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Green Dot Stables Lansing Restaurant is Closing

Green Dot Stables is a slider restaurant here in Lansing, similar to its original location in Detroit. It took over the old Whiskey Barrel space back in December of 2017. And after just over four and a half years, Green Dot will be closing its doors this week, Sunday, July 10th will be its last day.
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OTD: 1933, The First Baseball All-Star Game Was Played in Chicago, And Won By Babe Ruth

It was spectacle put together to boost the country's morale, and to draw people to Chicago to the World's Fair. July 6th, 1933: The afternoon of the first official baseball All-Star Game. Of the thirty-six players that day, twenty are in the Hall of Fame, along with the two managers, Joe McCarthy and Connie Mack. (But this game even pre-dates that, as the Baseball Hall of Fame didn't open until 1936.)
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Is Chicago Considering Putting A Dome Over Soldier Field?

We don't really talk politics much (seems too divisive), but if there's one thing most people in Chicago can agree on... Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn't overwhelmingly liked. BUT, maybe she's campaigning for some brownie points with this one, because the City of Chicago is absolutely, 100% considering putting a dome over Soldier Field... maybe... and it doesn't make ANY sense.

You Might Love These Popular Sandwich Shops In Lansing

Food is always a popular subject to write about. There are tons of dining options in the mid Michigan area that feature food from around the world. I enjoy a nice meal out occassionally with my wife. We enjoy Dusty's Cellar and the Bistro in Williamston. We don't go out on date nights as much as we should. Most of the time we like to keep it simple when it comes to eating out. Sandwiches are always a good option for us if we are in a rush or it just sounds good.

The Michigan Shipwreck That Appears and Disappears Every Few Decades

Like the fictional town of Brigadoon that reappears for one day every one hundred years, the shipwrecked schooner The Contest seems to re-appear briefly every few decades. The skeletal remains of The Contest show up at Sylvan Beach on the Lake Michigan shore, about seventeen miles north of Muskegon. For the longest time, the wreck was believed to be that of the LC Woodruff that sank in 1878; but on closer inspection, it was determined that it is indeed the remains of The Contest.

Amazon Prime Day: Big Ten Expansion Edition – Turning The League Into A Super-Conference

The arms race in major college sports has entered a new chapter — super-conference expansion. On Thursday, the Big Ten plunged college sports even further into chaos when it poached USC and UCLA from the Pac-12. The Trojans and Bruins represent a major coup for the Big Ten: Both universities have outstanding academic reputations, rich athletic traditions and histories, and, most importantly, enormous economic potential as they offer the Big Ten entry into the nation's second-largest media market, Los Angeles.