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Fight continues for women’s equality

A draft of the Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked on May 4. Roe v. Wade refers to the lawsuit that was drafted in 1973 when the Supreme Court decided that abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy is a constitutional right in the United States.
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Soucy’s ‘Average’ speaks to artists everywhere

As time goes on, the need to be above the norm becomes so strong. As we grow, we want to be remembered. We want to do something greater than ourselves. “Average” by Sushi Soucy is a song that made me rethink how I have been approaching life. Lyrics such...
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Depp’s domestic abuse battle sparks intrigue

If you have been anywhere online within these past few weeks, you most likely have heard a thing or two concerning Johnny Depp and Amber Heard heading to trial against one another. Although the world is taking sides in the personal matter, it makes me wonder why we care so much about these celebrities’ personal lives. It makes me wonder why this case is getting so much attention from the entire world.

Athlete Spotlight: Hurdler Julia Stein

Cal State Bakersfield Hurdler Julia Stein began running in sixth grade thanks to a grade school seeing her skill. By high school she had specialized in hurdles. As in any sport, there are always fierce competitors. One of these competitors is her teammate Riley Slayton. Stein couldn’t emphasize enough how...

Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Whitby

Heading into his senior year, CSU Bakersfield thrower Jacob Whitby sits down to talk about this current season and the goals he has for himself. Whitby is a criminal justice major with a minor in communications and plans to use his degree to become a police officer. When asked who motivated him to compete in track and field he discussed how his high school friend Spencer Nieblas told him to come try out for the team his senior year. Although he did not know much about the sport in the beginning he found that he fell in love with it and never looked back. Having the support of his friends and teachers in school he decided to continue his journey in track and field where he competed at Bakersfield College and then transferred over to CSUB.

Commencement unrestricted by COVID-19

CSU Bakersfield will celebrate 1,639 students who will be obtaining their degrees this semester. May 20 will be the graduation ceremony for all four academic schools starting at 6 p.m., while May 21 will be split into two events. At 8 a.m., the School of Social Sciences and Education will have their ceremony, and at 6 p.m., the Schools of Business and Public Administration;, Arts and Humanities;, and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering will have their event. All these ceremonies will take place at the CSUB main soccer field, explained Jennifer Self, public information officer at CSUB.

CSU Bakersfield’s Campus Kit Fox Population

Recently, CSU Bakersfield’s Public Safety team sent out an email to Campus Students, Staff, and Faculty about the change in speed limit of a campus road. The email reads, “Effective immediately, the speed limit for CSUB Way, around the curve, has temporarily been reduced to 15mph. This is required mitigation for a kit fox den near the roadway. Please slow down and abide by the speed limit.”

Student Athletes struggle with mental health

As growing emphasis is placed on the mental health of individuals in collegiate athletics by the NCAA, university requirements and individual athletic directors, new protocols, and more focused efforts by athletic trainers regarding mental health, are put in place in order to maintain the health and safety of student athletes across the nation, but specifically at California State University Bakersfield.

Alan Collatz adapts to changes as coach

For Coach Alan Collatz his start in Track and Field started in his college days as a thrower himself. He never planned on coaching but instead going into Pharmaceutical Sales. It was not until the previous head Coach, Charlie Craig, asked Collatz to become head coach in Fall 1987. The...

Director of Athletics Dr. Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried announces that he will be stepping down

As the Spring Semester comes to an end for CSU Bakersfield students, Dr. Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried announces that he will be stepping down from the position of Director of Athletics after serving many years working with CSUB staff and athletes. Dr. Siegfried was named the third ever Director of Athletics on August 20, 2015 and before his time as director he worked as Interim Director of Athletics and Senior Associate Athletics director at CSUB since 2012.

Athlete Spotlight: Pole Vaulter Julianne Finch

One of the best pole vaulters at CSU Bakersfield Julianne Finch sits down to discuss the current season and her accomplishments throughout her career as a Runner. Finch is a graduate student currently pursuing her master’s degree in business and has accepted a position to work for Target. When...

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 entertains fans old and new

Video game movies have tended to fall short in the box office, often failing to cater to fans who found joy in the original media. However, the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie broke that trend, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is continuing to show that video game movies can be done right. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 features its original cast, including Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, and other human supporting characters while adding on new beloved characters like Tails and Knuckles. Fans will appreciate the acting done by Jim Carrey, Ben Schwartz, Idris Elba, and Colleen O’Shaughnessy. The voice actors and Jim Carrey’s chaotic acting of Dr. Robotnik compliment the original attitudes of the characters in the game. Elba brings Knuckles to life with his deep and angry tones, Schwartz continues to be the happy go lucky Sonic fans know and love, and Shaughnessey flawlessly resumes her role as Tails from the cartoon Sonic Boom.

Fresh Review: A film About Untasteful Dating

Adding on to Hulu’s top 2022 horror films, “Fresh” is Mimi Cave’s first film debut. Sitting at an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, this cliché romantic comedy meets unnerving horror and addresses the struggles of modern dating as Noa, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, tries to go with the flow after meeting a stranger named Steve in a grocery store.

Mixed drinks for graduation and beyond

Let’s start things off properly with a round of applause for our 2022 CSU Bakersfield graduates. (Pretend there’s an exclamation point at the end of the previous sentence.) The road was long and hard, rife with ups and downs and some other thinly veiled euphemisms. To celebrate, I’ve got five, non-alcoholic, mixed drinks for our esteemed and wonderful and probably very tired graduates. Hopefully they’ll have the energy needed to make these drinks.

Substitute Teachers Struggle in the Classroom

Schools have been feeling the pain of teacher and substitute teacher shortages since the beginning of the pandemic. Substitutes are being called upon with little to no training to fill in for teachers who do not want to go back to the classroom, or who need to take time off if they are feeling sick. To retaliate against this shortage, states are lightening the requirements needed to substitute teach, or even officially teach in the classroom. Here in Bakersfield, a substitute applicant can become an emergency substitute teacher by passing a background check, a tuberculosis and general health screening, completing a sexual harassment and mandated reporter training course, and turning in an official transcript from their school. They then must either fulfill a basic skills requirement through completing college courses for math, reading, and writing, or pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test. Substitute teachers would also have to apply to receive their California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, which they would do after passing the background fingerprint check.