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Disney World guest loses Apple Watch on ride leading to $40K in fraudulent credit card charges

Disney World is known as "the happiest place on Earth." Of course, you might not think so when sweat is dripping off of your body at a record-setting pace thanks to the heat and humidity you'll experience during a sweltering day in the Orlando, Florida area. Another person who would disagree with this appraisal of the park is an unnamed woman who visited EPCOT on April 13th when her Apple Watch fell off her wrist; and that might have been the best part of her day!
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I tried Google's new job interview practice tool and I want to cry

I'll admit I'm out of practice. The last time I was being interviewed for a job was certainly when America was still sane. Yet I never really prepared for particular questions to be asked. I merely feared that the first question would be: "Tell me a little about yourself." Because...
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Why Clearing the Cache and Cookies on Your Android Phone Is a Good Idea

Clearing your Android phone browser's cookies and cache may sound complicated, but it's actually easier than you might think. It's a good idea to get into the habit of occasionally clearing out that data no matter which Android smartphone you use. (Yes, that includes the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Google Pixel 6.) Whether your phone uses Google Chrome, Firefox or Samsung Internet, your browser collects and stores data every time you surf the web. This information makes up your cookies and cache, and it helps your phone speedily log in to your accounts and load frequently visited sites.

Red Dead Redemption Fans Express Concern Over New Rumor

Fans of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption series have found themselves somewhat concerned in the wake of a new rumor that has been making the rounds. Within the past week, one video game insider stated that new remasters of not only Red Dead Redemption, but also Red Dead Redemption 2 are set to release at some point in the future. And while this would seem like only good news at face value, Rockstar fans have a notable concern with how this situation could play out.

‘The Game is Over’: Google’s DeepMind says it is on verge of achieving human-level AI

Human-level artificial intelligence is close to finally being achieved, according to a lead researcher at Google’s DeepMind AI division.Dr Nando de Freitas said “the game is over” in the decades-long quest to realise artificial general intelligence (AGI) after DeepMind unveiled an AI system capable of completing a wide range of complex tasks, from stacking blocks to writing poetry.Described as a “generalist agent”, DeepMind’s new Gato AI needs to just be scaled up in order to create an AI capable of rivalling human intelligence, Dr de Freitas said.Responding to an opinion piece written in The Next Web that claimed “humans will...
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This 70-inch TV is $500 in Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale

Memorial Day TV sales have begun early and right now, you can buy a 70-inch TV for just $500 from Best Buy. Normally priced at $550, the Hisense 70-inch A6G 4K TV is down to just $500 for a limited time only, saving you $50 off the usual price. One of the best 70-inch TV deals around, it’s a great way of enjoying an extra-large screen for far less than usual. We can’t see it sticking around for long so buy it now before it sells out or goes back to its original price.

Today's Wordle Might Trip Players Up

Wordle players are doing just fine when it comes to today's puzzle. Players are actually solving today's puzzle a bit more quickly than usual, at least according to the New York Times' WordleBot. We'll dig into today's Wordle puzzle later in the article, for those looking for some hints or clues. However, if you haven't done the puzzle yet, you may not want to scroll to the bottom of the article as we'll eventually discuss the answer.

Deals: Apple Watch Portable USB Charger, Save 62%

We have a great deal on the Apple Watch Portable USB Charger in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 62% off the normal price. The Apple Watch Portable USB Charger is available in our deals store for just $14.99, it normally retails for $39. This Apple Watch...

Xbox Game Pass Leaks Arrival of 2 New Ubisoft Games

A new leak associated with Xbox Game Pass has revealed ahead of time when the service will be adding two new titles from publisher Ubisoft. A little over a month ago, Ubisoft itself announced that it would soon be partnering with Xbox to bring both For Honor and Assassin's Creed Origins to the subscription service at some point in the future. And while no further details regarding this collab have since come to light, it now seems that we know when each game will land on Game Pass.

Learn coding from scratch for only $25

The following content is brought to you by ZDNet partners. If you buy a product featured here, we may earn an affiliate commission or other compensation. Folks often think their lack of training keeps them from landing a job in the tech industry, and they're right. But you don't have to rack up student debt to learn entry-level programming skills. Online training courses, such as the ones found in the Coding from Scratch Bootcamp Bundle, may help -- and they're just $25.

iOS 15.5 follow up (Video)

Last week Apple released their iOS 15.5 software update, they also released a range of other updates. These included watchOS 8.6, macOS 12.4 Monterey, iPadOS 15.5, tvOS 15.5, and more. The iOS 15.5 software update brings a range of new features to the iPhone, it also includes some bug fixes,...

Asus's new X670E motherboard for Ryzen 7000 is so extreme they named it twice

AMD's AM5 platform is set to erupt onto the desktop in the fall, and not only can we expect X670 and B650 motherboards to arrive with the company's Zen 4 processors at that time, but also a brand new X670E (the 'E' stands for 'Extreme') chipset. This chipset will find its way into the biggest and baddest motherboards from AMD; delivering maximum overclockability, massive VRMs, and PCIe 5.0 all over.

Apple releases iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 Public Beta 1

Last week Apple released iOS 15.6 to developers and now they have released iOS 15.6 Public Beta 1 and iPadOS 15.6 Public Beta 1. The new iOS 15.6 and iPadOS 15.6 public betas are now available to try out. You will need to be a member of Apple’s Public Beta testing program to try the software out.