When Sara Gilbert kissed Drew Barrymore

For the first time, Sara Gilbert has revealed the truth about her first kiss with a girl. She was none other than Drew Barrymore. “I’m going to blush,” Sara Gilbert said on The Drew Barrymore Show. It happened when Sara and Drew worked together in the 1992 erotic thriller Poison Ivy. The first kiss of Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore was not easy, but it was the demand of the filmmaker. According to Sara Gilbert, it was her very first girl kiss.
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Rihanna covers up matching shark tattoo she got with Drake

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Rihanna appears to have covered up the camouflage baby shark tattoo she got in 2016. The artist reportedly got matching tattoos with Drake after they went on a date to an aquarium that year. Drake got the tattoo on his forearm, while Rihanna’s was on her ankle. However, in 2018, Rihanna told Vogue that they were no longer speaking, commenting: “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”Earlier this week, a fan zoomed in on a paparazzi photo of Rihanna to show that she has definitely...

Siberian centre tattoos falcons to thwart poachers

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The conservationists hold the rare saker falcon down at Siberia’s Taigun hatchery and tattoo the letters S.O.S. onto the base of its bill - part of a new scheme to try and save the bird from poachers. The procedure is practically painless, said Artyom Kucher, the vet...

Women get tattoos of their father’s touching final words before he died from Covid

Two women on TikTok tattooed their father's sentimental last message that he wrote down before he passed away from Covid-19.Anna Harp, who goes by @fairyonthepraire on the platform, posted a video sharing the memory of her father."My dad passed away due to Covid five months ago, and he left a note for us on his hospital bed," the text over-screen reads.And the note read as follows: "It has been such a good life."Check out the full video here.Harp got the tattoo on her right thigh, adorned with black ink flowers, while her sister (whose name isn't mentioned) got their father's...

Fact Check-Florida baby’s tattoos were temporary and intended as a joke

There is more to the Father’s Day weekend post of a baby rocking a gold chain while getting a full-body tattoo. While the post succeeded in going viral, the tattoos are temporary. Mom and tattoo enthusiast Shemeka Morris told Reuters she was surprised by the attention her pictures had gotten saying: “I thought I was just a mom being creative and thinking outside the box.”

BriskNPosh Is Ready To Celebrate Its 1 Year Anniversary By Adding Some New Services And Teaming Up With Scruff

NEW YORK, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- BriskNPosh is about to celebrate its 1-year anniversary on July 7 th, 2021 and is kicking it off with new services and a very exciting announcement. BriskNPosh continues to change the conversation and is leading the way with an industry shifting array of services that provides a one-stop-shop for all your self care needs.