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Branson considered “hot spot” tourist destination, health officials concerned as new COVID-19 variants emerge

BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - As more visitors flock to the city and new COVID-19 virus variants are being discovered, Branson is now considered a “hot spot” tourist destination. Branson and Taney County were recently given such a designation based on the CDC’s Community Profile report “Area of Concern” map, meaning that these communities with might experience limitations on healthcare resources with a high sustained case burden.
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Number of chihuahuas dumped in Branson area keeps growing

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Calling animal control to come out and get a stray dog is not unusual. b. But over the last several days in the Branson area there has been a strange occurrence going on involving strays and it’s causing officials there to scramble. Someone has been dumping...
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Demolition derby comes to Forsyth for fourth year

A demolition derby featuring cars, lawn mowers and kids power wheels is coming to Forsyth for a night of family fun. The Oklahoma Boys Promotions is bringing its demolition derby to the Taney County Fairgrounds, located at 445 Burmingham Road in Forsyth, for the fourth year. The Demolition Derby will...
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Increase in COVID-19 cases reported in Taney County

The Taney County Health Department recently reported an uptick in COVID-19 cases since mask mandates and social distancing requirements were lifted on April 16. “This uptick in cases is not surprising. We experienced the same thing this time last year. Fortunately, this year is different because there are safe, effective vaccines available to prevent COVID-19,” Taney County Health Department Director Lisa Marshall said in a press release.
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Taney County Sheriff’s employee of the quarter award

The Taney County Sheriff’s Office recently created the Employee of the Quarter Award, and Sgt. Gary Hazell was honored as the first recipient. According to a press release from the Taney County Sheriff’s Office, the award was created under the direction of Sheriff Brad Daniels as a way to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond the normal calls of duty, who show exemplary work ethic, drive and determination.
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COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing In Taney County

The Taney County Health Department said it is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ Dashboard, there have been 67 confirmed cases in the last 7 days in Taney County. The health department’s director, Lisa Marshall, said in a news release...
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Youth livestock show comes to Forsyth

A livestock show in Forsyth, hosted by the University of Missouri Extension, will give youth an opportunity to show their agricultural projects and raise awareness for the importance of agriculture. The Taney County 4-H Youth Livestock Show will take place on Saturday, June 12, at the Eastern Taney County Local...