"There Will Be Blood" - Elon Musk Announces Litigation Department Amidst Allegations

It's been a rough few weeks for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This time last month Tesla stock was nearing an all-time high and Musk was on the verge of buying Twitter. However, now the Twitter deal is stalling and Tesla stock has plummeted by over 30%. Meanwhile Musk is facing sexual misconduct allegations dating back to half a decade ago.
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Watch Police Officer Crash Into Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla crashes sure seem to get plenty of attention online, but this one is quite a bit different from most that we've seen and shared. This is because the Tesla driver is just proceeding in traffic as a police truck hits it in the rear. As you can see from...
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Tesla owner responds to car catching fire in California

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — On Saturday, Ediel Ruiz and his partner, Edith Parker, took a trip to California City to visit Parker's family following her graduation from the University of Southern California. Ruiz said he received a notification on his phone that the car alarm to his Tesla...

Tesla catches fire on Route 3 in Brooklyn, Illinois

BROOKLYN, Ill. – A Tesla was on fire on Route 3 in Brooklyn, Illinois Monday morning. The call came out at about 4:30 a.m. Police found a man and woman near the scene on Route 3 close to the Dawg Pound Gentlemen’s Club. The woman told police the man had bought the car within the […]

Tesla owner breaks window to escape after car bursts into flames

Cars catch fire sometimes; it’s unfortunate, but true that both gas-powered and electric vehicles alike are occasionally susceptible to terrifying, dangerous issues with combustion. When those situations happen, however, we generally assume that carmakers have ensured their products include clear, easy-to-exit doors so that drivers can escape unharmed. But there’s Tesla.

Paragould police adding Teslas to patrol division

If you’re speeding through Paragould, you might end up in a traffic stop with one of their new electric patrol cars. The Paragould Police Department announced the addition of two 2022 Tesla Model 3’s over the weekend on social media. The purchases were made, “in an effort to save taxpayer money and promote green alternatives,” the department said.

NY pension fund urges votes against Twitter, Meta directors after Buffalo massacre

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is calling for votes against directors at Twitter and at Facebook parent Meta Platforms at their upcoming annual meetings, saying both companies failed to enforce their standards against harmful content including from a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, on May 14. In letters seen by Reuters and sent to each companies’ boards ahead of events both scheduled for Wednesday, Thomas DiNapoli, who oversees New York’s pension fund, cited reports the companies did not remove video clips and screenshots of the shooter’s livestream, and his alleged racist manifesto, from their platforms. Such gaps help radicalize individuals and lead to calls for further social media...

Tesla submits plans for massive Santa Monica Drive-in Theater Supercharger

Tesla has submitted plans for a massive Supercharger featuring a Drive-In Movie Theater and Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. For several years, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have talked about putting a unique Supercharger featuring an old-school drive-in with movies, a diner, and other entertainment in Santa Monica. Finally, after several delays and changes in plans, what is perhaps the world’s most unique station is finally making progress after Tesla filed plans for a new Supercharger last week, which features the restaurant with indoor seating, which sits in a two-story building with an elevator, bathrooms, and a movie theater.

S&P 500, Dow rise as banks, Apple offer support

May 23 (Reuters) - The S&P 500 and the Dow rose on Monday, led by gains in banks and Apple after a sharp selloff last week, while a slide in Tesla and chipmakers weighed on the tech-heavy Nasdaq. Eight of the 11 major S&P sectors advanced in early trading, with...

Musk Says Teslas Will Be Fully-Autonomous, Not Require Driver Next Year

Elon Musk said back in 2015 that in two years’ time, Teslas would drive themselves without the need for supervision from a human driver. 2017 came and passed and even though the company has made undeniable progress with its self-driving tech, its boss eventually conceded that this was a harder task to achieve than he initially anticipated.

Tesla Model Y Average Annual Mileage Is Higher Than US Vehicle Average

Tesla's 2021 Impact Report reveals interesting data, which indicates that EV usage might be pretty high. Actually, above the average gas car,which indicates that EVs aren't just supplemental to conventional cars. The company has shown that the average annual mileage of the Model Y fleet in the US is higher...