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Get the Sony a7r Series Discounted Before the Holiday!

Order one before the holiday weekend! I can’t tell a lie: I didn’t like the Sony a7r IV for my own needs and purposes. But I adore and still use the Sony a7r III nearly every week. The older camera just had better autofocus in my experience. But the Sony a7r IV has much more resolution for those that need it. And they’re both enjoying savings and discounts right now that are hard to turn down. The Sony a7r IV is less than $3,000 right now. Similarly, the Sony a7r III is around $2,100. For the money, I’d probably buy another Sony a7r III. But at the same time, the Sony a7r IV has some technology in it that the older camera doesn’t have. Decisions, decisions, right?
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3 APS-C Camera Lenses with Professional Level Image Quality

The statement for years was that APS-C cameras and lenses can’t produce professional results. And even though some photographers still think that way, it’s been long debunked. APS-C camera lenses have improved in the same way that the camera sensors and processors have. So if you want better quality from your APS-C camera, then consider these lenses. We spent a lot of time reviewing these and we think you’ll like them.
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Give This Thing a Pancake! Nikon z30 First Impressions

If you’re like me, you’re still yearning for a good point-and-shoot camera to come out at an attractive price. And you also may not think the Japanese understand that concept anymore. Well, the Nikon z30 isn’t a point-and-shoot camera. But what it is is nearly the closest thing. Imagine something along the lines of the Sony a6600 if Nikon made it, with better durability, and only a bit of heft.

This Lens Is Amazing. Nikon Z 400mm F4.5 First Impressions

We’ve all seen the hype videos about the new Nikon Z 400mm f4.5. It’s sometimes challenging for the internet to get excited at what Nikon does compared to Canon and Sony. But trust me, this is one of the most fascinating Nikon lenses I’ve reviewed in the 13 years of running this website. When I picked it up attached to the Nikon Z9, I expected it to be super heavy, but it wasn’t. I didn’t use a strap with the camera setup but, even so, it shocked me at how lightweight it is. Combined with the price of around $3,299, I think the Nikon Z 400mm f4.5 will be the lens that wins bird photographers over to Nikon.

You Can Still Get the Sony a7r IV for Less Than $3000

The resolution kings are still available for a discount! I can’t tell a lie: I didn’t like the Sony a7r IV for my own needs and purposes. But I adore and still use the Sony a7r III nearly every week. It just has better autofocus in my experience. But the Sony a7r IV has much more resolution. And they’re both enjoying savings and discounts right now that aren’t easy to turn down. The Sony a7r IV is less than $3,000 right now. Similarly, the Sony a7r III is around $2,100. For the money, I’d probably opt for another Sony a7r III. But at the same time, the Sony a7r IV packs some technology in it the older camera doesn’t have. Decisions, decisions, right?

Is the New Capture One for iPad Enough to Win Over Lightroom Users?

Capture One for iPad is finally making its debut eight years after competitor Adobe Lightroom came to the platform. This is the future CEO Rafael Orta spoke about with us last year. And while this is a new beginning for Capture One’s mobile future, we’re not yet seeing the AI features he hinted at. Maybe that will come in future releases. At the moment, Capture One for iPad is most likely going to change how so many photographers use the program. Here’s what you need to know about Capture One for iPad.

How Nir Patel Photographed an Exciting Space Scene

“Regardless of the high-quality camera of my iPhone 13 pro, I wasted more time taking pictures and less time reminiscing over them,” says passionate photographer Nir Patel to The Phoblographer in an interview. “My pricey solution was to purchase an SX-70 Polaroid at around 4$ a shot; I’d be forced to take only worthwhile pictures. From there, a joyful obsession began, where I’d constantly determine if the time and place I was at was perfect enough to savor through a polaroid.” Nir says he doesn’t understand basic photography principles but that shooting Polaroids gives him exactly what he wants. He chooses aesthetics over practicality and, using his beautiful vintage Polaroid SX-70, he created this unique photo of a rocket ship coming to earth. But how?

Nina Ahmadi Realized Inner Compassion Helps Make Better Self-portraits

“Every time I look at it, it feels more accurate,” chuckles NY-based photographer and student Nina Osoria Ahmadi while explaining to me the various self-portraits she’s documenting herself in. She often projects her struggles and experiences as a queer person of mixed cultural identity in these photos. Finding it necessary to self-reflect and take a strong stand against the things she finds offensive, she gives herself and those around her a voice of hope in moments of pain.

We Are in an APS-C Camera Renaissance

Photographers for years, have always said that they don’t want anything smaller than full-frame. Indeed, I still know a lot of photographers who think this way. But if manufacturers have shown us anything, it’s that we’re in an APS-C camera renaissance. Canon, Sony, Nikon, and Fujifilm have all released some sort of support for APS-C cameras due to the supply shortages that are going around. Until that issue is totally sorted out, we may be in an APS-C camera renaissance for a while.

