3 Adults Missing After Child Rescued From River in Sacramento: Cops

Three adult men remain missing after Sacramento County deputies responded to a potential drowning by California’s Three Mile Slough Bridge, authorities said. On Sunday, five adults were on the riverbank near a child swimming in the water, according to a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. When the child began to drown, he added, all five of the adults entered the river to save them. The child was rescued successfully, but three of the adults did not exit the water. “Deputies searched the waterways with negative results,” the spokesperson added. “After exhausting all search efforts, deputies shifted their focus to a recovery.”
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Does This Major Archaeological Find Mean Fairies Should Be Taken Seriously?

Archaeologists in Sichuan Province, China announced this week they have uncovered evidence of ancient efforts to commune with fairies. A cache of bronze, jade, and gold artifacts as well as evidence of ancient sacrificial rituals were unearthed. Some of the artifacts, scientists said, are one-of-a-kind objects that hint at the “fairy world” of ancient Chinese religion and thought. But if you’re picturing folk religion and Tinkerbell, think again.
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Eat Sheet: Our Tips on Where to Dine in Dublin

An explanation for our dining guide, Eat Sheet, can be found here. This week we bring you to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, which long ago pushed aside the island's misguided reputation for bland food. Make It Quick. Fish and chips (thick-cut french fries) are an Irish classic, and Dublin...

Long-Lost Alexander Hamilton Letter to Marquis de Lafayette Discovered

Written nearly 250 years ago, a wartime letter—long thought stolen and penned by Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers—has been found and is finally going on display in Massachusetts, just in time for the 4th of July. Hamilton wrote the letter to the Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat and Continental Army general, in 1780, according to a press release from William Galvin, the secretary of the Commonwealth. It was believed to have been stolen from the Massachusetts State Archives by an employee during World War II, and was “returned to the Commonwealth after a lengthy court battle” that concluded last October, according to Galvin. The letter was brought to the FBI’s attention several years ago, when a Virginia auction house came into possession of it. The letter will be the centerpiece of the Commonwealth Museum’s annual July Fourth exhibit, alongside an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Top Arizona Election Officials Quit After Months of Threats From Trump Fans

A pair of top elections officials in Arizona’s Yavapai County have tendered their resignations in response to the sustained threats from people who believe former President Donald Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Both Yavapai’s county recorder, Leslie Hoffman, and elections director, Lynn Constabile, will leave their posts this month. “The rhetoric and the climate of elections has got really, really hot. We've been under a lot of pressure,” Hoffman, a Republican, told ABC15. To Fox 10 Phoenix, she added: “I’m not sure what they think that we did wrong. And they’re very nasty. The accusations and the threats are nasty.” The criticism was so heated that the county sheriff’s office offered her an unprecedented level of protection following the election, including regular patrols past her home. The pair’s resignation follows the departure of Ken Matta, who worked for Arizona’s secretary of state as head of election security. In May, he said in a Twitter thread that “threatening messages” from “unstable citizens” were part of the reason he was leaving.

Kansas Cop Who Killed Innocent Man in ‘Swatting’ Incident Is Promoted

A Wichita, Kansas, cop who shot and killed an unarmed man who was targeted in a “swatting” hoax has been promoted to detective—a move the victim’s mother called “atrocious.” Police were called to Andrew Finch’s home by a bogus report of deadly hostage situation, and Office Justin Rapp fired on the 28-year-old dad seconds after he stepped out on the porch. According to The Wichita Eagle, Rapp claimed he thought Finch had a gun, though he conceded he did not actually see a firearm. “It pierces my heart,” Finch’s mother, Lisa Finch, said of Rapp’s promotion. “It sends a message that civilians don’t matter—because that could have happened to anybody.” Rapp was not charged or disciplined in connection with Finch’s 2017 death.

Harry Styles Nixes Copenhagen Concert After Deadly Shooting at Nearby Mall

Harry Styles on Sunday abruptly canceled a performance in Copenhagen, citing a mass shooting that had happened hours before at a shopping mall only several hundred meters from the concert venue. The concert was delayed after the shooting, in which a single suspect killed three people and left several others in critical condition, but expected to go on, according to the PA news agency. Ultimately, however, it was called off. Fans were waiting in the Royal Arena when the announcement was made, according to the Independent; they were subsequently escorted out of the venue by Danish police. In an earlier post to Snapchat, Styles, 28, had said, “My team and I pray for everyone involved in the Copenhagen shopping mall shooting. I am shocked.” After the decision was announced, he posted on Twitter: “I’m devastated for the victims, their families, and everyone hurting. I’m sorry we couldn’t be together. Please look after each other.”

