Luna.

Grandmother Spends 7th Thanksgiving with Stranger She Accidentally Texted

Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench are set to spend their 7th Thanksgiving together after a wrong-number text started a years-long friendship. The story first went viral in 2016. A grandma, Wanda Dench, sent out a text with an invitation to her Thanksgiving dinner, but she accidentally sent one invite to the wrong number. Jamal Hinton was at the other end of that text message, and even though Dench wasn’t his grandma, he asked if he could still come over for a plate.

Can Putting Vicks VapoRub on Your Feet Cure a Cough?

There’s no actual scientific evidence to support it, but plenty of people still swear by Vicks VapoRub as an unconventional cure for a cough. It’s that time of year again—sniffles and coughs are going around, and many of us who have caught whichever bug is spreading like wildfire at daycare this year would just like some relief from those annoying cold symptoms, like a lingering cough. If you’re ready to try anything to get a break from coughing, here’s an unconventional cure that might be worth a shot: Putting Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet, then covering it with a clean pair of socks.