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The Most Amazing Hot Springs in Montana

Montana is home to many natural wonders and some of the nation’s best hot springs. These nine mineral springs offer year-round healing and relaxation within Treasure State's best natural scenery. Boiling River, Gardiner. Boiling River is the most natural hot spring in the whole state, as well as one...
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Do You Recognize This Little Criminal? Montanans Are Fed Up!

As Bozeman grows, like any other city, the crime rate will also increase. It's just a really sad statistic that goes with population increase. Recently there has been a string of break-ins on the north side of Bozeman. This has been happening for the last month or so, and like the rest of the community, I'm over it. There are certain things in life that really tick me off, and stealing from people is one of them.
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Belgrade woman gets prison time for failure to pay payroll taxes

MISSOULA, Mont. — The co-owner of H & H Earthworks, Inc., in Belgrade was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in prison plus three years of supervised release for not paying the IRS more than $2.8 million in employer and employee taxes, using the money on personal expenses. Melissa Lynne...

Famous F1 Driver is Vacationing in Montana [WATCH]

I'm freaking out a little bit and that takes a lot. One of the most well-liked Formula 1 drivers on the grid is currently vacationing in Montana and I'd love to meet him. Daniel Ricciardo is a famous F1 driver but also seems to be a genuinely happy and pleasant individual—the kind of athlete you'd want your kids to meet. Hell, I'd like to meet the guy too, and this week might be our chance as he's vacationing in Montana during the Formula 1 summer break.

Escaped python found in neighbor's garden five days later

Aug. 10 (UPI) -- A snake that escaped from its owner's Montana home during moving day was found five days later in a neighbor's garden pot. The ball python's owner, identified as Rae, said her 17-year-old snake, named Lucille Ball, escaped on the same day she moved out of her Bozeman home.

Single And Ready To Mingle? This Bozeman “Lady” Is On The Prowl.

Back when I was in my single days, folks who met up online were considered...well, a bit of an outsider and often thought of as a little desperate. Meeting someone online and then getting together could totally result in an awkward conversation if someone asked "how did you two meet?" You would then either have to fess up or come up with some sort of creative story that you would both have to stick to.

U.S. Attorney’s Office: Belgrade company owner to pay $2.8M for unpaid taxes

A Belgrade construction company owner was sentenced Wednesday to pay more than $2.8 million in restitution and spend 30 months in prison after she admitted to failing to pay the IRS employee and employer taxes and instead spent money on personal items such as a motorhome, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s […] The post U.S. Attorney’s Office: Belgrade company owner to pay $2.8M for unpaid taxes appeared first on Daily Montanan.

GalCo voters to decide on mill levy to fund Gallatin Rest Home

GALLATIN COUNTY – This November, Gallatin County voters will be asked to decide on a mill levy to fund continuing operations at the Gallatin Rest Home, the soon-to-be only skilled nursing facility in the county. On Tuesday, Aug. 9, Gallatin County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to place a...

Is This The Best Way To Get Around Bozeman?

This might be the most relaxing way to get around Bozeman, and is certainly something I would like to try. Getting around Bozeman can be difficult with the high amounts of traffic during the summer. Locals have been figuring out different ways to get around Bozeman more efficiently and without spending gas money.

Huge New Development Coming To Bozeman: What That Means For Us

Will this new development be a good thing for Bozeman, or will it exacerbate issues that locals already face?. Bozeman's population growth seems as though it won't slow any time soon, and as much as we want to blame outsiders, we aren't helping the cause either. If you don't know, there is still tons of undeveloped property around Bozeman, but almost all of it is has become available for development.

A breakdown of Montana State's quarterbacks before the 2022 season

BOZEMAN — Tommy Mellott downplayed the significance of his latest football jersey number change, but it’s meaningful in one respect. Mellott wore No. 2 at Butte High, then switched to No. 4 when he got to Montana State. He began last season mainly as a special teams player. Defensive back James Campbell also played special teams and also wore No. 4. NCAA rules prohibit multiple teammates from wearing the same number while they share the field during a game, so Mellott switched to No. 16.