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Three Women, Three Decades, Three Decisions

Editor’s Note: Roughly six in 10 Americans oppose the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and around eight in 10 say abortion should be legal in at least some circumstances, according to Gallup. Yet if the U.S. Supreme Court actually rules to eliminate the constitutional reproductive rights women have had...
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The Unwatchable State of Local Television News

Do you watch TV news? The local stations? Do you tune in for the weather and the headlines in your area? Do you have a favorite channel and favorite anchor? I ask these questions as if it’s 1995, when it seemed everybody had definitive preferences. But in 2022, when news is available 24/7 at our fingertips, catching “Live at Five” and relying on “Coverage You Can Count On” aren’t “Must-See-TV” for Americans glued instead to their phones and iPads.
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U.S. moves closer to compensating Blacks for generations of racism

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, not even Martin Luther King gets south of the tracks. The north side of town encompasses the predominantly Black, low-income neighborhoods and MLK Jr. Boulevard runs right through it. On the other side of the tracks, literally, neighborhoods become affluent, overwhelmingly White, and MLK Boulevard—the same roadway—is instead called Cincinnati Avenue.

Experiment in Black and White

When the subject is race, people shut up. They don’t want to talk about it, especially in mixed company. Few seem willing to speak openly or candidly, for fear of being called a racist. And as a result, questions and answers, issues and problems, simply don’t get discussed thoroughly and honestly in America today.

Rare Brain Disorder Turns Chicago Couple’s World Upside Down

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following story was written jointly, by Pete Odon and his wife Nancy. Married 39 years, these Chicago-area parents of three grown children were. inexplicably struggling with walking, balance, and uncontrollable body movements. His condition was finally diagnosed in 2017 as Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a rare, incurable brain disorder. 67-year-old Pete continues to fight it, but was nonetheless forced to begin hospice care this past month. The Odons are sharing their journey with The Reporters Inc. in hopes of bringing more, and much-needed attention to this relentless disease.

Extraordinarily Different Churches find ‘Love Beyond Belief’

“Bishop Carlton Pearson was the first person to offer help when a virus attacked my three-year-old daughter’s heart, killing her suddenly,” explains Rev. Marlin Lavanhar. “He and I knew each other only as ministerial peers in Tulsa, yet when he heard about my daughter’s death through the ministerial grapevine, he showed up on the worst night of our lives to support us. I was in Hell and he said, ‘I will sit in Hell with you.’ I welcomed him.”

Cure for the Pandemic Blues Only a Call Away

86-year-old Don Elias of Fridley, Minnesota lost his wife to Alzheimer’s four years ago and he’s not afraid to admit it—sometimes he gets a little lonely. “Towards the later stages of the pandemic I’ve started going stir crazy,” Elias explains. “Being alone in this pandemic is ugly, you know?”. Yet...

Healing America

“Those of us who were ‘Blues,’ listened and observed, unseen, as the ‘Reds’ talked amongst themselves,” explained Reverend Barbara Prose to her congregation at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Prose was describing the “fishbowl” exercise, conducted in a workshop offered by Braver Angels, the largest organization in the country dedicated to bridging the political divide.

The Experiment in Black and White (2001)

The Experiment in Black and White aimed to combine elements of the popular programs The Real World and Big Brother with traditional journalism, in order to tackle the often explosive issue of race relations in an innovative and groundbreaking fashion. Calling it “Reality TV–with a purpose,” the goal was to...

Experiment: Gay and Straight (2003)

During the year 2003, the following occurred in the United States:. 1) The U.S Supreme Court essentially ruled that the way homosexuals love one another should not be illegal. 2) The Catholic Church declared that homosexuals have “disordered minds” and are “deviant”. 3) U.S. President George Bush proclaimed that gays...

Will America's Favorite Pastime Go Down Swinging?

Editor’s Note: Since this story was first published, outbreaks of COVID-19 have spread among Major League Baseball teams. Both the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals have reported several positive coronavirus?tests among players and staff. Both teams temporarily suspended their seasons before resuming play in early August. July 2020. BY...