Film Producer Charged With Murder of L.A. Model, Architect

Formal charges have been filed against men suspected of involvement in the deaths of a model and her architect friend, who were dumped at separate hospitals after a Los Angeles warehouse party last year, according to the Los Angeles Times. David Pearce, a producer arrested in December on suspicion of manslaughter, has been charged with murdering Christy Giles and Hilda Cabrales Arzola. Brandt Osborn, an actor, has been charged with acting as an accessory to the pair’s murders. A third man initially arrested along with Pearce and Osborn, Michael Ansbach, has not been charged. The formal filing of charges by prosecutors comes after the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office sent the case back to detectives for further investigation, according to the Times. Pearce’s lawyer declined to comment on the charges beyond telling the newspaper that his client “adamantly and strongly denies any connection to these women’s unfortunate deaths.” On Saturday, someone in charge of Giles’ defunct Instagram account shared a screenshot of the Times’ article to her Story with the caption: “Finally! Justice is coming.”

21-Year-Old Arrested After Cops Stumble Across 500 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks

While distributing flyers about the dangers of illegal fireworks in a San Diego neighborhood on Saturday evening, officers chanced upon the motherlode—an estimated 500 pounds of illegal fireworks, boxes and boxes of which were sitting, plainly visible, in an open garage. A 21-year-old man, Nathanael Garcia, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing the explosives, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office said in a Sunday news release. The budding entrepreneur was also charged with illegal fireworks sales. Deputies had been in the neighborhood that fateful night to follow up on reports of fireworks being set off in the area, according to the sheriff’s office. After the cache was spotted, detectives with the bomb and arson unit were called to the scene, eventually seizing the haul along with FBI bomb technicians. Garcia’s bail has been set at $20,000; he is set to be arraigned on Tuesday, according to jail records.

Russians Capture Key Eastern City as Ukraine Forces Retreat

Ukrainian forces have retreated from Lysychansk, its military command said in a Sunday statement, hours after Moscow announced it had seized the strategic city following weeks of ferocious warfare. “The continuation of the defense of the city would lead to fatal consequences,” the military said. “In order to preserve the lives of Ukrainian defenders, a decision was made to withdraw.” Hours earlier on Sunday, top Ukrainian officials had denied that Lysychansk, essentially the final remaining stronghold in the country’s eastern region of Luhansk, had fallen. In a news conference with Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, President Volodymyr Zelensky said: “Lyssychansk is still being fought for,” according to Al Jazeera. The Russian Defense Ministry later announced that its forces, along with soldiers from the pro-Kremlin, self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, had “established full control” over the city and its surrounding settlements.

Peter Brook, British Director Hailed as ‘Giant’ of the Stage, Dies at 97

The iconic director Peter Brook, whose influential theatrical productions astounded countless audience members around the world during his 70-year career, died on Saturday. The news was confirmed Sunday by numerous sources, including his son, assistant, and publisher. Brook was 97. A Londoner by birth who would eventually settle in Paris in 1974, Brook had established a reputation for his bold, often experimental work on the stage by his mid-20s. Cutting his teeth with the Royal Shakespeare Company with productions starring luminaries like Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud, Brook also worked as the director of productions with Royal Opera House, and later as the director of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. Also a film director known especially for his 1963 adaptation of Lord of the Flies, he was hailed as a “giant in our field” on Sunday by actor Adrian Lester. The artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe, Michelle Terry, called Brook “a beacon” in a memorial statement. “He was a true and rare practitioner and his legacy must live on in those of us who humbly follow in his eternal summer,” she said.

