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Viral TikTok shows white woman pull a gun on group of Black girls in shopping mall

A TikToker has captured the moment where a white woman pulled a gun on a group of Black girls in a shopping mall.The white woman can be seen arguing with the group of Black teens outside a Lids hat store at the Vancouver Mall, in Vancouver, Washington.Both sides appear angry and animated while unintelligible shouting can be heard.But, as the bystander Theo zooms in on the commotion, the white woman can be seen pointing a gun at the group.Mall security are on the scene and can been seen attempting to de-escalate the dispute. Yet they fail to retrieve the...
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Woman kicked out of Wetherspoons for 'inappropriate' top goes viral on TikTok

A woman, Mollie Wood, and her friend, have gone viral on TikTok for posting about a distressing experience they had in their local Wetherspoons pub, The Back of Beyond in Reading, after being kicked out for wearing 'inappropriate' clothing. During the recent heatwave, Mollie and her friend entered the drinking spot wearing halter crop tops and high-waisted skirts and were initially permitted entry by a female bouncer.
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Chick-fil-A worker exposes chain’s food waste on TikTok

A Chick-fil-A employee is calling out the fast-food giant for wasting food. An employee of the Georgia-based chain posted a viral video on TkTok of what appears to be another worker tossing a tray of chicken nuggets into the trash. The TikTok user, who remains anonymous under the username @jlucvss,...
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Massachusetts teen dies after attempting viral blackout challenge on TikTok

A Massachusetts middle school student has died after he attempted the so-called “blackout challenge” on TikTok, his family said. Nate Squires, 13, an eighth-grade student at Amherst Regional Middle School, suffered fatal injuries when he tried last week to play the social media game, which challenges participants to choke themselves until they pass out for several seconds, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported.
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Mariah Carey Transforms Herself From Face Mask and Rollers into Eminem for TikTok Trend

Mariah Carey released her alleged Eminem diss track, "Obsessed," 12 years ago on Wednesday, and the elusive chanteuse celebrated the anniversary with a video of herself doing the "Wipe It Down" TikTok challenge, poking some more fun at the rapper over 10 years later. Carey's clip starts with her wiping down one of the mirrors in her expansive closet while wearing a pink bathrobe and a blue face mask with her hair in curlers.
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Could lettuce water be the next sleep remedy? TikTok users think so

Move over melatonin: There’s a new sleep remedy taking over. In the latest viral TikTok trend, insomniacs are drinking lettuce water as a supposed sleep aid. A beauty influencer, who goes by Shapla, recently documented her alleged success with the health hack in a video that accumulated 1.4 million likes and 7.2 million views.
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Viral TikTok Video Shows iPhone Users How to Schedule Text Messages

TikTok is teaching people how to schedule text messages in advance, and some users are calling the hack "life-changing." The social media platform is famous for passing on viral hacks, and one posted this week from user Frank McShan (@frankmcshan) gives a simple walkthrough of how to use the iPhone's Shortcuts app to schedule messages in advance.
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‘He was healthy and alive before the flight’: TikTok shows heartbreaking moment after a woman’s Pomeranian allegedly died during a United Airlines flight

This article contains graphic content. A viral TikTok video shows a woman distraught over her Pomeranian’s apparent death during a United Airlines flight. Many commenters empathize with her; however, others are blaming her for the dog’s death and questioning her implication that United could be at fault. @pomsky.paws posted the...
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A Petition to Ban TikTok User Onlyjayus Has Received Thousands of Signatures

As the phrase "cancel culture" becomes a regular part of the cultural lexicon, more and more famous people are facing consequences as a result of actions in their recent or distant pasts. Although you can argue about which "cancelled" celebrities actually deserved their backlash, the trend is undeniably powerful. The emergence of a petition designed to ban TikTok user Onlyjayus from the platform is just the latest example of it, and one that's worth closer examination.