The European Union has decided to open its borders to US citizens

The Council of the European Union has added the United States to the list of states for whose citizens the countries of the union should open borders closed due to the new type of coronavirus pandemic. Starting today, June 18, member states of the community should gradually lift travel restrictions...
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UN assembly condemns Myanmar coup, calls for arms embargo

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — In a rare move, the U.N. General Assembly on Friday condemned Myanmar’s military coup and called for an arms embargo against the country in a resolution demonstrating widespread global opposition to the junta and demanding the restoration of the country’s democratic transition. Supporters had hoped the...
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Cambodia reports 20 deaths from COVID, record for single day

PHNOM PENH, June 19 (Reuters) - Cambodia reported 20 deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, a record for a single day, as the country detected its first Delta variant cases and authorities urged people to be vigilant. The Southeast Asian nation has recorded one of the world's smallest COVID-19 caseloads, but...

Thailand sets goal for tourism reopening

Thailand lost about $50 billion in tourism revenue last year, but this week its prime minister said he was willing to take a calculated risk to reopen the country. Olivia Chan reports.
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How Your Sushi Habit is Fueling Marine Destruction and Human Slavery in Thailand

Everyone loves going out to eat. It’s a chance to try something new, a great way to catch up with friends, and (the best perk of all) you don’t have to clean up afterward. But being tasked with having to select the place where you go out to eat can be so difficult! How can you make all your friends happy while impressing them with your fine cuisine knowledge? Sushi, of course! Well, we hate to break it to you, but you might want to start brainstorming a new favorite…

Business snapshots: Sizzles, Oy's Thai Cuisine

At Sizzles, you’re sure to get fresh food and a friendly dining experience. “What I am making here isn’t sold anywhere else because these recipes are my own,” Sizzles owner Mervet Nolte said. “I have found this path far more rewarding than simply trying to create a brand that has razzle dazzle, but no real substance. I assure you, everything here is dripping from my brain aimed at giving you an experience beyond just food.”
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Thailand to further ease restaurant dine-in curbs

Bangkok, June 19 (SocialNews.XYZ) Thai authorities have announced the further easing of restrictions on restaurant dine-in services in Bangkok and three other provinces as the government is struggling to strike a balance between Covid-19 containment and to recover the economy amidst the third wave.
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Vaccinated Tourists May Be Able to Travel to Thailand by October

Thailand announced its plans to fully reopen to vaccinated visitors from abroad by mid-October this year. "I know this decision comes with some risk because, when we open the country, there will be an increase in infections, no matter how good our precautions," Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Wednesday, according to the Associated Press (AP). "But I think when we take into consideration the economic needs of the people, the time has come for us to take that calculated risk."
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“ChulaCov19” Thailand’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been Tested on Humans

On June 14, 2021 at Bhumisirimangalanusorn Building, Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, the Faculty of Medicine and the Chula Vaccine Research Center (CVRC), Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University conducted its first phase of clinical trial on volunteers who have passed the screening process and deemed to be in good health. The process is continuing on to phase 2 to monitor immunity reactions to the ChulaCov19 vaccine under the supervision of medical experts, doctors, nurses and the research team.

Thailand imposes fines of up to $640 for not wearing masks

BANGKOK — Authorities in Thailand are imposing fines of up to 20,000 baht ($640) for individuals who fail to put on face masks in public in 48 provinces, as the federal government struggles to address a brand new wave of coronavirus circumstances that’s straining the medical system. The capital, Bangkok,...