CIA announces 2 agents killed

The Central Intelligence Agency added two new stars to its Memorial Wall at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., on Monday, signifying for the first time that two agency officers were killed in the line of duty over the past year. In a press release, the CIA said it...
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U.S. Senate Republicans block bill requiring agencies monitor domestic terrorism

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a bill that would require federal agencies to monitor domestic terrorism incidents, including those potentially related to white supremacy. The failure of the Senate procedural vote showed again how difficult it is for Congress to agree on any response to U.S. gun violence. It followed a racist […] The post U.S. Senate Republicans block bill requiring agencies monitor domestic terrorism appeared first on Idaho Capital Sun.
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U.S. Senate Republicans Poised To Block Bill Aimed At Domestic Terrorism

U.S. Senate Republicans were poised on Thursday to block a bill aimed at combating domestic terrorism that Democrats see as a response to this month's white supremacist mass shooting in New York state and a potential gateway to a gun control bill. Two days after another mass shooting that killed...

Choking local funding prevents terrorism

Terrorist attacks are highly responsive to local funding availability, and financial counter-terrorism can, thus, be effective in reducing terrorism casualties, according to new research by Nicola Limodio (Department of Finance, Bocconi University) forthcoming in Econometrica. There have been a record number of terrorist attacks in the past decade. Many scholars...

Senate Republicans Reject Domestic Terrorism Bill

The failure of the Senate procedural vote showed again how difficult it is for Congress to agree on any response to U.S. gun violence. Senate Republicans blocked a procedural vote Thursday to advance a House-approved bill to combat domestic terrorism. The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act was passed in the House...

How do lockdown drills affect kids?

As some US schools attempt to heal from violence on their campuses, others are implementing drills in hopes of keeping students safe if the worst happens. But even the drills can cause anxiety, experts say.

Terrorism caution after Sheffield pepper spray protest

A protester arrested at a demonstration where officers were accused of heavy-handed tactics has been been cautioned for terrorism offences. Campaigners said police "went berserk" with pepper spray at last months' pro-Kurdish event at Sheffield Town Hall. A 44-year-old man has since been cautioned for displaying an article suggesting membership...

Domestic terror bill stalls in the Senate after Schumer presses debate vote

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act — passed by the House of Representatives after the white supremacy-fueled Buffalo mass shooting — failed to move forward to debate Thursday after a 47-47 vote in the Senate.  The legislation needed 60 votes to pass the cloture vote and move on to debate – a lofty goal for any bill looking to pass the evenly-split Senate.  No Republicans had been expected to side with their Democratic colleagues on Thursday, after several GOP senators criticized the legislation over government monitoring, leaving it a so-called “show vote” by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York.  Supporters say...
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Cameroon, Gabon Agree to Better Demarcate Border, Stop Conflict

YAOUNDÉ, CAMEROON — Officials from Gabon and Cameroon have agreed to retrace their nearly 300-kilometer border and to stop frequent clashes between border communities. At a meeting in Cameroon's capital Thursday night, the two sides also agreed to jointly deploy their militaries to stop arms trafficking across the border.

British Transport Police to arm volunteer officers with Tasers

The British Transport Police have become the first force in the UK to arm volunteer officers with Tasers.It comes after the Home Secretary last week unveiled plans to give special constables powers to use the weapons, which temporarily incapacitate a person by delivering an electric current through two small-barbed darts.From Friday, some British Transport Police volunteer officers are carrying Tasers while on duty across England and Wales.The first cohort of 22 have completed a three-day course on using the devices – the same training that regular officers receive.Special Chief Officer Ben Clifford said the force’s special constables “are exposed to...

Turkey says military operations on southern borders needed for security

ISTANBUL, May 26 (Reuters) - Turkey's current and future military operations on its southern borders do not target its neighbours' sovereignty but are necessary for Turkish security, the country's National Security Council (MGK) said on Thursday. The MGK statement followed President Tayyip Erdogan's declaration on Monday that Ankara would soon...

Graduate jailed for membership of banned terror group National Action

A university graduate has been jailed for three years for being a member of banned terror group National Action (NA).David Musins, 36, admitted his involvement with the extreme right-wing organisation after it was proscribed by the Government in December 2016.On Friday, he was sentenced at the Old Bailey to three years in prison with a further year on extended licence.Judge Anthony Leonard QC had rejected his plea for a suspended sentence, saying: “You had a good education, you are a graduate and have held a responsible job as an operations manager.That you left the group voluntarily is particularly significant, but...