Crosby, Stills & Nash Is Back on Spotify After Five-Month Boycott

As of Saturday, Crosby, Stills & Nash fans are once again able to stream the group’s music on Spotify, ending the trio’s five-month boycott of the music streaming platform, Billboard reported. In February, the band asked that their music be removed to support Neil Young in his choice to leave Spotify in the wake of Joe Rogan’s misleading commentary about COVID-19 vaccinations. “Until real action is taken to show that a concern for humanity must be balanced with commerce, we don’t want our music—or the music we made together—to be on the same platform,” Crosby, Stills & Nash said in a statement at the time. A source told Billboard that the band will donate all of their proceeds from streams to COVID-19-related charities for at least one month.

19 Die After Bus Slides Into a Ravine in Pakistan

At least 19 people died and 12 were wounded after a passenger bus fell into a ravine in Pakistan, the Associated Press reported. According to government officials, the bus slid off of a mountainous road on Sunday amid intense rain. Mahtab Shah, an assistant administrator for the district of Shirani in the Baluchistan province, said that the vehicle, which was carrying around 35 passengers, slid approximately 200 feet into the ravine. Television footage shows rescue workers helping passengers, some of whom are covered in blood, and a medical superintendent at a nearby hospital said that many of the injured individuals are in critical condition. Given the amount of dilapidated infrastructure, road-related fatalities are common in Pakistan. Last month, 22 people died after a van fell into a ravine.

‘Several’ Killed in Copenhagen Mall Shooting, Cops Say

According to Danish police, multiple people were killed in a shooting at Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen, the country’s capital, on Sunday. Police have arrested a 22-year-old Danish male and maintain that the attack could have been “an act of terrorism.” At the moment, it does not appear there were additional shooters, police said. A spokesperson for a Copenhagen hospital said that it was treating a “small group of patients” and had asked additional staff to come in. Photos show a heavy police presence at the mall and shoppers running away from the scene.

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean Are Reportedly Expecting Their First Baby

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are now collaborating on more than just music: according to TMZ, the couple will soon be collaborating on parenthood, too! The outlet obtained photos of the two, who have been dating on and off since 2016, in Beverly Hills on Saturday in which Aiko sports a tight gray dress and what looks like a baby bump. This child would be the couple’s first together, though Aiko already has a 13-year-old daughter. Pregnancy rumors began swirling last month after a fan took to Twitter to share that he had spotted a “very pregnant” Aiko in Whole Foods. TMZ has no word yet on how long Aiko has been pregnant nor the sex of the child.

Four Hikers Die in Italy After Being Hit by Alpine Glacier Chunk

Four hikers died in Italy on Sunday after a piece of an Alpine glacier broke off and slid down a mountainside, crashing into more than a dozen people, the Associated Press reported. According to Italian state television, seven others were wounded, one of whom is in critical condition. The Alpine rescue service tweeted that the segment detached near Punta Rocca, which is on the path that people usually use to reach the summit. While it is unclear what made the chunk of the glacier break off, a spokesperson for the Alpine rescue service told state television that Italy’s recent heatwave may have contributed to the event. According to a tweet from the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps, a search including rescue dogs and at least five helicopters is currently underway.

6-Year-Old Still Missing After Mom Found Dead at Home

A 6-year-old girl in Northfield, Minnesota, remains missing after her mother was found dead in her home from a suspected suicide. The Rice County Sheriff’s Office said that around 12 p.m. Saturday afternoon, officers found Lisa Wade, 39, dead in her home in an “apparent suicide.” In that same news release, officers specified that they “have reason to believe Wade may have been in [Ragin’s] disappearance” prior to her death. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is helping with the investigation, and the police department is asking the public for any information they may have about either Wade or Ragin.

Egypt Closes Red Sea Beaches After Freak Shark Attacks Kill Two Women

Egypt closed its beaches along the Red Sea through the weekend after two women were killed in shark attacks, Reuters reported. The bodies of a 68-year-old Austrian woman and Romanian tourist in her forties were found within hours of one another. According to sources, the two victims were attacked within just 600 meters—or around 1/3 of a mile—of one another, off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh. A source told the Associated Press that officials at a private hospital had attempted to save the 68-year-old Austrian woman, who had lost an arm and a leg in the attack, but her blood pressure had fallen from too much blood loss. The woman, who has not been named, had been living in Egypt for years, according to Reuters. In a statement released on Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment said that a committee was investigating the attacks and that all activity in the surrounding area had been paused.