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The best places to eat Brazilian food in SoCal

From feijoada and pão de queijo to açaí and caipirinhas, the best places to eat Brazilian food in SoCal are cooking up these favorites in Los Angeles and San Diego lanchonetes, churracarias, açaí cafés and more. If you’ve ever enjoyed a complete Brazilian meal, you’ll know that manioc (or cassava) serves as a staple for Brazil’s dining culture.
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One of the biggest FBI busts ever just took place and it started with a company called ANOM

While this may sound like the final act of a Martin Scorsese movie, this all actually happened and, yes, some of the details about the operation are wild to say the least. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently announced the end of a three-year-long international operation encompassing over 800 alleged members of organized crime syndicates in more than a dozen countries.
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The best places for tiramisu in Hong Kong

There are so many options that it’s not so simple to narrow down the best places for tiramisu in Hong Kong. Tiramisu is many people’s favorite dessert. This delicate dessert can easily be found in many Italian restaurants or often expensive hotels and restaurants. However, we’ve found plenty of affordable...
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8 popular cities in Los Angeles county to visit

Scattered throughout California is an assortment of different cities in Los Angeles county that visitors from anywhere around the world should consider experiencing, or even relocating to for a new place to call home. From high-rise city buildings to the newest outlying suburbs, the list of interesting cities in the Los Angeles county area is steadily growing. If you’re ever touring the area of Los Angeles, make sure to be on the lookout for these popular cities to visit so you can experience the lovely atmosphere they’re each known for.
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Where to find the best Hong Kong outlet for shopping

Hong Kong outlet malls deserve more attention than they get. There may be a lot of travel restrictions right now due to COVID-19 which prevent you from visiting other countries and enjoying their outlet malls. However, there are some amazing Hong Kong outlet malls you can visit without leaving home. Hong Kong outlet shops are a hidden gem. Let us take you through some of the best outlet shops and malls in Hong Kong to satisfy your craving for shopping.