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How Massive Headphones Became the New It Accessory

Two things in the fashion world are always certain. The first is that even the most hated fads (remember whale tails?) will eventually find their way back to the runway. The second is that TikTok has become the blueprint for reviving said dead trends. We all know how influential the social app can be on the beauty front, but fashion is not left behind. From baggy ’90s pants to controversial gauzy dresses and everything in between, FashionTok has become a place to not only share your daily ‘fits but also look for inspiration and crown new “it” accessories.
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This Tin Foil Hair Styling Hack Is Blowing Up on TikTok

Another day, another TikTok beauty hack showing the people how to make their lives easier and their hair/makeup look better. The latest is the tin foil hair hack, which users have just discovered can smooth flyaway hairs down like an absolute treat. One creator, @laurentpreble, brought the handy household trick...

Disabled People Never Had Full Autonomy Over Our Reproductive Rights

In this op-ed, Anja Herrman explores why disabled people should be centered in the fight for reproductive rights. While my generation has, up until now, always had the right to a legal abortion, not all of us were able to exercise it. On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing states to legislate away abortion rights. But for disabled people like me, Roe was never enough, as the government has long legislated our reproductive health away. As many of us now rally for the restoration of our rights, we must center the voices of disabled people. We’re still fighting for the kind of freedom that most Americans take for granted.

Teen Vogue's Summer 2022 Ultimate Travel Guide

There are two questions every college graduate is asked after being handed their diploma: what time did you get home from partying last night and what's next? For the latter question, the answer might be an exciting internship or entry-level job in a new city. But for some, traveling is what's next on their horizon.

The Wilmington Massacre Was A White Supremacist Insurrection in North Carolina

Although the word “insurrection” has come to be associated with the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, America was no stranger to deadly insurrections and attempted coup d’états long before that day. In fact, the last successful insurrection to take place on U.S. soil occurred nearly 124 years ago, in Wilmington, North Carolina. In 1898, Wilmington’s duly elected, biracial government was violently overthrown by a mob of white supremacists who sought to regain power in the wake of the post-Civil War Reconstruction era.

Lindsay Lohan Got Married in Secret

Lindsay first announced her engagement to financier Bader Shammas, whom she's been dating since 2019, with a series of smiley photos displaying her engagement ring in November 2021. "My love. My life. My family. My future," she wrote in the caption at the time. Well, it seems Shammas' title has...

Dua Lipa’s New Tour Look Is All Sequins and Sass

Dua Lipa has been a fan of The Attico for some time. Founders Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio have supplied the star with various party staples in recent years, from mesh dresses to the brand’s cult Devon mules and a cow-print bra that she wore for her #ranchcore “Love Again” music video.

Pride Tattoos Are a Symbol of Resilience for Queer People & Their Families

When 19-year-old Annette sat down to receive one of her “pride tattoos,” she experienced a myriad of feelings, at once both a rush of excitement and a flood of nerves. “It’s always scary to put trust like that in someone when it’s going to be on you forever,” she tells Teen Vogue. Receiving her tattoo marked the end of a journey, the last brick in a road walked with the tattoo artist, using an art style she loved, a final design that appeared reminiscent of her personality, and a message that could transcend her now inked skin. Annette’s tattoo, like so many others, heralds the beginning of a new journey — a path she will forge herself, living proudly in her sexuality.

The Aftermath of Roe Has Been Pure Chaos

“Utter chaos lies ahead,” Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO Nancy Northup told Teen Vogue in a statement on the day Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. Barely a week later, we’re in the thick of exactly that. We’re doing our best here at Teen Vogue to keep you apprised of what’s going on, listing state by state what the current laws are on abortion and your options. But the answers keep shifting, making it hard for us to do our jobs — and much, much harder for abortion-seekers, providers, and repro advocates to find that life-saving info.

7 Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoe Deals to Shop in 2022

All products featured on Teen Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you’re looking to revamp your shoe collection, we are pleased to inform you that Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is almost here and it has got you covered.

Scottie Beam Gets Candid About Music, Career & The Importance Of Self Care

Media personality, content creator, sneaker lover, music enthusiast, and overall superhuman, Scottie Beam is never not working and has no plans on slowing down. I mean, with Scottie's schedule, it's easy to assume she's most likely overwhelmed and exhausted. But contrary to popular belief, Miss Scottie makes it all seem so easy and looks damned good doing it. Inspired and impressed, all I could think was, “HOW?!” So guess what? I went directly to the source to gain an understanding of how she navigates different realms seamlessly, her source of inspiration, and beyond her career; who is the Deanii “Scottie Beam” Scott?