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ACLU-Backed Lawsuit Charges Florida’s ‘Stop W.O.K.E.’ Law Is Unconstitutional

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday charges that a Florida law designed to “fight back against woke indoctrination” by limiting classroom discussions of race and gender violates the constitutional free speech rights of college students and professors. Florida’s Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees (Stop W.O.K.E.) Act took effect July 1. It prohibits workplaces and […]
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Opinion: McGuire: 4 Principles to Help Educators Teach Politically Charged Topics

Rising controversies over critical race theory, playing out across elections, legislation and the media, risk doing real harm to students and, by extension, the society they will soon inherit. Educators can and must be supported in mitigating this harm. With intentional, dispassionate planning; better training and resources for teachers; and common-sense faith in students’ abilities […]

New Teacher Shortage Research Shows Very Different Situations Across States

A new report casts doubt on the narrative of a widespread “national teacher shortage,” finding instead that thousands of vacancies appear to be localized so far in nine states across the country.  Mapping the vacancies nationally, a recently published working paper and website crafted by three education researchers offers the latest, though incomplete, snapshot of […]

Special Ed Kids Were Shunted Back Online. Is It a Move to the Virtual Basement?

Days before its summer programs were scheduled to start, Minneapolis Public Schools sent a letter to the parents of hundreds of children with disabilities saying the in-person services the families had been promised had been moved online. For many, it was a one-two punch: Students needed the summer support to recover ground lost during distance […]

How Educators Are Tackling Disrupted Learning in ESL and Bilingual Students

Ten students walk through the entrance of a K-12 school in America. Go by the data, and at least one will be an English learner.  In the United States, there are 5.3 million English learners (also known as multilingual learners, dual language learners or emergent bilinguals), the fastest-growing student population in U.S. K-12 education. In […]

Analysis: ‘Teacher Shortage’ — A History Told in Numbers, and Decades

“Report Envisions Shortage of Teachers as Retirements Escalate” screams the headline from the New York Times. “Over the next four years, more than a third of the nation’s 3.2 million teachers could retire, depriving classrooms of experienced instructors and straining taxpayer-financed retirement systems, according to a new report,” reads the lede. But it’s the headline […]

Kids Catch Up Best With Grade-Level Work — But Keep Getting Easier Assignments

Mounting evidence supports an academic strategy known as acceleration, in which students who are behind are challenged with grade-level material while getting help with missing skills or knowledge. But new research finds its use in schools “is currently more talk than action.”  Analyzing data from 3 million students assigned lessons through a widely used literacy […]