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The haunted house in Tennessee that will pay $20,000 to anyone who beats it

The McKamey Manor is a haunted house located in Summertown, Tennessee that offers visitors a sum of $20,000 if they manage to complete a tour of the house and stay inside for a full 8 hours. The longest anyone has lasted inside that house is for 6 hours. The reason behind having such a high sum of reward is that completing the challenge is an extremely difficult task.
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Tennessee high court reverses Judd death investigation order

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee’s high court on Thursday vacated a ruling that required police to publicly release their investigation of country singer Naomi Judd’s death. The state Supreme Court did not rule on whether the records can be released, but sent the case back to the...
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Weak Quake Rattles Western Tennessee, Near New Madrid Seismic Zone Center

According to USGS, a weak earthquake rattled portions of western Tennessee today in a region not far from the heart of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is centered under New Madrid County, Missouri. The earthquake struck at 9:04 am this morning and was rated as a weak magnitude 1.6 event. The epicenter was roughly 3 km deep and struck just under 2 miles southwest of Ridgely, Tennessee. As is usually the case with seismic events rated under a 2.0 magnitude, USGS reported that no one used their “Did you feel it? tool on their website to report the event. Today’s earthquake follows a similar earthquake which struck on September 25, ending a 5 day pause in which no earthquakes were recorded in the state.

Tennessee’s Supreme Court reverses Naomi Judd death investigation ruling

TENNESSEE — Tennessee’s Supreme Court on Friday has reversed a ruling that required police to release their investigation of Naomi Judd’s death publicly. According to The Associated Press, the Tennessee Supreme Court sent the case back down to the lower court for an additional hearing, not making an official ruling. This comes after the Judd family filed a petition in Williamson County Chancery Court in August. That petition was asking the death investigation report to be sealed.

We Visited These Tennessee State Parks Waterfalls Surrounded by Colorful Foliage -- and Loved It!

The Tennessee mountains are home to a variety of beautiful natural wonders. For us, there are none more alluring than tall waterfalls. In this 3-minute video, we'll take you along on one of our waterfall adventures. On a late October weekend in Chattanooga, we visited Tennessee's Rock Island State Park and Falls Creek Falls State Park. At Rock Creek, we watched water flow from underground caverns, cascading down the stone cliffside. Driving 45 minutes away, we discovered the spectacular canyon at Falls Creek Falls. Hiking down the rugged canyon trail, we stood at the bottom of the free-falling Falls Creek Falls as it plunges 265 feet into rock canyon. We headed back to Chattanooga, stayed overnight and then explored some of the city's parks the next day. On our route home to Georgia, we followed the summit route at Lookout Mountain and found another waterfall along the way. For more like this, visit our blog at: <a href=""></a>.
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Gov. Lee declares Sept. 30 a day of prayer, fasting for Tennessee

CORRECTION: A previous version of this piece incorrectly stated that Shane Mumma supported the declaration. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a proclamation on Sept. 23 declaring Sept. 30, 2022, a voluntary Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting for the state. The proclamation cites recent “transgressions” that warrant “seek[ing] God’s guidance”...

'Who sells Memphis?'

“Everyone who lives in Memphis sells Memphis and should feel that responsibility,” said Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management dean Desh Palakurthi.

Rhea County preps for upcoming state, federal election

The last day to register to vote for the upcoming Nov. 8 state and federal general election is Tuesday, Oct. 11, Rhea County Deputy Administrator of Election Felica Goodman said on Thursday. Goodman said that if you have already registered to vote, you do not need to re-register for the upcoming election. While there are no local races on the ballot, the upcoming election will feature state and federal offices,...

Local 911 workers heading to Florida to help

NAPLES, Florida (WDEF) – We’ve seen power crews, emergency aide teams and the National Guard head south to help with the hurricane recovery. Now some local telecommunicators are making the trip. Six dispatchers for Hamilton County’s 911 system left for Naples, Florida on Friday. They will be...