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Signs of seasonal inventory growth return in strained housing market

The number of homes for sale rose in June for the second consecutive month but remained far from a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels. More traditional seasonal growth may be taking hold again in America’s housing inventory, but full recovery remains a distant prospect in this depleted market. The number...
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These are the most dog-friendly cities to live in

Although moving can be stressful, it can also be exciting, especially with your best furry friend along for the ride. Finding dog-friendly places to live, though, is much trickier. Not only does your home need to accommodate your pup, but there also should be trails, parks, and even dog-welcoming places to eat nearby. The point of moving to one of these dog-friendly cities isn’t to keep Fido at home!
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Future Proofing

The U.S. has sustained 238 weather- and climate-related disasters since 1980—each exceeding $1 billion in total damages (by today’s standards). The combined costs? More than $1.5 trillion. As they say, “That’s trillion with a T.” Traditionally, our nation has averaged six events per year ranging in the $1 billion or more category, but the past five years have been consistently worse, logging around 12 each. As of October, 2018 had already seen its dozen, making it a record year—just behind 2016 and 2017. And that’s a hat trick that experts suggest cannot be chocked up to coincidence.
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5 Advantages of Solar Energy

Are you thinking about installing solar panels, but you’re unsure if it’s a wise investment?. The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that solar power represented 58% of new electricity generated in the first quarter of 2021. Wind power and other alternative energy options need significant gains to have any hope of catching up.
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Has Home Affordability Disappeared for Good?

For a lot of families that are well-positioned to start serious house-hunting this summer, one question may give them pause: are home prices just too high to be reasonable? The answer seems largely speculative, but there are objective benchmarks that point to an answer. Back in the spring of 2018, author Aaron Terrazas compiled a thoroughgoing analysis of what seemed to be a serious threat to U.S. residential real estate’s immediate future. Impending mortgage rate hikes looked likely to “threaten housing affordability and inventory.”
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When Should You List Your Home?

Zillow Research recently published an article about the best day to list your home. The answer? Thursday! In the article “To Sell Your Home Quickly, List it on a Thursday Before Labor Day,” Zillow notes that not only do homes that go on the MLS on Thursdays sell quickly, but they are also more likely to sell for over their asking price than properties that go live on the market on other days of the week. The article continues on to say that “[w]ith almost half of U.S. homes selling in less than a week this spring, it’s not unreasonable for many sellers to expect an ultra-fast sale in 2021. But when days matter, for those looking to shave even more time off their sale — and to potentially maximize proceeds — it’s best to consider putting their home on the market on a Thursday and to do so prior to Labor Day.