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The Research News Beat

Research shows kangaroos can ask humans for help

(Brook Mitchell/Getty Images) A new study shows that kangaroos can use body language to intentionally communicate with humans — a behavior that was previously associated with domesticated animals, like dogs, horses or goats, CNN reports.
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The Research News Beat

Bursts of cosmic rays from the sun detected by Voyagers

(IOWA CITY, Iowa) A pair of Voyager spacecraft are still making discoveries 40 years after they launched. New research reports the first detection of bursts of cosmic ray electrons emanating from eruptions on the sun.

DeepMind AI solves protein-folding problem, opening door to new drugs and medical treatments

(Photo by University of Oxford/Getty Images) Predicting how proteins fold up has been a problem that scientists have been trying to solve for generations, but DeepMind, an artificial intelligence research lab that's a part of Google's parent company Alphabet, developed an AI system that can solve these problems in hours instead of years, according to Vox.

Report on mental health in the US finds youth mental health getting worse

(Alex Pantling / Getty Images) The State of Mental Health in America 2021 report found that youth especially struggle with mental health. The percentage of youths with severe major depression in the country has increased from 9.2% last year to 9.7% this year. This rate is higher by a few percentage points for youth who identify as more than one race. The number of young people ages 11-17 who accessed screening were 9% higher than 2019’s average, and they have been more likely to score for moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression than other age group.