The Best Pancake Lenses to Make Your Camera Small

No, Pancake lenses don’t go well with maple syrup. The pancake lens is a favorite of so many photographers who want to travel light. Mmmm, the pancake lens. It’s one of our favorite optics for any camera. Mount it to your mirrorless camera and the package will be small and lightweight. It’s hard to hate on the image quality when the feeling is this great. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed a ton of different pancake lenses. So we dove into the old Reviews Index to figure out which ones are the best. Without further adieu, here’s the list.

How to Shoot Better Macro Photos In-Camera

Some of the most fun you can have with photography has to do with macro work. The nature of it forces photographers to pay the utmost attention to everything they’re doing. The slightest things can cause mistakes that lead to missing the opportunity. Whether you’re in the wild or in a studio, photographers universally agree that your tools matter a whole lot with macro. And luckily, we’re here to talk to about one of the best cameras for macro photography.

Tested: Capture One 22 Has Awesome Features in the Latest Update

Capture One has long reigned as the most customizable workspace for photo editing, along with great noise reduction and color handling. But, the last few updates to Capture One 22 have added several great tools to the photo editor. Live is a new collaboration tool, while a Magic Eraser helps quickly refine masks. The software is preparing for an iPad version with some redesigned icons that will also make the program simpler for newbies.

Photographer Ashley Zhang Turns Her Lens to Queer Love

“It is nonviable to prohibit a feeling,” firmly states photographer Ashley Zhang about the fallacy many people have regarding the inhibition of taboo relationships. Seeing something unique in the relationships of people she knew, she decided to document their romantic moments on film. She hopes to someday normalize this topic in her immediate and broader societies.

Katerina Vo Explores Emotions Around Nationalism in a New Series

“Nationalism in itself is intimately linked to gender and sexuality,” says photographer and cultural analyst Katerina Vo about the idea behind her photo series Fatherland. It delves deep into the interwoven relationships between her father and her homeland, the USA. A lot of complex emotions and feelings stemming from her personal experiences poured themselves into this project.

Pew Research Shows Important Data About Photojournalists

Every year, the Pew Center for Research interviews journalists about various things in the industry. This year’s findings are fascinating, but if you’re a working pro they also make sense. The past few years have changed the way photojournalists do their jobs immensely. And all around the world, no matter the type of journalist that you are, you’re bound to run into people that don’t like you. I participated in the survey the way I always do. And Pew granted The Phoblographer access to some data you’re bound to be interested in.

Workouts for Photographers: How to Stay in Your Best Shape

Years ago, I entered a mentally dark place that led to me becoming clinically obese. It prompted me to write a popular piece about how photo-walking helped me lose weight. The Phoblographer has also talked to various folks about self-care. With it currently being summer in the US, we believe it’s time to talk about workouts for photographers. So we spoke to a few fantastic photographers about how they stay in shape.

Canon’s Best Flash Has a Nice Discount Right Now

There is something about the Canon EL-1 that fascinates us. In our review, we said noted its innovations. The Canon Speedlite EL-1 uses a new Xenon flash tube. While other flashes can get a similar output at full power, the EL-1 can shoot down to 1/8192 power, where most flashes stop at 1/128 or 1/256. That allows the light to better blend with the ambient light in dim scenes, as well as creating a more seamless look when using as a fill flash. And right now, it’s enjoying a healthy discount, and so are other speedlights from Canon. Be sure to check them out and purchase one. These deals end on July 3rd.

How Rowan Renee Explores Trauma Through Their Photos

“The impulse to create Bodies of Wood came from a dream, or rather a nightmare that made it clear that the only way to heal was to talk about what happened,” says photographer Rowan Renee (they/them) to The Phoblographer in an interview. “The culture of shame and silence around any kind of abuse within the family is a powerful force, but it’s particularly strong for victims of incest.” Rowan was always fascinated by antique cameras, and so took a workshop at the Penumbra Foundation. That’s where they really started to hone their skills and eventually create Bodies of Wood.

This Beautiful Photo By Niki Phillips Has a Heartwarming Story

“Picasso once said ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal,’” photographer Niki Phillips told us in an interview. “And that’s kind of what we did with this photo. But definitely want to give the credit to Jordi (Koalitic) for having this awesome idea. He’s insanely talented and outrageously creative.” Niki is a duo along with his wife, Aubrey. To create this mesmerizing portrait, the two did some spur-of-the-moment work.

Comments to the Editor. Findings With the Sony a7r IV

Generally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of comments. People can be toxic at times when you and your staff work pretty hard to output content. That’s why I removed them from the site for a while. But sometimes, comments come from people who realize we’re human beings too. And instead of responding to them in our comments section, we had the idea to write full letters to them. Inspired by the Letters to the Editor in the New Yorker, we’re doing just that here.