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Zoom is adding live translation services and coming to Facebook VR

Zoom plans to expand its support for automatic live transcriptions with the addition of live translation, and turn its whiteboard feature into a more of a fully-featured app, among several other changes the company announced at its Zoomtopia conference on Monday. Automatic live transcriptions / closed captions in English were...
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iPhone gets 3x optical zoom for the first time

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple. At the iPhone 13 event Tuesday, Apple announced the iPhone 13 Pro would have 3x optical zoom, an improvement over the iPhone 12 Pro. The 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max have 2x and 2.5x optical zoom, equivalent to 52mm and 65mm lenses. The 13 Pro's 3x zoom is equivalent to a 77mm lens.
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Zoom Theater Evolves as River Company Takes on Wit of Wilde

The River Company’s latest performance, Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” represents its next step toward making community theater available to Lincoln County despite COVID-19. The production was conceived by director Nick Azzaretti in 2020 while participating in a Zoom Shakespeare group. The group did a read through of...
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My Bosses at McKinsey Made Us Get on 2 a.m. Zoom Calls

Few companies are more revered among young, ambitious business types than McKinsey & Company. It is the Harvard of management consulting firms, and many in the business world see having McKinsey on their résumés as a door-opener for the rest of their careers. Jobs at McKinsey are quite competitive, owing to both the prestige and the relatively high pay, which approaches six figures for even the most entry-level workers—business analysts straight out of undergrad.

How Zoom kept its cool while more than doubling its workforce

While the past year and a half has been notable for every company, arguably no business has had a pandemic journey like Zoom. Founded just 10 years ago, the software company’s app was the 5th most downloaded in 2020, according to Apptopia, with 477 million users. It turned into a verb. It’s ubiquity (and sometimes, overuse) inspired a new condition.

Zoomtopia 2021: 7 Zoom Features Coming Soon To A Meeting Near You

Zoom Video Communications emerged as an early leader at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that sent employees all over the globe to work from their homes. The videoconferencing leader, despite running into some security challenges 18 months ago, has proven to be adaptable and agile as it focused on bulking up its platform security, while at the same time, prioritized the development of the features that users – both consumers and business users alike – were asking for.

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting (Step-by-Step)

With working from home starting to become the new normal, learning how to set up a Zoom meeting is an essential skill. It’s a fairly simple process, even if you’re not tech-savvy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to set up a Zoom meeting fast. The steps...

The Rise Of 'Zoom Dysmorphia'; Meet This Self-Taught Cowbell Artisan

Video conferencing all day is causing "Zoom dysmorphia," where people are fixated on perceived flaws they see in the image of themselves on screen, says Dr. Shadi Kourosh. Kourosh, director of community health in the Department of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, joins us. And, after a master cowbell maker...

Forget video, Zoom wants to fuse Slack and Teams

Remember when Zoom was just our pandemic video-chat app? Now the service is adding collaboration features of all stripes, including translation, whiteboarding, and even voice mail, while challenging established players like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Zoom kicked off its Zoomtopia user conference by announcing a ton of new features, par...

Zoom unveils hardware for larger meeting rooms

Zoom has announced an expansion of its Zoom Rooms Appliance portfolio to video enable larger rooms as the company’s Zoomtopia 2021 conference got under way at the beginning of this week. The videoconferencing platform provider pointed to products such as the Poly Studio X70 (available now), the Logitech Rally Plus...

Zoom's upcoming hot-desk solution targets the roaming worker

Zoom is working on a hot-desking solution to allow workers to book desks and other office spaces, the company announced at its yearly conference Monday. Set to debut later this year, the tool lets users access an interactive map of their office, picking seats or arrangements recommended by Zoom’s AI platform, said Cynthia Lee, lead product manager, during the event.

Highlands School Board to meet virtually via Zoom

Highlands School Board will meet remotely for its agenda session Monday night. District officials contacted families by phone to alert anyone who had been planning to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. It was not clear why the meeting was being shifted to online. Superintendent Monique Mawhinney could not immediately...

Zoom shares slide 10% on slowing growth

Zoom posted higher-than-expected earnings forecast for the full year, but the revenue guidance exactly met expectations. The company announced a plan to acquire cloud contact-center software maker Five9 for $14.7 billion in the quarter. Zoom shares fell 12% in extended trading on Monday after the video-calling software maker reported fiscal...