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5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Tennessee

Despite Tennessee being a landlocked state, the state is filled with seafood restaurants serving top-notch seafood varieties! There are salmon dinners glazed with honey and whitefish filets blackened, so they look and taste like Hawaiian sunfish straight from the coast. Here are the 5 most delectable seafood restaurants in the state.
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Cocktails inspired by the Tennessee Whiskey Trail: How to make the perfect Old Fashioned

Also known as the Whiskey Cocktail, the Old Fashioned has been around for more than 150 years. There's a reason this drink has stood the test of time. Brilliant in its simplicity, it's just a darn good cocktail! The name refers to how it's made, the old fashioned way of combining liquor with water, sugar, and bitters. The genius in the method is that the other ingredients don't dilute the flavor of the liquor, but rather compliment it. So if you're going to make an Old Fashioned, don't offend the cocktail gods by using a cheap whiskey, choose something worthy of THE COCKTAIL of all cocktails.
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Tennessee tax-free week giving restaurants a welcome boost

A tax break for customers is having the side effect of a welcome boost to small businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time food, food ingredients and take-out are a part of Tennessee's annual tax-free holiday. It runs through Thursday, Aug. 5 at midnight. "It's really good...
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Free Summer Activities in Middle Tennessee

Summertime is a great time to create new memories as a family. Middle Tennessee offers an abundance of free activities for your family to enjoy this summer. Take a look at our top picks!. Community Parks. Old Fort Park, Murfreesboro. 50-acre community park whose facilities include a large picnic shelter,...
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Trip to Knoxville, Tennessee

We decided to take a short trip to Knoxville with kids. Knoxville is only three and a half hours from Louisville, so it seemed like an easy trip to take for a long weekend. There’s so much to do in Knoxville. A trip to Knoxville with kids is packed with...