EPA chief: the new USMCA trade agreement is “the first time environmental provisions are the center of a North American Trade Agreement”

Recently, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will be “the first time ever environmental provisions are the center of a North American Trade Agreement.”. In a teleconference announcing the deal, Wheeler shared that unlike the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, an agreement Trump hoped to...
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What do Q-tips and tissues have in common? Danish startup LastObject makes reusable ones in hopes of ending throwaway culture

When Kaare Frandsen and siblings Nicolas and Isabel Aagaard first started working together, they focused on designing chairs and kitchenware. But after a few years, they believed there seemed to be enough chair designs. What the world didn’t have, however, was enough eco-friendly alternatives to single-use consumer goods. The trio discovered 1.5 billion single-use Q-tips were created every day. They’re made just to be thrown out after a few seconds of use. So, they created LastObject, a company that sells two main products: reusable, eco-friendly Q-tips and tissues.

Italian researchers find rising global temperatures and air conditioning costs may drive low-income families into energy poverty

On a hot summer day, the air thick with humidity, nothing feels better than grabbing a popsicle and sitting by the closest AC vent. What has many scientists concerned, however, is that extreme heat will increase the need for air conditioning. In a recent study, Italian researchers analyzed AC expenditures in eight different industrialized countries and found it could drive low-income households into energy poverty—even ones in developed nations.

Major airlines at SFO will use sustainable aviation fuel from Finland company Neste to reduce carbon emissions

Neste, a Finland-based oil refining and marketing company, has announced its first delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). On average, SFO has over 57 million passengers a year; and its commitment to move away from traditional fuels can serve as an example for airports nationwide.

New Trump administration policy may restrict sustainability investing, making it more difficult to invest in ESG funds that ‘put social goals before profits’

The Trump administration is back with another policy change affecting the environment: restricting American’s access to ESG funds. Recently, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed a change to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This amendment will block retirement fund managers’ investment decisions “that put social goals before profits.”

More than half of the world’s turtle and tortoise species are now threatened with extinction, according to a new study published by 51 experts

On the island of Madagascar, locked gates, razor-wire fences, and 24-hour armed guards protect one of the world’s rarest treasures. That treasure, worth roughly $50,000 each on the black market, is the last wild population of the critically endangered ploughshare tortoise, the rarest tortoise on the planet. The ploughshare tortoise...

Some good news: California's new $10 million fund is just in time to help farmers and ranchers during Covid-19

The Conservation Stewardship Program received $10 million to provide subsidies for farmers, ranchers, and forestland managers. And according to a USDA press release, it will fund those working on or starting new conservation projects. The funding will also focus on areas including enhancing soil health, changing weather patterns, and irrigation. The fund's announcement comes at an especially crucial time as Covid-19 brings more financial hardships to farmers.