The 'Zombies in China' TikTok trend explained

Trends come and go on TikTok but the latest one making rounds has caused concern as it claims there will be a zombie apocalypse which will start in China.But before you start prepping your apocalypse survival plans, there's no need to worry about a future invasion of the living dead as it is not true.The TikTok hashtag "Zombies in China" has received 4.3m views as people share their confusion (and sense of humour) about the topic.Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletter Here's a breakdown of what the trend is all about.Where did this all begin?It appears the trend...

Dog Claims His Own Room After Checking Into Airbnb and We Can't Stop Laughing

Did anyone else run around a vacation home, trying to pick out the best, and biggest, bed when you were little or was it just us? LOL! There's no way it was just us! We bet you've all done that at least once. And especially if you have siblings, there would always be a fight to get the best bed. It's something you're just expected to do as a kid. A dog, well, that's a different story. They normally sleep anywhere, except TikTok user @heykatiecarpenter's dog.

TikTok Made Me Buy It: The Double-Sided Eyeliner Pen That Makes Cat Eyes Easy

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Among editorial pros like makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre, the Valentino Twin Eyeliner has been a best-kept secret for mesmerizing winged eyes. But now it’s finally having its moment in the sun, thanks to TikTok and its reigning queen of makeup, Mikayla Nogueira. “It glides; it’s precise,” the 24-year-old proclaimed as she traced on a set of graphic flicks with the ease of a skilled calligrapher. “This is my new favorite.” Of course, there’s no higher accolade than a rave from Nogueira, but being a cat-eye obsessive, I had to try it myself.

TikTok Dives Into Anime Culture With Manga Lash Extension Trend

Eyelashes are an essential beauty staple for many people. There’s something universally flattering about a set of eye-defining lashes, from the most natural to the most dramatic pair. TikTok users are now taking inspiration from Japan’s manga comic books and graphic novels for their latest trend: Manga lashes.

Corgi's Reaction to Not Getting Mom's Full Attention Makes Us LOL

Dogs make the best companions, but they're also pretty demanding too. One thing they constantly need? Attention. Yep, forget ever going to the bathroom alone or trying to watch TV without a companion. Dogs are so needy! Just take one Corgi on TikTok, who was giving his owner some series attitude when they weren't giving him their focus.

Paralyzed dog shows baby how to “crawl” and the results are adorable

Kahlua The Paralyzed Dog has a unique way of getting around, and it seems to have rubbed off on her owner’s baby, Caleb. In a video, posted to TikTok (opens in new tab), baby Caleb can be seen dragging himself across the floor with his arms while his furry companion bounces adorably past him, set to the caption “our paralyzed dog taught the baby to get around”.

TikTok Just Made Me Aware Of My Double Lip Line — Now What?

TikTok beauty trends have a unique way of making me feel both seen and exposed. I’ll explain. In the pursuit of finding niche beauty hacks that work on my specific features — especially my Black features — I’ve become extremely self-aware about all the various nuts and bolts that make me, well… me. After all, it’s through time well-spent scrolling on TikTok that I now know that the siren eyes trend works well on my #hoodedeyes, that there’s an ideal way to contour my long, #oblongface, and, in more recent scrolling activity, that I have a prominent “double lipline” — and I may have been applying my lipstick incorrectly all along.

Millie Bobby Brown Details 'Unhealthy' Relationship With TikTok Star

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown opened up about her relationship with TikTok personality Hunter Ecimovic. Brown, 18, described it as an "unhealthy situation" that she now sees as a "blip" in her life. She began a "year of healing" after walking away from Ecimovic in January 2021. Last summer, Ecimovic claimed he had a sexual relationship with Brown when she was a minor and "groomed" her, claims Brown's team called "irresponsible."
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The more Instagram copies TikTok, the more I hate using it

Instagram doesn’t know when to quit being like TikTok. Last month, the Meta-owned social media company transformed the photo-sharing platform into a TikTok hellscape, reformatting the posts from a 4:5 to 9:16 frame regardless of whether they’re images or videos. Everyone and the Kardashians slammed Instagram for redesigning the app this way, and two weeks ago, Instagram turned it back to its original form.

Millie Bobby Brown Details "Unhealthy" Relationship With TikToker Hunter Ecimovic

Watch: Millie Bobby Brown Wants Fans to Know She's Growing Up. Millie Bobby Brown is looking back on the past after a time of reflection. A little more than a year after TikToker Hunter Ecimovic made comments about their alleged relationship on social media—which included him remarking that he "groomed" the actress—the Stranger Things star is reflecting on his comments publicly for the first time.

Is a TikTok trend responsible for more car thefts?

A new trend on social media is concerning law enforcement as nationwide reports of car thefts have increased. Officers across the United States are concerned about an increase in Hyundai and Kia thefts, with some experts blaming a now-viral TikTok stunt, encouraging people to break into these particular makes of cars. The instructional video reportedly shows how to jump-start the cars with a USB cable. A woman in Long Beach was a recent victim of the trend. She shared a home security video with CBSLA of someone backing out and driving away with her 2015 Hyundai Tucson. She suspects the thief used the instructions from the trend. "It's really hard when you work to have a paid-off car," she said. "It's not as debilitating to us because at least we have another vehicle, but I know a lot of families with single incomes and one car. It's completely devastating."Both Kia and Hyundai have responded, saying the safety of customers is a top priority and that their vehicles meet or exceed federal motor vehicle safety standards.