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What Is Roblox’s Spotify Island, and How Will Kids Try To Spend Money There?

Gaming and music go hand-in-hand, and Spotify hosts over two million gaming-related playlists. This makes their jump into the so-called metaverse a no-brainer, since it’s apparently real, and we will, in fact, have to deal with it. But when Spotify invited The Dad to take a first-hand look at their partnership with Roblox, I was excited to ask the hard-hitting questions dads need to know. Questions like “What is Roblox?” and “No, really, is it like…like what is it?”
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Washington DC, History, and Sightseeing with Kids

Dads love history, monuments, and museums. In one of nature’s cruelest twists, kids are, historically, not huge fans. When I was a kid, my dad LOOOVED taking us to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. He was unphased by our groans and complaints, in fact he may have been fueled by them, as dads often are. It’s not that he didn’t care that we didn’t like it. Now that I’m a dad I realize he took ambivalence as a challenge, that he would be able to convince us of how fascinating it all really was.
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4 Things That Will Help You Remain Calm When Your Kids Use The Internet

The idea of unleashing your child into the digital world gives parents the same trepidation traditionally reserved for teaching a hormone-crazed teenager how to merge into rush hour traffic. Sure, the World Wide Web can be a scary place, but in a lot of ways, the experience is better than when we were kids. What we’ve lost in dial-up noises, we’ve gained in parental controls and strategies to make the online world a healthier environment for our kids.
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The Rock Refuses Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious Invitation

Sometimes, even family, fall out. Even the Fast and the Furious family. That’s what happened with Vin Diesel and The Rock, who very publicly dislike each other and stopped teaming up on Fast movies. The Rock showed up for Fast 5, 6, 7, and 8, then had enough, did his Diesel-free Hobbs and Shaw spinoff movie, and said sayonara. But Diesel, perhaps after Fast 8 and Fast 9 weren’t quite as furious as he’d hoped, finally saw the light and asked The Rock to return for Fast 10 to wrap up the series. To which The Rock said: Nah.

Belfast Star Wishes Dad Was Around To See His New Movie

Not every star makes it big early. Some spend long careers grinding, never quite getting that big break, or fully realizing their potential, until later in their lives. It’s not easy waiting for recognition, or for finally delivering the project they’ve always wanted to make, especially when the people who would be most proud of your accomplishments aren’t around to see them.

Laura: So Lucky

“We have 2 under 2, about 14 months apart. Covid has become increasingly difficult with being in lock down and stay home orders (we’re in Ontario). My husband has worked around the clock to be able to provide for us, as we’ve felt the financial ramifications just like so many. He works two jobs to cover our expenses and comes home always so present and involved with the kids. Always there to give me a break when I’m on my mental tipping point.

An NFL Player Surprised Two Dozen Kids With New Bikes for Christmas

In the world of great seasonal content, few things will rank up there with “famous person surprises kids with cool presents.” One of the latest was fantasy football standout Joe Mixon, who has been tearing it up for the Bengals on the gridiron. And the impact he’s leaving off the field is proving to be just as big.

The Rock Gave His Mom a Car With a Big Red Bow For Christmas

The Rock is a superstar. He took the wrestling world by storm, kicked the Fast and Furious up a notch, stars in Netflix’s biggest movie ever, is prepping to reinvent DC’s superhero hierarchy with his role as Black Adam, and recently won the People’s Choice People’s Champ award, for good reason.

McDonald’s Joins Relief Efforts, Donating Thousands of Meals to Tornado Victims

It doesn’t matter if you’re on team McDonald’s, team Burger King, or team “I don’t eat fast food” (yeah, I see you. I feel your judgment). Acts of kindness supersede any allegiances, especially during particularly trying times. When recent tornadoes left a wake of destruction throughout Kentucky and beyond, the fast-food chain fired up their McRig and got to work.

Dad Changes Both His Life and Community by Harnessing the Power of Books

Since the invention of books, kids have delayed bedtime by asking their parents to read just one more. Books can teach, they can entertain, and they can be a treasured source of family bonding. When a Chicago dad set a goal to change both his life and his community, he harnessed the power of the ultimate tool: books.

Tributes Pour in for Football Legend John Madden

John Madden, football legend, passed away earlier this week at the age of 85. Madden had the biggest impact on the sport out of anyone who never played in the NFL. He originally made his name as a coach, winning a Super Bowl in the 1970s with the Raiders. His influence was even more pronounced in the broadcast booth. The longtime broadcaster became synonymous with big games, and his passion and enthusiasm resonated with football fans.

‘All Pro Dads’ Group Brings Holiday Cheer to Charlotte Elementary School

The holidays are essentially the Dad Olympics. It’s the one time of year where yes, we are actually trying to light up the entire neighborhood (or at the very least, outdo the rival dad across the street). Collecting scraps of wrapping paper before they hit the ground is an event we’ve trained for all year, and with an industrial-grade garbage bag in hand, we stand at the ready. Holiday cheer is no laughing matter, and a well-prepared group of holi-dads are making sure a North Carolina elementary school gets its fill.

Adam: More Than Sunshine

“To the guy who’s always there to put a smile on our face, hold our hands, wipes our tears, fill our bellies with delicious food or give them a tickle. To the man who always shows up and gives his all to our family no matter how long his day has been or how tired he may be.

Bill: 100% My Dad

“My mother stuck a 3×5 index card to a bulletin board at University of Maine about 30 years ago, looking for a border. She was a single mom of three with a giant house and she needed help paying the bills. That’s where she met my step-dad. He...