Intel’s modest Core i9 beats AMD’s latest 64-core monster CPU on Adobe benchmarks

Don’t buy a Threadripper Pro to run Photoshop; expect big things from heavily-threaded workloads though. Given the price of the new AMD Threadripper Pro, you’d expect the company’s finest HEDT processor to squash the competition ruthlessly. And it turns out that in most cases it generally does, except in a couple of rather important ones, according to the first comprehensive test carried out.

Hackers steal $100m from another breached crypto bridge

Another crypto bridge company has been hacked, with tens of thousands of valuable Ethereum tokens stolen in a major heist. The attack is the work of an as-yet-unknown cybercriminal who managed to siphon out 85,867 Ether tokens from the Harmony bridge, worth approximately $105 million at press time. A bridge...

Mercedes’ concept EQXX just set a mind-boggling new range record

The Mercedes Vision EQXX has officially raised the bar (again) for electric car range in 2022. The "road-legal research prototype" – which is marketing speak for concept car – recently broke its own endurance record after traveling an almighty 747 miles (1,202 km) on a single charge from Stuttgart to Silverstone racing circuit in the United Kingdom.

Ransomware attacks are costing US schools and colleges billions

The number of ransomware (opens in new tab) attacks against schools and colleges in the US may be starting to fall, but remain a serious threat, impacting hundreds of thousands of students, and costing the institutions billions in expenses. Analyzing publicly available data on ransomware attacks against education institutions since...

Starfield will have to compete with Fallout: London for Bethesda fans’ attention

A new trailer for ambitious mod Fallout: London has dropped, giving us a fresh look at the game alongside an expected release window. Pitched as a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, the fan-made project has been in the works since 2019 but will be arriving in time to compete with Starfield. According to this latest trailer (opens in new tab), it’s now scheduled to release sometime in 2023, putting it squarely in the same release window as Bethesda's next official release.

The best games to test a new PS5 headset with

If you’ve just bought a brand new headset for your PS5, the first thing you’ll almost certainly want to do is play your favorite games with it. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to get started with, as the best PS5 headsets you can buy will often excel at getting the most out of a familiar game’s music, sound design and spoken dialogue.

Any VPN with servers in India must now store activity logs on users

All VPN services running servers in India must now comply with a new data law that has now officially come into force. According to new CERT-In regulations, security software companies are legally obligated to store users' data - like IP addresses, real names and usage patterns - for up to five years. They will also be required to hand this information over to authorities upon request.

Millions of free VPN user records leaked

Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider Bean VPN, has leaked personally identifiable information on millions of its users, researchers have found. Cybersecurity researchers from Cybernews stumbled upon a database with more than 18GB of connection logs generated by the app. The database, discovered by the researchers during a routine...

Marvel's Blade may not make its rumored 2023 release date

Marvel Studios' Blade may not make its rumored 2023 release date, according to a new report. Per The Cosmic Circus (opens in new tab), which has form for revealing information about Marvel movies and TV shows ahead of schedule, the vampiric anti-hero's Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut might not be ready in time to launch in 2023. That's down to a delay in the superhero film officially entering production, with filming not expected to begin until October 2022.

GPUs are cheaper, but chances are you're still getting ripped off

It's no secret that graphics cards can be a pricey purchase, especially so in recent years, but despite the market recovering, it's becoming apparent that some models were never a good deal to begin with, even when priced at MSRP. GPU prices have finally started to stabilize after months of...

Google Workspace is making it easier to share your files

Google Workspace has updated its sharing interface in a move to make online collaboration easier for users. This streamlined approach brings together controls that were previously more separated into one easy-to-use panel. Clicking the “Share” button in the upper right hand side corner of any Google Workspace web-based app will...

Cisco confirms plan to exit Russia permanently

Networking giant Cisco will wind down its businesses in Russia and Belarus following the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. The company first suspended its operations in the two countries back in March 2022 alongside several other major technology and mobile companies, condemning the “unjustified war” and the violence against civilians.

Apple rumored to be making M3 already, and it’ll be in Macs next year

Apple is already making an M3 chip, despite the M2 still very much being new on the silicon block, according to a fresh rumor. Given that this is a rather surprisingly early time to be hearing about the M3, stay skeptical around this one, although that said, it does come from one of the more reliable Apple leakers out there; Mark Gurman.

Steam Deck SSD mod may ‘appear to work’, but don’t do it, Valve warns

Steam Deck owners thinking of modding their handheld to run a physically larger-sized SSD shouldn’t do so, with Valve officially warning against such a course of action. Valve’s Lawrence Yang, a designer who worked on the Steam Deck, took to Twitter to caution Deck owners that they shouldn’t perform a recent mod aired online showing that you can replace the factory installed 2230 M.2 drive with a bigger form-factor 2242 SSD.

Malicious Python packages dump your AWS secrets online

Multiple malicious Python packages leaking sensitive user information have been uncovered by security experts. In a blog post (opens in new tab), Sonatype security researcher Ax Sharma says the packages: loglib-modules, pyg-modules, pygrata, pygrata-utils, and hkg-sol-utils, were exfiltrating people’s secrets, such as AWS credentials and environment variables, and uploading them to a publicly exposed endpoint (opens in new tab).