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‘Vengeance’ Looks Like A Movie About West Texas That Gets It

West Texas often gets a bum rap in movies made by people not in West Texas. Hokey accents and bizarre outfits make the people out here look like caricatures instead of characters. Sure, there are plenty of people in 10-gallon hats and western suits, but those aren't the norm and they certainly don't outnumber the rest of West Texans.
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Schlotzsky’s on 82nd Street Is Opening Back Up

Back in March, we told everyone that the Schlotzsky's on 82nd Street hadn't reopened as expected. We were worried it would stay closed for good. But this week we got some exciting news. According to the location's signs and social media page, they closed down back at the end of...

Are Four-Day Weeks Coming to Lubbock Offices and Schools?

The coronavirus pandemic sure has changed the way a lot of work and even think about working. People grew accustomed to working from home, and across the United States we're still seeing some places struggling to lure workers back into the workplace. The trend of working from home was already there, but the pandemic accelerated and normalized it.

Where Is Lubbock, Texas?

Let's talk about the location of Lubbock, Texas. For locals, the question "Where is Lubbock, Texas?" might seem a bit odd, but that's because they've really never thought about some of the things they've been taught their whole life. Let's start with the fact that we often refer to ourselves...

Exotic Animals & Shows Are Coming to Lubbock Soon

We're officially one month away from an amazing event that brings exotic animals, excitement, and educational opportunities to the South Plains. Best of all, this engaging event is fun for any age. For approximately 25 years, Lubbock's Science Spectrum has been putting on CritterFest and this year will not disappoint....

It’s About Dadgum Time That Darvin Ham Gets a Head Coaching Job

It seems like five consecutive off-seasons that Darvin Ham has been a finalist for an NBA head coaching job. It's time for the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers, to do the right thing. Currently a Milwaukee Bucks assistant and a former Texas Tech star, Darvin Ham is a finalist to be the head coach to be the Los Angeles Lakers' head coach.

Major Texas City Sees Auto Theft Soar 40 Percent

Cities around Texas are dealing with different increases in crime. Some are seeing increases in different crimes such has burglaries, property crimes, and even shootings. The City of Austin is seeing a huge increase in vehicle thefts, according to KXAN. KXAN reports that the auto thefts aren't just in one...

There Are BIG Changes Ahead for Lubbock’s Weekend Weather

After over two full weeks of temperatures reaching up to 21 degrees above average, we're finally getting some reprieve just in time for the weekend. A glorious cold front is going to slide across the South Plains on Saturday, bringing with it some much cooler air. Highs will plummet from Friday's upper 90s and triple digits into the low 80s on Saturday, May 21st, then the mid-70s on Sunday, May 22nd.

Long-Awaited Tea Spot in Lubbock Is Finally Opening Up

To me, there's nothing quite like a good tea place. I'm a sucker for all kinds of teas, so when I saw the signs up for this place a long time ago I got so excited. It's been such a tease to wait for this place to open. It's at such a good location, too. I obviously LOVE the name and can't wait to try it. When I drove by the location and noticed some changes finally happening, I got pumped.

Did Every Texan Have This Same Fear Growing Up?

As someone who wasn't born or raised in Texas, there have been a lot of things for me to learn since I moved here. Thankfully, I have plenty of friends who grew up in the Lone Star State and have been able to educate me about the ways of the Texans.